Dr Hopkins

Matthew Hopkins was a Watcher who worked as an physician. He trained at Massachusetts General, and earned experience as a battlefield surgeon, as well as a scientist and researcher.  His mentor among the Watchers was Archibald Gordon. 

He spoke English, Latin, and Greek. On 29 September 1866, he submitted his letter of resignation to the Watcher tribunal, saying he felt the need to minister to the mortals who might actually need him in his capacity as physician, and he intended to set up a practice in St. Mary's City on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay as of the 1st of November, and would not be accompanying his assignment Duncan MacLeod to Mexico.

During his life he observed the following Immortals:

Raphael Ramiro - 1855 to 1860.

Duncan MacLeod - 1861 to 1866.

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