Donald Magnus
Appeared in The Unknown Soldier
Status Deceased, murdered by John Ray Fielding
Occupation Captain, US Army (Ret.)
Portrayed by  Robert Bockstael

Captain Donald George Magnus served with the 1st Armored Division, Abdul's Nightmare, but by 1998, he was living in a one room dive, drinking too much and had alienated his wife and family.  He was thrown to his death from a fire escape by John Ray Fielding for the actions that had broken and haunted him since his service in the Gulf War.

Don wouldn't talk about any of his service, not even with his brother Carl who at nine, he'd caught smoking dope. The pair cut their thumbs and made a blood oath to keep it secret, between the two of them, and they remained very close. 

Carl said Donny's wife, Rachel, had said the war had turned him into a ghost.  He had just given up, and eventually she did, too.

Corporal William Dexter Smith, a mortal, and John Ray Fielding, an Immortal, were killed in action in Kuwait in 1991 with two others, trapped inside a tank, on the Saudi-Kuwaiti border when their tank, part of the 15th tank battalion, that was hit by friendly fire. Captain Magnus had mistakenly ordered the fire, and it haunted him for the rest of his life.

John Ray judged him a murderer and hunted him down, and murdered him it turn.  Nick Wolfe pointed out to him that Magnus was a soldier, just like Fielding, one that had made a mistake, a mistake that tore him apart, and took him from his wife and children, and that Fielding killed not out of honor but out of pride and guilt.

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