Damien Thackery
Aliases John Thatcher, Enrico Damiano
Born AD 986, Glandalough, Ireland
First Death AD 1034, killed by disgruntled customer
Teachers Seamos of Athlone
Origin Irish
Watchers Stacy Remington
Status Deceased, Beheaded by the Hunter James Horton 1993, Quickening Lost.
Occupation Swordsmith, adventurer

Damien Thackery was born in the year 986 . He lived every day of his life if it was the last, enjoyed the simple things in life, like an afternoon in the garden or an after-dinner pipe with his old friend Hugh Fitzcairn.

In the year 1993 he made an disturbing discovery, and contacted Fitzcairn to discuss it. Soon thereafter he was shot and beheaded by James Horton and his Hunters.

Note: Damien Thackery never appeared in Highlander: The Series. He was merely mentioned as having disappeared by Fitzcairn in the episode entitled "The Hunters."  His first name, photo and life story are from The Watcher's Chronicles CD-ROM.


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