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Derrick Markham
Derrick Markham
Appeared in Highlander: The Raven episode Love And Death
Name Derrick Markham
Status Deceased, beheaded by Amanda in early 1999.
Portrayed by  Stephen Billington
Derrick Markham was an Immortal, whose favorite scam was to kidnap people for ransom and then kill his hostages. In 1867 he was able to persuade Amanda in Manchester to carry out a coup with him. Amanda helped him to extort a ransom for the young Charlie. She did not know that Markham later killed the boy. Markham told the money, then he asked Amanda to become his wife. She wanted to refuse, but he threatened her otherwise cut off the head. She knew only as of the kidnapping, and his wife, the authorities could not force them to testify against him. So let himself be persuaded Amanda to marry Markham. When she found out a few days later that her new husband had killed the hostage, they betrayed him to the police voluntarily and told against him. Derrick Markham spent the next 30 years on a prison island, before he managed to escape.

In early 1999 Markham had kidnapped the wife of a rock star. After receiving the ransom, he wanted to eliminate the hostages as usual, but his home in Cumbria was stormed by a troop deployment Bert Myers'. Markham had fled, and the money behind. For this setback to Markham wanted revenge on Myers. He flew to Paris, but in Myers' house, he met Amanda. The two fought under a bridge over the Seine and Amanda Markham had almost defeated, as an intervention of Myers' men. Markham took the man to end, but Amanda was given the chance to escape. Markham continued to try to kill Myers. He watched for him on the street and shot at him, but the immortal in turn was shot by Nick Wolfe. Myers watched Markham fell from a bridge over the Seine, on the underlying Quaie but got up and got into a car. A few days later, Amanda and Derrick met outside the hospital, was in the Myers. Both decided to fight out their differences once and for all. They fought on a deserted railroad yard, and Amanda was already wounded and disarmed, as they jammed Markham's foot in a turnout. Amanda then led by her divorce from Markham to immortals-type and beheaded him.

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