Damon Case
Appeared in The Immortal Cimoli
Born AD 1026, Exeter, England
First Death 1068, in battle against Norman invaders
Teachers Leofric Bishop of Exeter
Origin English
Watchers Frank Paglione
Status Deceased, Beheaded by Duncan MacLeod 1996
Occupation Crusader
Portrayed by  Simon Kunz

Damon Case was born in Exeter, England in 1026. He was raised by a religious family, and he lived his life devoted to the Lord and the meaning of the Word. Later in is life, Case joined a Crusade in 1068, Case died in battle and then became Immortal. He met the Bishop of Exeter, Leofric, who became his teacher and Damon became a champion of "The Game".  He interpreted the rules in such a way that his whole life was dedicated to the challenge and taking of quickenings.  Friend or enemy, good or bad, made no difference, only the ritual of battle mattered. Damon, however, took no pleasure in what he felt he had to do, he believed that the lives of all Immortals was the only reason for his existence. When Damon took the heads of other Immortals, he prayed for their souls, he was not evil, merely unimaginative and inflexible

In 1795 England, he met newly Immortal Jean-Philippe de Lefaye III in a tavern, a student of Duncan MacLeod. Case realized that Jean Phillipe was young, but Jean Phillipe challenged Case. Case refused the challenge at first, but the following day Case ran into Jean Phillipe again and told him that he was now ready to fight, and they go outside. Duncan went to the tavern to look for Jean Phillipe and was told that he left with Damon Case. Duncan left to go find his friend and discovered his body beheaded. At the nearby church, Case was praying for Jean Phillipe's soul, Duncan went to the church and saw Case praying and was angry at the death of his student. Duncan challenges Damon Case to fight, but Case said to return in the morning if he still wished to fight. Duncan did not return to fight, realizing he had no real reason beyond his own anger.

In 1995 France, Case went to a circus seeking out the newly Immortal, and unsubtle Danny Cimoli. He challenged Danny to fight, but Danny refused as he is defenseless, having only learned what he was that week.  He didn't even own a sword yet. Danny fled to Duncan MacLeod who had been instructing him, and told him about Case.

Duncan went to talk to Case and told Case to leave the boy alone, but Case already made the challenge. Damon Case challenged Duncan, but the police showed up. Danny called them to save MacLeod.

Case and Duncan renew their challenge a few days later, MacLeod does not want to fight Case, but Case would not leave Danny alone, leaving MacLeod no choice.  The duel ended with Case disarmed and MacLeod gave him one last chance to leave off, another refusal and his head fell.


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