Craig and Nancy Webster
Appeared in Highlander: The Series season 3 episode "Rite of Passage"
Status Alive
Portrayed by  Alan Scarfe & Marie Stillin

The well-to-do adoptive parents of Michelle, a latent immortal, and friends of Duncan MacLeod. After Craig argued with Michelle, she stormed off and jumped into her car, driving recklessly. Crying and groping in the glovebox, she was not paying attention and she went off an embankment. Her actions led to her early first death, and her loss to the only parents she knew. A day or two after her funeral, Craig turned up at MacLeod's needing to talk. He blamed himself for Michelle's death, for not stopping her. He said he hated when she asked about her 'real' parents, making him feel like he wasn't enough. "She died not realizing how much I loved her. If I could just have her back she could do anything she wanted," he wept. The eavesdropping Michelle, finally realized her loss too late. "Look at what I've done to him, and he still loves me."

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