Cynthia Hampton
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season One episode Eye of the Beholder
Name Cynthia Hampton
Died 1993
Nationality French
Status Deceased, murdered by Gabriel Piton
Occupation Model
Portrayed by  Rachel Palmieri

A Parisian model, Cynthia became the lover of the designer and immortal, Gabriel Piton. When she asked, however, if he loved her, he said that he loved her grace, beauty, passion, but didn't say he loved her. He also forbade her from making their secret affair public.

When she accidentally found the hidden door in his flat to his stash of stolen art and jewelry collected from across the centuries, she entered, amazed, saying she had never seen anything like it. Piton found her in the secret room and agreed she had not seen anything like his collection, that one piece of jewelry she noticed had been seen by no one else in 300 years, and that the painting she recognized had indeed been stolen the year previously. He then told her how sorry he was, but that the collection was never intended for anyone's eyes but his own. When she said she didn't understand, he explained that everything in his collection was related in some way to the most beautiful women in history, that it was his inspiration, his secret. "So you don't want me to tell anyone about it," she asked. He agreed, and with a kiss, drove a jeweled hat pin into her neck killing her.

Her room mate of two months, another model, Maya, told Richie Ryan that she had been told Cynthia had to leave town suddenly, and that Piton had moved Maya up to the spotlight that had been Cynthia's. After the show, however, the police approached, saying they had found a body in an ally next to the Seine, they believed to be Cynthia's. As they had been unable to locate any family, they asked if Maya would be willing to identify the body.  Eventually it was Maya who discovered the other earring of the pair Cynthia was wearing at the time of her death at Piton's flat, realizing he had a hand in her death.


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