Cordelia Stanton
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, mentioned in the episode They Also Serve
Name Cordelia Stanton
Aliases Delia, Cora Stanton
Born 1905, in Green Bay, Wisconsin
First Death 1925, Died of exposure on the streets of New York
Teachers Vincent Margolies
Origin American
Watchers David Hunter
Status Deceased, beheaded by Michael Christian in 1994.
Occupation Performance artist
Cordelia Stanton grew up in a series of orphanages and with foster families. She always wanted to be a dancer. When she was 16, she ran away from the provincial Green Bay and moved to New York. But Cordelia had no luck she became homeless, and lived on the streets of New York. Eventually she froze to death and awoke as an Immortal on the next day.

She didn't notice it, but was soon found by the Immortal Vincent Margolies. He told her about Immortality and The Game, he became Cordelia's mentor. She worked at his bar and he paid for her dance and swordfight lessons. Marigolies got her a chorus gig at the nightclub of a friend. That evening Marigolies was beheaded by George Shelby.

Cordelia managed to get to the top alone. In 1928 she starred in the revue shows of Florenz Ziegfeld. In the following years she appeared in many films. By the 1990s she owned the Stanton Studio, a showcase for modern dance and performance art.

In August 1994 Michael Christian came to take her head, helped by his Watcher Rita Luce who knew when she was unarmed. Christian beheaded her and received her quickening.

Cordelia was only mentioned briefly in the episode They Also Serve. Her life story and photo are on the Watcher's Chronicles CD-ROM