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David Coleman
David Coleman 001
Appeared in Highlander: The Series season 4 episode "Leader of the Pack"
Aliases Ingmir Sollonen, Bjorn Svensen
Born 1768 A.D. Helsingfors, Finland
First Death 1812 A.D. Attempting to put out a barn fire
Teachers Gustav Erlander
Origin Finnish
Watchers Barbara Hardy
Status Deceased, 1996 A.D. Attacked by dogs owned by Peter Kanis and beheaded by him.
Occupation Mayor
David Coleman  is only seen briefly in Highlander: The Series


David Coleman was an immortal from Finland who he died his first death in an accident while attempting to stop a barn fire. Coleman was found by the Immortal Giles Hopkins who taught Colman the use of an early version of a cavalry rapier, thus educating him on immortality and the game. After departing from the company of Giles Hopkins, he travelled to the Massachusetts Bay colonies and from there travelled abroad, visiting several countries and applying the cautionary game-dodging strategies of him mentor. Somewhere in his life he returned to America, and became the owner of an antique dealership.


David Coleman  eventually met his end when Peter Kanis sent his trained rotweilers upon him. His 'death' from the attack enabled Kanis to behead him.

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