Daniel Geiger
Appeared in Methuselah's Gift
Name Daniel Geiger
Year Joined 1993
Immortals Observed Amanda
Nationality British
Status Deceased
Occupation Field Agent
Portrayed by  Jamie Harris

Geiger was a mortal who joined the Watchers solely to discover the secret of immortality. During his time  with the group, he discovered the legend of the Methuselah Stone. Most of the crystals that formed the Stone were kept in the Director's Gallery at Watcher Headquarters, they had been taken from the body of the Immortal, Luther, but the Immortal Amanda still held the last piece. 

Geiger hired a band of mortal thugs to kill Amanda and steal the shard of the Stone she kept as a memento of her teacher, Rebecca Horne. The effort was a failure.  He was later spotted and exposed as a Watcher by Amanda and Duncan MacLeod. 

Daniel Geiger holding Methos captive

Upon reporting his discovery to his supervisor, Geiger was reassigned from the field to Research by Nathan Stern.

After Methos and Amanda teamed up and tried to steal the main portion of the Stone from Watcher HQ, Methos was shot and killed while wrestling with Stern. When he awakened, Stern was horrified that an Immortal had infiltrated the Watchers and meant to kill him, but Geiger saw the captive immortal as a bargaining chip for the recovery of the crystals, still in Amanda's hands. Geiger convinced Stern to spare Methos who was less a danger than the Stone.  They resolved to trade him to Amanda for the Stone.

Amanda arrived at the rendezvous with crystals in hand while Geiger held a bound Methos. As soon as he saw the crystals, he murdered Stern and a second Watcher and informed the surprised Methos, "Why'd you think I became a Watcher? It sure as hell wasn't to spend the rest of my life looking through bloody keyholes at you. It was to be you — an Immortal — to figure out how you do it."    When he drew out MacLeod, who has the last piece of crystal, Geiger fitted them all together and the formation morphed into the Methuselah Stone. 

Methos, Amanda, Duncan escape Geiger's trap

He then ordered the Immortals killed, but MacLeod set off an explosion while Methos and Amanda attacked the thugs nearest them.  MacLeod was shot but Amanda grabbed a shotgun and shot Geiger, a second round toppled him from the bridge, the Stone fragmenting, most of the pieces dropping into the water to be lost.

Gieger's body eventually washed to shore some 20 miles down stream, shot twice, but the cause of death was determined to be drowning, one fragment of crystal was still clutched in his hand.


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