A trap for Quentin and Ramirez apparently fails. However, when Ramirez reunites with Quentin and his sister at the site of the Jettator oath ceremony, he acts out of character and tells Quentin that it is time for him to face Kortan, and then hands him the MacLeod sword. When Clyde insists that Quentin is not yet ready, Ramirez slaps her and declares that his decision should not be questioned, and then leaves to plan the fight with Kortan. Meanwhile, the real Ramirez escapes the underground tunnels and abducts Asklepios to interrogate him for the location of Quentin. When the doppleganger returns, the real Ramirez confronts him. Quentin discovers that the MacLeod sword is a fake and that the other Ramirez was a man in a mask. Kortan waits at the other side of a suspension bridge, and Quentin cuts it down, leaving Kortan unable to reach him and the doppleganger hanging for his life.

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