Dominique Battini
Appeared in Highlander: The Series season 1 episode "Avenging Angel"
Name Domonique Battini
Born France
Status Deceased
Occupation Pimp
Portrayed by  Patrick Floersheim

A mortal from Paris, he ran a string of call girls including Tessa Noël's old friend Elaine Trent.

It was one of Battini's girls, Claudine, who fatally stabbed the borderline psychotic and latent immortal, Alfred Cahill. After Cahill's revival into immortality, he thought it his mission to destroy sin and vice, and began hunting. He killed the girl who had stabbed him, Elaine's client, and Battini's driver. When Elaine was convinced that she, too, might be in danger, she agreed to leave the city.

While packing to leave, Battini showed up at her apartment and she told him she was quitting. He laughed and told her to take a few weeks off. He assumed MacLeod, who was there to escort Elaine, was a rival pimp who was trying to steal one of his girls. When the two got confrontational, Battini pulled a pistol and wound up on the floor. MacLeod told him Elaine was retired. Battini was incensed that she would go to the competition. She told she had not, that he was still "the biggest pimp in Paris."

Leaving Battini behind, MacLeod escorted Elaine out of the building via the stairs. Battini left Elaine's apartment and summoned the elevator. Cahill arrived with the lift and attacked Battini. Elaine and MacLeod heard his shouts, but he was dead by the time they returned, strangled by Cahill.    


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