Dallman Ross
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Three episode "The Lamb"
Name Dallman Ross
Born 1736 Boston, Massachusetts
First Death 1775 shot while defending Breeds Hill
Teachers Thomas Morehead
Pupils Kenneth
Origin American
Watchers Tony LoPresni
Status Deceased, Beheaded by Kenneth 1994
Occupation Drifter, soldier, teacher
Portrayed by  Eric Keenleyside
Dallman Ross was born in 1736 in Boston, Massachusetts. He was a foundling, raised by a family of colonists. Dallman later became a school teacher who dedicated his life to helping children. In 1775, during the American Revolution, Dallman took up arms to defend his home from the Redcoats, and died defending Breeds Hill. He became Immortal and he would meet his teacher, Thomas Morehead and learned about what he was, and what was expected.

Dallman Ross meets Duncan MacLeod

Now an Immortal, he was still teaching children at school. Dallman was still a dedicated man who believed in helping kids.

In the 1970s, he met the love of his life, Beth. They had everything going for them until a child Immortal, Kenneth, came along and they took him in, not knowing what he really was. In 1975, when Kenny ambushed Dallman in order to take his head, Beth saw what Kenny was about to do, and she saved Dallman, but was killed in the process. Kenny got away, and it from that point Dallman left his life behind in order to hunt for Kenny.

In 1994, Seacouver, Washington, Dallman ran across Kenny's trail, and saw that he was taken in by Immortals Duncan MacLeod and Richie Ryan. Dallman came to MacLeod's dojo and met Richie. He tried to get at Kenny, but Richie, not knowing Kenny was dangerous, protected him.


Dallman Ross, about to be beheaded by Kenny

Dallman left the dojo. But later, Dallman met Duncan MacLeod and told him why he was after Kenny. Duncan was skeptical, but spared Dallman's life. Dallman warned Duncan to be careful of Kenny.

A short time later, Dallman sensed the presence of another Immortal, he thought at first it was MacLeod, but when he turned, he saw Kenny, sword in hand.  Without a chance, Ross lost his head to the 800 year old in a child's body.


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