Don Salzer
Don Saltser
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Three episode "Finale"
Name Donald Salzer
Aliases None
Year Joined 1955
Immortals Observed Methos Chronicle Scholar
Nationality English
Status Deceased, murdered by Kalas
Occupation Head Researcher, Western Europe
Portrayed by  George Birt

Don Salzer was a Watcher historian rather than a field operative, working under his mentor, Guenivere McGraw, as an historian from 1955-1959, as a Researcher from 1959-1982; and then was promoted to Head Researcher, Western Europe in 1982.   He took over the Methos Chronicle, trying to track the history of the most elusive Immortal.  He was tortured and killed by the immortal Kalas who was searching for the legendary Methos.

Unbeknownst to his fellow watchers, he and his assistant, a graduate student called Adam Pierson, had been working on an interactive watcher/immortal database which was unsanctioned by the watcher hierarchy. 

Following his death, his widow Christine, bitter and angry, was determined to expose the immortals and watchers, her discovery of the database would lend credence to an otherwise outrageous stor

The photo from Salzer's desk in which the data base disk was hidden

y. In an attempt to convince her to stay quiet, Joe Dawson insisted: "[Don] thought our work was important...."

Donald Salzer's protegé was Adam Pierson.

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