Appeared in Highlander: The Raven episode A Matter Of Time
Name Crysta
Aliases Christiana Van Pelt
Born 1954, New York
First Death 1989, Shot while robbing the U.S. Army
Teachers Andre Korda
Origin American
Status Deceased, Beheaded by Amanda 1998
Portrayed by  Ellen Dubin

Christiana Van Pelt, also known as Crysta, was born in 1954 in New York. She joined the U.S. Army at age 18.  After many years of service, however, her loyalty waned because her career was not progressing as she wished.

In 1989 she was stationed in Germany, where she met the owner of a dance club, Andre Korda. Crysta was soon caught in Korda's underworld, but like all of his other charges, she had to prove her loyalty to him. In the attempt to gain Korda's favor, she was killed while stealing information and technology from the U.S. Army. Crysta revived as an Immortal.

Crysta and Andre Korda

Crysta remained with Korda, although he treated her with great condescension. Korda said she would do anything for him, and he was right. Crysta was involved in the murder of Korda's Watcher, Jeff Case, in 1998. Neither she nor Korda recognized the dead man, or could think of any reasons why he had them under surveillance. Shortly afterward, she and Korda met Nick Wolfe, who recognized Crysta's amulet, which he had seen with the body of the murdered Watcher.


Amanda and Crysta face off with one another

Crysta was also instrumental in Korda's brutal attack on an armored car. It was she who shot the two guards. She was observed at that time, by Joe Dawson. As Korda later decided to go to Paris to take care of his business, she was awarded with the contract to eliminate Nick Wolfe. She never managed to get to Nick, however, Amanda intercepted her. The two fought and Amanda took her head.

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