Dominique Davis
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Four episode Deliverance
Name Dominique Davis
Born France
Nationality French
Status Alive
Portrayed by  Valeria Cavalli

Dominique was the wife of ship captain Robert Davis, upon whose steamer MacLeod made the passage to France. After the captain and MacLeod fought, MacLeod promised Davis it was not over between them. Under the influence of a Dark Quickening, MacLeod would later attack Davis, take his wallet, and find a photo of Dominique, "Oh, she's nice. Is this wifey? Well, we'll just have to see, won't we?" And with Davis' home address in hand, went to their residence and set out to befriend and seduce the lonely Dominique. They had dinner together, they got along well, He finally told her that Robert had asked him to come to her to lie for him; "I saw him go off with somebody else." After a lot more wine and sympathy, she allowed MacLeod to seduce her, which in the morning she deeply regretted, "Go, please. I shouldn't have done this." When Robert arrived, MacLeod bent her over the table and told Davis he was just in time: "Take a chair and watch!" Davis pulled him off Dominique, who then threw a pot of scalding water over MacLeod. Davis then pulled a gun and he and MacLeod wrestled for it, when it fell to the floor, Dominique retrieved it.


Ready to shoot MacLeod

She threatened MacLeod with it, he knocked Davis out and then confronted Dominique, asking if she knew what it was like to kill, promising her nightmares, and asking if that was what she wanted. When she started to shake her head, he lunged for her, and she shot him. When one bullet didn't stop him, she followed it with three more. MacLeod retreated, stumbling out of the Davis' house, only to be shot once more on the street by Davis.

A car door was thrown open and MacLeod found that Methos was the driver, he climbed into the getaway car, then died as a result of the Davis' efforts. When he revived, safely on holy ground, Methos informed him, "I think maybe you got what you deserved."

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