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Appeared in Highlander: The Series, Season 1
Aliases Andswaru, Ander Caspirano, Cassipellaunus, Andrew Kaspis
Born AD 50 east of Urals
First Death AD 95 leading his tribe into battle
Teachers Ahasuerus the Parthian
Pupils Claudianus
Violane Armand
Origin Goth
Watchers Ian Bancroft
Status Deceased, Beheaded by James Horton in 1993 A.D. Quickening Lost
Occupation Monk, Healer, former warlord
Portrayed by  Werner Stocker

Darius was an Immortal monk and a former Goth warlord, as well as the teacher of Grayson (a.k.a. Claudianus). Darius renounced war, as well as the Game, remaining on holy ground until his untimely murder by James Horton and his Hunters some 1583 years later.

Note: The actor who portrayed Darius, Werner Stocker, died in May of 1993. As a result, Darius appeared in only four episodes in the first season, although his image was used in later episodes and his influence felt throughout the series. Darius appeared in Band of Brothers, For Tomorrow We Die, The Beast Below, and Saving Grace. His image based on his earlier appearances was used in The Hunters, The Watchers, They Also Serve, Deliverance, and he was mentioned often in Armageddon. His church was also used in that episode as the site of Duncan's climactic battle with the demon Ahriman.

Personal HistoryEdit

Werner Stocker Darius1


Darius was born in the year AD 50  somewhere East of the Ural mountains, he was a foundling raised by Gothic Nomads. His first death occurred around the year AD 95 while he led his people into battle against a Germanic horde that attacked his home. He was shortly afterwards discovered by an Immortal named Ahasuerus the Parthian, a former Persian ruler who teaches Darius about his Immortality. He became a powerful Immortal warrior who led his fellow Goths into battle against other tribes.

Around the year 365, Darius and his tribe were attacking a Dacian farmstead where Darius found a newly Immortal reviving under the hooves of the Goth’s cavalry This new Immortal is Claudianus, who would become Grayson, who Darius turns into a powerful Immortal warrior. He became Darius’s second in command.

In the fall of 409, Darius leads his warband to join Alaric, leader of the Visigoths. Darius becomes the lover of Alaric’s adopted  latent Immortal sister Callestina, but Darius is only using her as a plaything. In the summer of 410, Alaric, Darius and Grayson lay siege to Rome and sack the empire afterwards. In the process, Callestina is killed. Grayson, who loves her, teaches her about the way of the Immortals. When she approaches Darius about being together forever, Darius spurns her, heartbroken, she vows to take revenge against him. Darius leads his army to the gates of Paris. He instructs Grayson and his men to wait while he faces off in single battle with Emrys, an ancient Immortal who guards the gates alone against him. Darius defeated the Immortal and received his quickening, it is the only know instance of a Light Quickening.

When Darius returned to his army, he gave up his sword and turned his army away. Grayson is shocked and leaves feeling betrayed. He later returns to Alaric and marries Callestina. Around the year 1170, Darius takes up residence at a church on the Rue St. Jacques. Between 650 and 1750, Callestina would periodically come to Paris and attempt to have Darius discredited. At one point, she denounces him as a witch. Darius' parishioners flock to his defense and she is the only one discredited. Darius refuses to denounce her in any way, wishing only that she would find peace in her life and forgive him for his treatment of her. In the mid 18th century, she leaves Europe.

In 1200, Darius would meet Immortal assassin and thief Xavier St. Cloud whom he tries to teach him about peace and leading a good life. Regretably, he failed. St. Cloud would return periodically to Paris to torment Darius about his crimes. In the 11th century, Darius meets Hugh Fitzcairn. Darius also meets Grace Chandel who was a healer and midwife. In the year 1634, Darius goes to a French Abbey to meet an Immortal named Ursa.

In 1804, Darius comforts his good friend Sean Burns, as Sean's close friend and student, immortal Carolyn Mortimer and her mortal husband Jean-Pierre are beheaded by guillotine. Sean had wanted to be present for her, but knew that if any immortal were there, more would die as her quickening was transferred.


Daruis on the battlefield

On June 1815, that Napoleon has escaped from his island prison on Elba and that he will meet the invading English in battle near the town of Waterloo near the Belgian border, Darius leaves Paris, compelled to help where he knows there will be much suffering. He uses medical techniques lost to modern man for centuries in his attempts to ease the pain and suffering of both sides.

While traveling behind the English lines, he meets Duncan MacLeod. With this meeting, he forces the young warrior to re-examine his beliefs in the rightness of his convictions about the glory and purpose of war. He invites the young Scot back to Paris when his tour of duty is over, to learn more. In November, Duncan would find a young Immortal prostitute named Violane Armand and takes the girl to Darius.  In January 1816, Brigands break into Darius' church, St. Julian le Pauvre, looking for silverplate and gold. Darius orders them to take whatever they want but explains that he has no silver or gold at this church; he uses pewter vessels. The leader of the men does not believe him and kills the priest. When he revives a few moments later, Darius prevents Duncan MacLeod from killing the men on the edge of church property. Unable to give up his sword or to live a life of total peace, a disillusioned Duncan leaves Darius for America, but remains friends with him, returning to visit the priest periodically over the years. During these visits, they drink mead, strange teas, play chess, and discuss military strategy and philosophy. That spring, Darius sends Violane to be trained by an Immortal friend of his, but she runs away after two years and returns to her former life in Paris as a prostitute. In 1842, Duncan MacLeod is forced to kill murdering prostitute Violane on the streets of Paris. He seeks forgiveness and understanding from Darius.

In 1993, Darius places a mortal agent in his old friend Grayson's arms smuggling organization. After he is discovered, the mortal runs to Darius' church, where Grayson murders him just outside the fence. Grayson taunts Darius, urging him to leave sanctuary, take up his sword once more, and be the general he was meant to be. Grayson further warns that he will kill Darius' other students… one by one until he sickens of the slaughter and faces him. Darius sends a bag of runes to Duncan MacLeod in America, warning him that Grayson is on his way and is hunting another of Darius' students, peace activist Victor Paulus. MacLeod sends Tessa and Richie Ryan to Paris and to Darius. After MacLeod saves Paulus and kills Grayson, he joins Tessa and Richie in Paris, rendezvousing with them at Darius' church. Darius detains Richie and regales him with stories of his youth by reminding the young man that he was not always a priest.

A month later, Xavier St. Cloud returns to Paris having spent some years in West Africa, he enters Darius’s church and confesses to Darius that he has just murdered mortals in the process of robbing a jewelry store. Visited by the Paris police, Darius is bound by the seal of the confessional, and the need to keep secret Xavier's immortality from mortal authorities. He says nothing. Duncan MacLeod, who is visiting understands the problem and explains to the police that Darius cannot say anything. By this time, Darius considers leaving holy ground and re-entering the world. Darius and Duncan discuss war as a mental exercise and Darius works on his model of the Battle of Gettysburg.

After her mortal lover, Paul, is murdered, Grace Chandel flees to Darius' cell for comfort. Duncan MacLeod is also there and takes her to his barge. When the police descend on the barge, Tessa and Richie take Grace back to Darius. Carlo Sendaro meets with Grace, with Darius' permission. Again, Duncan intervenes to protect her. After Duncan eventually fights Sendaro, and Sendaro is killed, Grace stops by the church to bid a fond farewell to Darius, and kisses his cheek.

In May, a band of renegade watchers led by James Horton, enters Darius’s church and beheads him on holy ground. Eventually Duncan finds out about the Watchers from a chronicle Darius had, and manages to stop the Hunters from killing Fitzcarin.  Duncan has Darius cremated and scatters his ashes into the river Seine. His death greatly affects Duncan who was determined to find his murderer and he finally killed Horton in 1994.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

Original idea for the character of Darius was that he would be imposing in size and ugly, but the idea was dropped. It is said that the German investors of the show didn’t like the idea of Darius being ugly with a hunchback.

Notable QuotesEdit

"Oh, I'm sure you're quite loyal to your convictions and compatriots. But I wonder what these men think about death, about convictions and compatriotism [sic] now?"

"Weapons have no dominion over the souls of men!"

Well, it's not a sin for your mother to take your ex-boyfriend. Bad taste, perhaps, but not sin.

Pride doth go before the fall, and victory to those who hold the high ground.

War in the abstract is a great intellectual puzzle, but in reality it's all blood and tears.

To deny what I was is to deny what I am.

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