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Duncan MacLeod
First appearance The Gathering
Appeared in Highlander: The Series
Highlander: Endgame
Highlander: The Source
Highlander: The Audio Series
Name Duncan MacLeod
Aliases The Highlander
Born 1592, Highlands of Scotland
First Death 1622,[1] mortally wounded in battle with a neighboring clan
Teachers Connor MacLeod[2]

Hamza el Kahir[3]
Graham Ashe[4]
Pierre Segur[5]
Hideo Koto[6] May-Ling Shen[7]
Otavio Consone[8]

Pupils Devon Marek[9]

Jean-Philippe de Lefaye III[10]
Amber Lynn[11]
Gregor Powers[12]
Felicia Martins[13]
Richie Ryan[14]
Michelle Webster[15]
Claudia Jardine[16]
Danny Cimoli[10]

Origin Scottish
Watchers see Miscellanious Information
Status Alive
Occupation Adventurer, warrior, abolitionist, war correspondent, medic, antiques dealer
Portrayed by  Adrian Paul

Duncan MacLeod was an Immortal, and the second Immortal to bear the moniker of "Highlander". He became known as a powerful, noble, and principled champion whose exploits were regarded as the stuff of legend by most who knew him.


Clan MacLeodEdit

Saison5 ep89

Duncan aged 13

Duncan MacLeod, like most Immortals, was a foundling, brought to the doorstep of village Chieftain Ian MacLeod during the Winter Solstice of 1592 by a local peasant. Knowing his wife, Mary, had just given birth to a stillborn son, the elder MacLeod decided to claim the newborn infant. The loss of Mary's son was kept secret, and Ian raised Duncan in his hamlet near Glenfinnan as his and Mary's own.[1]

Duncan grew up into a spirited lad, well loved by all in the village. He struck a close friendship with clan cousin Robert MacLeod, and the two boys would have all manner of adventures together. In 1606, one such became perilous, when Duncan and Robert decided to go hunting a wild wolf lurking in nearby Donan Wood.

Duncan about to face his cousin, Robert.

When the boys actually encountered the beast, Robert panicked, fleeing the scene and leaving Duncan behind. Duncan, however, soon found himself isolated in a remote cottage with a enigmatic woman, who pronounced the boy special and marked with a destiny. This was Cassandra, the Witch of Donan Wood, sheltering the boy from an early death at the hands of Kantos. When she deemed it safe, Cassandra returned Duncan to his worry-stricken father.[17]

Tragedy first struck Duncan's life in 1618 when he found himself personally involved in clan intrigue. His childhood sweetheart, Debra Campbell, found herself betrothed to none other than Duncan's friend and cousin, Robert. Duncan protested, seeking exception from Ian and the Campbells, but could do nothing. Mournfully, he presented Debra with a farewell gift: a jeweled bracelet. When Robert found out, he was incensed, forcing Duncan into a duel to the death, and dying at the hands of his horrified kinsman. Duncan refused to marry Debra due to his guilt through killing a clansmen and his best friend, an in hysterics, Debra fled to a secret childhood hiding place atop a nearby cliff, intending to jump to her death. Duncan talked her out of jumping, but watched in shock as a loose stone gave way, plunging her to her doom. The young Highlander was forced to bury his love in an unconsecrated grave when he death was declared suicide.[18]

First DeathEdit


Duncan experiencing his First Death.

In 1622, the Clan MacLeod was finding itself at war. Riding with his father into battle against the feuding clans,

Duncan being told his origin by his father.

Duncan was struck down during a major battle, and was carried back to his home, where he expired before his parents. As his father rallied his crestfallen warriors, an old peasant woman witnessed the young MacLeod heir return to life, and screamed. A terrified Ian pronounced Duncan's resurrection "the work of the demon master from the world below," and disowned the bewildered young man.[1]

In a depression, Duncan wandered the Highlands alone, hunting food and sustaining himself, until he encountered Ian again. Attempting to reconcile himself with his father, Duncan was stunned when Ian revealed the truth about Duncan's origins. The young Highlander, however, proudly proclaimed his adopted heritage at the top of his lungs.[1]


Duncan in his first Immortal fight, facing Kanwulf.

Two years later, the Clan MacLeod was attacked yet again, this time by a band of renegades led by the Viking warrior Kanwulf. When Ian was struck down and mortally wounded, Duncan returned to his father's deathbed, reconciling with his mother, Mary. Taking up his father's claymore, Duncan rode out to avenge his father, slaying and driving away the bandits in their camp. Then, for the first time, he felt the Quickening. Dismissing the strange sensation as an unknown, MacLeod fought Kanwulf in a pitched battle, impaling the evil Immortal to the earth. Having not yet been taught about Immortals and the Game, however, Duncan left the fallen Viking for dead, but not beheaded, burying the latter's axe as an act of desecration. He then returned to the wild, leaving The Clan Macleod for good.[18]

It was not much later when he felt the Buzz once again. Following the sensation into a nearby cave, MacLeod found an old hermit who pronounced Duncan as "The Chosen One," and prophesied Duncan's meeting with his future mentor, Connor MacLeod. The hermit also foretold Duncan's future battle with an ancient evil, and that he must be ready. Suddenly the hermit drew a sword and demanded that Duncan take his head, a request that young Macleod was loathe to do. Before Duncan's shocked eyes, the hermit, Timothy of Gilliam, grabbed Duncan's sword by the blade and sliced off his own head with it. As Duncan backed away in horror, The Quickening took him. Unprepared for the new experience, Duncan failed to process the event properly, and would only remember snatches of it in the future.[19]

Meeting of the MacLeodsEdit


Duncan meets Connor after the Battle of Glen Fruin.

Shortly thereafter, Duncan found himself approached by Connor MacLeod, his clansman and future teacher. Connor had learned of Duncan's Immortality and had returned to Scotland to find and train his kinsman. Accepting Connor's offer of protection and education, Duncan traveled with Connor across Western Europe, learning about The Game, The Rules, and The Gathering, as Connor himself had learned from his own teacher, Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez. Connor enrolled his student in the finest dueling clubs, and taught young Duncan all of the tricks and techniques at his disposal. He instilled in his student a fierce desire for knowledge, both of combat and of the arts and sciences. When Connor deemed the time to be right, he returned Duncan to Scotland, preparing the younger Highlander to take his own path.[2]


Duncan is nearly killed by Martin Hyde.

Five years later in 1630, while riding, he sensed an Immortal stalking him, but never showing himself. When all those around him began turning up dead, Duncan panicked, and began following Connor's trail, hoping to find his kinsman and ask his advice. Without warning, an Immortal stepped forth, identifying himself as Martin Hyde and demanding Connor's location. In defiance, Duncan drew his blade and attacked, but was quickly subdued by his far more experienced opponent. Promising to find him again when he was stronger, Hyde strode away, laughing.[5]


Duncan training with Connor in Italy.

In 1631, Duncan was training with Connor in Ravenna, Italy. As they dueled, Connor showed Duncan a new move that Connor said could be unstoppable.[2]

Battles and AdventuresEdit

In 1634, as he was riding out of Scotland, Duncan soon found himself caught in intrigue once more, encountering a nobleman being stabbed by a stranger. Introducing himself as Devon Marek, the noble first demanded, then begged for Duncan's help. Duncan examined the man, but could do nothing but ease his passing. It was only after he buried the nobleman that he felt the Buzz again, and realized Marek had been a latent Immortal. Before Duncan, a new Immortal in his own right, could explain the details, Marek strode off, confident in his own greatness. Duncan followed to watch Marek kill the man who killed him, a common poacher. As Marek boasted of his plans, Duncan calmly informed him of Marek's latest development: As he was now considered "dead," he no longer had a title, or lands, or anything. Expressing his disbelief, Marek attacked Duncan, who stabbed him, "killing" before more witnesses. Enraged, Marek swore revenge on MacLeod.[9]

Duncan MacLeod meets the newly Immortal, Devon Marek, back in 1634.

Duncan knew it was now past time to leave Scotland, and boarded a ship immediately for Europe. Arriving in France he began exploring, where he encountered the Immortal Ursa being persecuted by a mob of peasants. Playing upon their superstitions, MacLeod drove the rabble off, saving the other from an impromptu burning. He placed Ursa in the care of a local monastery, knowing the unusual Immortal would be safe on holy ground.[20]

Duncan meets Rebecca Horne andAmanda.

Duncan meets Rebecca and Amanda.

In 1635, Traveling through France, Duncan stopped briefly in Paris, sampling the local wares. Sensing the presence of an Immortal nearby, Duncan found two women, both Immortals. Surprised, MacLeod reassured the ladies he meant them no harm, and they agreed to go their way in peace. As one of them left Duncan with a parting kiss, she deftly lifted MacLeod's coin purse. More amused than angered, Duncan intercepted them at the edge of the alleyway, reclaiming his gold and offering to buy them a drink. He quickly became friends with Amanda and her teacher, Rebecca Horne.[21]

In 1637, Duncan traveled to Italy, selling his skills as a swordsman and entering the employ of the Prince of Verona. When rumors surfaced that the Prince's daughter, Arianna, was having an affair with a mercenary in the employ of the Gasparis, Duncan was assigned to find and destroy the culprit. Tracking Arianna to a rendezvous, Duncan soon encountered the mercenary in question, an Immortal. He drew his sword and challenged the other, only to be interrupted by a guard, who warned the two about dueling in the city. The two tentatively sounded each other out discovering among other things that neither of them could read and this similarity was one step on the road to a real friendship with Fitzcairn, Hugh Fitzcairn. When Fitzcairn was later caught in bed with Arianna, he was ordered beheaded by the girl's father. However, Duncan intervened, claiming blood rights and killing Fitzcairn in a duel. With Fitzcairn's head preserved, the two decided to learn to read and write together.[22]

In 1639, Duncan and Fitzcairn were bodyguards for the Duke of Milano. After finishing their work, they were attacked by some of the Duke's enemies. During the fight, an Innocent civilizing was killed. After defeating the assassins, Duncan and Fitzcairn looked at the body and saw a pendant in the shape of the Watcher's symbol around the man's neck. Although it would only be centuries later that Duncan would learn about the symbol and that the deceased man was a Watcher.[23]

Returning to France in 1640, Duncan was eating in a local tavern when the Immortal Kyra strode through the door. Duncan watched, intrigued as the Immortal stood against two of Cardinal Richelieu's guards, then, seeing as the inn was full, offered to share his room with her, "under strictly honorable circumstances, of course." Soon enough, however, the two were talking about the "weapons" of a Scotsman, and matters soon took their course.[24]

Duncan continued in his travels, venturing to the Middle East. In 1653, he met the Ancient Immortal Hamza el Kahir, who offered Duncan friendship and training. Their time together was soon interrupted, however, when an Immortal Moor stepped forth. Introducing himself as Xavier St. Cloud, the Moor challenged Hamza, who astonishingly turned and walked away. When Duncan questioned his teacher about the incident, Hamza admitted that Xavier was too powerful for him to defeat. Duncan determined to face Xavier himself, but an irate Hamza intervened, and took up Xavier's challenge to protect The Highlander. MacLeod was forced to watch as Xavier brought Hamza to his knees and took his head.[3]

Returning to Europe, Duncan sought to advance his skills further. In 1657, he met and became the student of Immortal Graham Ashe, teacher to master Immortals such as Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez. Ashe and MacLeod practiced together for weeks on end, discussing not only tactics, but art, music and philosophy. Yet in a cruel repeat of history, when Immortal Haresh Clay appeared and challenged Ashe. Once again, MacLeod watched as his teacher was defeated and beheaded before him. As an insult to injury, Clay taunted the Highlander, shaming him as a coward who hides on holy ground, and inviting MacLeod to challenge him that night. MacLeod, now wise enough to choose his own battles, chose to wait.[4]

Ashe and MacLeod 1657

The next year, in 1658, MacLeod became acquainted with Immortal Peter Hale, who had learned of a temporary refuge from the endless killing life of Immortals. On Hale's advice, The Highlander traveled throughout Europe, until he reached a remote monastery founded by the Immortal monks Brother Paul and Brother Kalas. There, Immortals could live in peace, safe on Holy Ground for as long as they wished. Duncan had hoped to meet his friend Peter Hale there, but the other had apparently left already. Nonetheless, Macleod readily accepted the offer of hospitality, joining the order. While at the monastery, he learned the monk's art of calligraphy, and learned to read Shakespeare. As he stayed over the weeks, however, MacLeod began to harbor a growing suspicion regarding Brother Kalas. When MacLeod talked to him, his responses were cold and distant, and when asked about certain things, like Peter Hale's destination, the monk displayed a curious ignorance. When Brother Timon departed, his time at the monastery finished, MacLeod tailed the Immortal to find his worst fear confirmed: Kalas had ambushed the former monk and had taken his head, as he had done with every other Immortal who had come to the monastery. Enraged, MacLeod rushed to the monastery and informed Brother Paul. When Kalas was pressed, he confirmed everything, with Brother Paul hiding and listening. An furious Paul banished Kalas, to the latter's outrage. MacLeod immediately challenged Kalas, but the latter refused. He would see MacLeod suffer for what had happened.[25]

Saison4 ep76

Duncan and Kristin

In 1659, Duncan, traveling in Normandy, intercepted a highway robbery, after sensing another Immortal in the coach. After dispatching the bandits, he turned his attention to the coach's occupant, only to find a beautiful woman facing him. The Immortal, Kristin, took Duncan as her lover, teaching him the conduct of a gentleman and the social graces.[26]

The next year, Duncan found himself restless, unable to give himself over to the life of the pampered aristocrat. When Kristin arranged for an artist, Louise Barton, to paint a portrait of Duncan, however, she showed her true colors when Macleod and Louise fell for each other. Duncan ended up braking up with Kristin because he knew he did not love her. In a fit of rage, she attacked Duncan. However, Duncan defended himself but chose not to take her head, despite her pleas. Duncan soon found Louise dead, drowned in the nearby lake. MacLeod confronted her, drew his sword, and prepared to strike, but Kristin fell to her knees, begging for mercy. MacLeod found himself unable to take Kristin's head, and instead warned her to stay away from him.[26]

In 1660, Duncan was attacked by two men while riding his horse. After stopping the two men, he sensed another Immortal and heard a woman screaming. He met Immortal Grace Chandel, who was in the middle of helping a woman deliver a baby. While Grace thought he was planning on taking her head, Duncan instead decided to become friends with her.[27]

In 1663, Duncan traveled as an actor in a second-rate traveling show under the direction of fellow Immortal Walter Graham. Graham had much experience in his past, having previously nurtured Shakespeare. Unfortunately, Duncan was required to play in the women's roles.[16]

Walter Graham, and Duncan MacLeod, in 1663.


Duncan was about to be burned at the stake, but is able to escape.

In 1665, Duncan was in England to find his friend John Garrick and learned that Garrick had been convicted of witchcraft. Garrick told him that his wife and adoptive son had been killed in a fire. Duncan tried to convince that the crowds that Garrick was simply stricken by grief. However, Garrick then took out a knife and stabbed Duncan in the heart. When Duncan revived, he was also called a witch and the two were both sentenced to be burned at the stake. Duncan was able to get away, along with a young girl who had been convicted as well. Duncan tried to save Garrick as well, but was forced to do nothing as Garrick was burned.[28]

Duncan faces Michel

Duncan and Michel

In 1670, Duncan was the military tutor to Auric, a Scottish chieftain's son, as well as weapon's master. Duncan encountered Immortal Michel de Burgoyne who quickly challenged Duncan. After knocking Auric out because he would not leave, the two fought and Duncan took his head.[29]


Angelina tells Duncan and Fitz of her upcoming marriage.

In 1696, Duncan and Fitzcairn had both made rendezvous' with Immortal Angelina, whom they were both pursuing. However, Angelina had them both meet her on the same night, much to Duncan and Fitzcairn's annoyance. She brought them both to Immortal Robert de Valincourt's estate, who had embezzled money from Angelina. The three then met Robert, who quickly fell in love with Angelina, who reciprocated. Duncan, after flipping a coin with Fitzcairn, fought with Robert but was asked by Angelina to stop. Robert and Angelina then stayed with one another, forcing Fitzcairn to take Duncan to the opera instead.[30]

A few months later, Duncan and Fitzcairn were once again requested a rendezvous with Angelina. She told them that she was to marry Robert de Valicourt and asked the two to give her away. At the wedding, the two were put out but went along with Angelina's request. They both agreed that Robert and Angelina were perfect for each other.[30]


Segur consoles Duncan on the death of a friend.

In 1700, Duncan buried an old friend of his, a Mortal that Duncan had seen when he was first born and saw him grow up. His Immortal friend Pierre Segur consoled him and told him that, despite the loss, it was worth gaining the knowledge. The two encountered Martin Hyde, who was now seeking Segur's head. Segur gave Duncan his finest bottle of cognac and promised to meet in an hour. The hour came and went, and Duncan knew that his friend had lost.[5]

In 1712, Duncan was at the court of Queen Anne with his mortal friend Dennis Keating, whom he'd met several months earlier. While at a pub, the two encountered Immortal Paul Kinman, a high-class gentleman who found areas such as the pub to be disgusting and uncivilized. Dennis, not agreeing with Kinman's politics, challenged him to a duel the next day. Duncan, knowing of Kinman's immortality tried to swayed Dennis from taking part in the duel, only for Dennis to deny it. He then met with Kinman and asked for him to stop the duel. Instead, they agreed to end the duel with first blood.[31]

The next day, Dennis and Kinman dueled, with Dennis drawing first blood and losing. Kinman then provoked Dennis, who then lunged at him. Kinman stabbed him in self-defense, the strike killing Dennis. He met with Queen Anne, who told him that Kinman had been paid by an opposition faction to see that the war with France would continue. He asked her if he could fight Kinman, but she disapproved because such an action could divide the country further. He swore that, as long as the Queen reigned, he would not fight Kinman. Duncan, after giving a toast to the late Dennis, encountered Kinman one last time. Kinman provoked Duncan, hoping to force Duncan to fight him. Duncan, remembering what the Queen said, simply ignored him and walked out of the pub. As he left, Duncan could hear the other patrons call him a coward.[31]


Duncan and Kate

In 1712, Duncan was in Ireland with Connor. Duncan told Connor that Scotland was almost no more, only for Connor to tell him that Scotland would always be Scotland and that he would return there no matter what. The two men soon came across Highwaymen who turned out to be bandits who were trying to get money from two women. Duncan and Connor soon defeated the men, taking joy out of their fight. Among the women was Pre-Immortal Catherine Mary "Kate" Devaney whom Duncan took a liking to and would quickly fall in love with.[2]

In 1715, after three years of courting her, Duncan married Kate. Connor arrived and spoke with Duncan, reminding him of Kate's pre-Immortal status as well as how his marriage to Heather ended in heartache, growing old while he remained the same. Despite this, Duncan was determined to be with her no matter what. On their wedding night, after making love to her, Duncan stabbed her to death in order to trigger her Immortality. When Kate revived, she ran off into the night, frightened by what had just happened. She began a long grudge against Duncan and their marriage was annulled the following day.[2]

Scottish RebelEdit

In 1745, when the young pretender, Charles Edward Stewart, also known as Bonnie Prince Charlie, issued a call to arms to restore his family to the throne, Duncan returned to Scotland, along with his immortal friend Warren Cochrane, to offer their service. At their Prince's side, Macleod and Cochrane fought in the entire campaign, all the way to Charles Edward's rout at the Battle of Culloden.

In 1746, Cochrane was killed in the opening skirmishes and was forced to leave his prince behind, while Duncan took charge of removing Charles to safety.[32] Calling on the skills of his Immortal friend and lover, Ceirdwyn, Duncan helped to orchestrate Charles's escape in the guise of a woman. Duncan, however, refused to depart with Prince Charlie. Outraged at the atrocities he had witnessed at the hands of the British and the Duke of Cumberland, MacLeod intended to repay them in kind. Over the next few weeks, Duncan slaughtered countless English troops without mercy or hesitation, including the already wounded and soldiers in front of their families, who watched in terror. After a particularly brutal fight with four soldiers, Duncan was found and brought back by Ceirdwyn, who nursed him back to health. As the insistence of his old lover, Duncan put aside his thirst for revenge, and moved on.[33]

Several days after leaving Ceirdwyn, Duncan encountered a hamlet burned to the ground, and its inhabitants slaughtered save one old woman. The woman told Duncan the deed had been done by order of The Earl of Rosemont. Filled with a new rage, Duncan made a beeline to the Earl's estate. Before the eyes of the Earl's son and Immortal Steven Keane, Duncan cut down the Earl in cold blood. This killing led Duncan to realize he could no longer stay in Scotland, and he departed, to attempt to find a new life.[34]

New Life AbroadEdit

In 1750, deciding to travel eastward, Duncan soon found himself in the steppes of Russia, where he was soon challenged by a Cossack on a horse. Duncan's own horsemanship, however, proved up to the challenge, and he easily unhorsed his opponent, winning his respect. The Cossack introduced MacLeod to his leader, the Immortal Ivan Kristov who quickly offered the Highlander his hospitality in exchange for assistance in a fight with "the enemy." MacLeod agreed quickly enough, until, to his dismay, he rode out with Kristov and his band to find that "the enemy" was a small band of defenseless farmers. Outraged, the Highlander drew his blade against the Cossacks, and prevented the slaughter of the farmers. An infuriated Kristov vowed to see the Highlander dead for his actions.[35]

In 1755, Duncan was in North Africa when he met a young man named Neza, who offered to be Duncan's companion. Duncan met Immortal Muhammad ibn Kassim a prefect who arrested Neza because he had fallen in love with the Arabian Princess. Duncan helped Neza out of jail, only to be confronted by Kassim. Before Kassim could attack them, Duncan made an agreement. Kassim would forgive Neza only if Dunca promised he would do anything Kassim asked. Kassim agreed to the terms and let Duncan and Neza leave.[36]


Duncan with Vashti.

In 1764, MacLeod was in India as a liaison to a British colonel named Ramsey and his wife, Alice. At court, he met the Immortal Kamir, who was a priest of the Goddess Kali. While riding out one day, Duncan came upon a funeral and rescued the newly widowed Vashti before she could join her husband on his funeral pyre. Such an action was shown to be sacrilegious, with even Vashti disagreeing with it. However, as time went on, Vashti found the kindness in Duncan's heart. The two became lovers, Vashti herself saying that it was the first time she had truly been in love.[37]

Duncan soon found out that Kamir and the cult of Thugee had killed Ramsey and his men. While searching for Kamir, Duncan found Vashti's corpse about to burned. Kamir told Duncan that Vashti had chosen to die, because she had fallen in love with Duncan. Duncan, knowing that he could do nothing, gave her body one final kiss.[37]


Duncan learning the ancient art of the Samurai in feudal Japan.

In 1778, MacLeod joined a merchant ship captained by Immortal Terence Kincaid in the South Pacific. After arriving on an unidentified island, the crew began running low on rations, many of them wanting to return to China for more. Kincaid, not wanting to lose £100,000, denied the crew any more and forced them to continue their cargo delivery. The crew mutinied, hoping to take Kincaid's head. In order to save him, Macleod suggested that they instead maroon him on the island.[38]

That same year, Kincaid's ship was caught in a storm. MacLeod ended up shipwrecked in Japan where he was found by a samurai warrior named Hideo Koto. Upon waking, MacLeod defended himself against swordsmen that were trying to kill Kato. After defeating them, Kato took Duncan in and began training him in the ways of the samurai. The two became firm friends, however, Hideo's daughter, Maya Koto, took a strong dislike of Duncan for being a gaijin, a foreigner. Duncan soon learned that, being a feudal country where foreigners were not allowed, Hideo was sentenced to be executed by the Shogun for harboring a "Barbarian". However, Hideo was given the chance to commit ritual suicide in order to preserve his family's honor. Duncan wanted to help his friend, even telling him about his Immortality, but Hideo accepted his fate. He asked Duncan to be his second while he killed himself and offered Duncan his katana, Duncan in turn promised to protect Hideo's family. That night, Duncan beheaded his mentor and friend after Hideo stabbed himself. Duncan left Japan with Hideo's Katana sword, which the Highlander would use as his sword from then on.[6]

Duncan and May ling.

Duncan and May-Ling have a moment.

Two years later, Duncan visited his friend Kiem Sun in China, who now lived on holy ground while experimenting on the the Quanla root. It was to be designed as a drug to enhance people's strength and obedience.[39] Sun then sent Duncan to train with his former mentor May-Ling Shen in a small village in Outer Mongolia. Duncan arrived in a small village in Outer Mongolia. After asking a person in the village, Duncan approached May-Ling's hut to discover that the master was a woman. Soon, May-Ling began training Duncan in the art of kung-fu and other forms of martial arts. Later, after completing his training, Duncan and May-Ling became lovers for a time.[7]

In 1783, Duncan served as a bodyguard to Baron Deshields, who was about to negotiate peace with the English. At Deshields's chateau, the day before the negotiations took place, Duncan met Immortal acrobat and magician Christoph Kuyler who was performing for Desheild's court. While performing an act with the Baron, Kuyler stabbed him in the back, killing him.[40]

In 1785, Duncan encountered Peter Kanis, who was trying to hunt a boy with his dogs. This forced Duncan to kill one of the dogs, much to Kanis's fury. Kanis was arrested for treason, because of his actions on the Duchess of Somerset's estate. Later, while trying to free him, Kanis's dogs killed one of the Duchess's guards. Kanis was soon hanged for his impudence and was buried in a shallow grave. Kanis, however, soon rose again and quickly left the estate.[41]

In 1786, Duncan met up with Warren Cochrane, who had since gained a wife, Sarah, and an adoptive son, James. They were being shot by English marksmen, whom Duncan and Cochrane easily defeated. However, Sarah and James were killed by other gunmen when they were away. Despite this, the two were able to visit with the exiled Bonnie Prince Charlie in Normandy with Warren Cochrane hoping to raise an army for him. However, Charlie proved to be nothing but a drunk and a shadow of his former self.[32]


Duncan trains Jean-Philippe.

In 1795, MacLeod took in a new student, Jean-Philippe de Lefaye III, who was the finest swordsmen in his land at the time of his First Death. Despite Duncan's efforts, Jean-Philippe did not take his training seriously. Unbeknownst to Duncan, Jean-Philippe was approached by Immortal Damon Case, who challenged him. Jean-Philippe accepted and the two fought. Duncan did not know until after it was too late and Case had taken Jean-Philippe's head. Duncan met with Case on Holy Ground and challenged him to a fight. Case accepted the challenge and the two were fight the next day. Duncan decided against fighting Case, knowing that Case wasn't evil and was simply doing what he felt he had to.[10]


Duncan with Fitz, Sean, and Carolyn at the Valincourt's 100th Anniversary.

In 1796, Duncan returned to France with Fitzcairn to attend the 100th wedding anniversary of Angelina de Valicourt and Robert de Valicourt. There, they were also joined by Immortal friends Sean Burns and Carolyn Mortimer, who played a joke on Fitzcairn making him think he was to marry Carolyn. Duncan and Fitzcairn were soon told that Robert was to be guillotined in Paris, forcing the two as well as Gina to try and save him. They were able to arrive in time and were forced to fight an angry mob as well as French revolutionaries. That night, with the couple now safe, Robert and Angelina were able to renew their wedding vows.[30]

In 1806, Duncan was an officer in the British Army. While searching through the D'Estaing chateau, Duncan soon encounter Xavier St. Cloud as well as Xavier's student, Morgan D'Estaing, who had just taken revenge on his family. Duncan soon heard of the D'Estaing family's "suicide". Not being able to fight them, Duncan promised Xavier and Morgan that they would see each other again.[42]

In 1810 he met up with Brian Cullen in Switzerland;Cullen was the best swordsman in "Old Continent",and soon the two became friends.

In 1814, during the Napoleonic Wars, Duncan encountered a dying French soldier on the battlefield. The soldier, with his dying breath, asked him Duncan to give his ring to his son.[43]

Disciple of DariusEdit


Darius speaks to Duncan during their first meeting.


Duncan leaves Darius to go to America.

In 1815, towards the end of the Napoleonic Wars, Duncan met ancient Immortal priest Darius after the Battle of Waterloo. Rather than fight, the two tried to help fallen warriors. Darius tried to persuade him to reject the wars and the bloodshed and instead try to pursue a life of peace. Duncan agreed and soon became Darius's friend.[44]

The following year, Darius' church was ransacked by three individuals who were looking for valuables in the church. The leader of the men stabbed Darius when he told them that there was no gold in the church. Duncan, disguised as a monk, confronted the three men and defeated them. Darius was not happy with what Duncan had done, while Duncan admitted that it was hard for him as he was a warrior. He told Darius that he intended to leave Europe for the New World, hoping to lead a peaceful life there.[44]

In the New WorldEdit


Duncan with Jacob and Irena Galati.

In 1847, Duncan traveled to central Europe where he met Immortal gypsy couple Irena and Jacob Galati. He befriended them and started living with them in a gypsy camp. One day, Duncan and Jacob found Irena having been viciously raped by a racist thug. Jacob tried to kill the thug, but Duncan stopped him, hoping to let the thug be punished in court. However, because Jacob and Irena were gypsies, the thug was quickly dismissed and freed. The thug then insulted Irena, causing Jacob to stab and kill him. Jacob was then hanged, Duncan taking his body back to the village. After taking Jacob back to the camp, Duncan argued about whether or not Jacob's decision was right. Either way, Jacob and Irena soon left to start a new life together.[45]

Mac travels to San Francisco where he meet a now drug addicted Brian Cullen, scared and trying to avoid the many challengers waiting for him. When the American Civil War broke out in 1861. Duncan joins the Union working as a scout and conductor on the Underground Railroad trying to help slaves escape North. During a battle, he meets the young drummer boy, Sean Zale, an Immortal no more than 14. Sean asks for Mac’s protection, but Mac leaves him at one of the stations as he conducted his charges north, but he returns to find the boy dead. A year later Duncan is captured by Confederate soldiers and is hanged only to be rescued by Confederate captain Lucas Desiree. The next year in Andersonville Georgia, Mac is captured and imprisoned in the hellish Southern POW camp under Colonel William Culbraith. When Culbraith refuses to allow a surgeon to help the wounded Jeffrey, a runaway slave friend of Mac’s and Mac is forced to end his suffering, Mac vows revenge. After the war ends, Mac travels to Maryland where he takes a new lover, Bess. When Bess’s fiancé a union solder returns to find her with MacLeod, the two fight which ends with Bess being accidentally killed in the process.

MacLeod then travels to Mexico where he fights in the Mexican revolution along with Paul Karros, After that Mac joins the Texas Rangers to capture Melvin Koren. They chase him into Texas where Duncan challenges Koren but is defeated but before he can be beheaded, Duncan is saved when one of the rangers shots Koren dead. Duncan goes to Koren's grave in order to finish him off but finds the grave empty. Duncan later travels to McKewansville in the Dakota Territory where he saves a young native American boy named Chaske from a slaver, he takes the boy to the town to receive medical treatment much to the anger of the towns people who want the Indian out of the town, eventually the doctor treats the boy while Duncan waits. The slaver arrives wanting the boy back but he is killed by Chaske and tries to escape but he is killed in the process of running away. Disgusted by the death of the boy, Duncan decided to leave the life he knew and joined the Indians whom he stayed with for some years.


In 1882, Duncan travels for the first time to the pacific Northwest where he get a job running a town news paper when Mako arrives in the town looking for Tim Ramsey, a friend of Duncan’s accused of killing someone during a robbery yet he was innocent of the crime, Duncan knows that Mako will do everything he can to get Ramsey and tries to help him escape but Mako kills Ramsey in a quick gun draw with Duncan watching helplessly.

Three months later Mac meets and falls in love with a beautiful mortal woman named Sarah Carter who he became obsessed with and plans to marry her. Unbeknownst to Mac, she is already married. When her husband arrives in town, Mac tries to get Sarah to run away with him, but she refuses. When her husband shoots him and Mac revives, Sarah rejects Mac, and he leaves. Traveling to the American West the following year, Mac meets his former student Gregor and helps him during a cholera outbreak. In 1886, Duncan establishes himself in San Francisco and befriends an Immortal named Alec Hill. However, tragedy would befall Hill when an Immortal pimp/pornographer Gerard Kragen kills his wife Genevieve. Alec vows revenge and makes Mac swear that he will kill Kragen if Alec dies before he can.

In 1888, while at the Double Eagle Casino, Duncan caught a cheating card dealer. The dealer pulled out a gun, only for the owner, and fellow immortal, Kit O'Brady to stop him. Amanda soon joined them, with Duncan introducing her to Kit. In a game of poker, Amanda began winning hands. She soon raised a necklace worth $40,000, with Kit seeing the hand by betting the Double Eagle Casino. Kit had a full house, only for Amanda to win the hand with four queens. Kit returned a few days later trying to buy back the casino, only for Amanda to tell him it wasn't for sale and that it had been renamed the Queen of Spades. Not long afterwards, the Queen of Spades burnt down leaving Amanda to suspect it was Kit himself.[46]

Mac visits a still grieving Alec trying to invite him to a party at the Double Eagle and try to convince him to move on. But Alec won’t listen.

Between 1888 and 1889, Mac meets Fitz and his student Danny O'Donal while looking for Gold in Alaska. Duncan returned to San Francisco in 1891 and meets fast talking immortal Tommy Sullivan and talks Mac into becoming a prize fighter Mac wins the fight, and Tommy gains $1, 000, which he collects by killing the opposing fighter’s manager who refused to pay Tommy. Duncan is not aware of this.

In 1896, Duncan was in Boston attending a party when he met young Immortal Sharon Collins. Sharon told him that another Immortal had been planning to take her head. Not having been formally trained, she asked Duncan for help. After the party, Duncan went to Sharon's room and was attacked by Immortal Axel Whittaker, whom Duncan had met before. They fought until Duncan threw Axel to his death. Sharon later talked to Duncan, who was still angry about having been set up by her. Duncan convinced her to come with him so that he could train her. However, Axel soon found out and took Sharon's head.[15]

In 1897, Duncan finally beheads Khordas. By the beginning of the 20th Centuary, Mac is living in New York. In 1916, Mac is in Cairo, Egypt serving with the British Army as a driver and messenger attached to the Arab Bureau and under the command of T. E. Lawrence.

World War I & World War IIEdit

When World War One breakes out, Duncan is in the front lines but as a medic helping the wounded. In 1917, Duncan is an ambulance driver for the Red Cross in France when while collecting wounded soldier, they are attacked by Xavier St. Cloud who uses mustard gas to kill those in the immediate area so that he could rob a payroll truck. Because Xavier is wearing a gasmask, Mac doesn’t recognize him. Xavier upon seeing MacLeod tries to take the incapacitated Highlander but retreats when he hears the rest of the army arriving.

Later that year, while in a recovery center, Duncan is forced to confront a war victim, Antoine, who was holding a woman hostage. Sean Burns came in a moment later and, using a new study in psychology, was able to calm Antoine down. Later Duncan and Sean talked, Duncan telling him he would always remember the peace around Sean's house. Sean later told Duncan that, despite the guilt he felt throughout the war, that Duncan would always be kind and it was something he admired.[47]

In 1918, while working as an ambulance driver, Duncan encountered Immortal Colonel Simon Killian. A sergeant soon arrived and gave Killian a letter from headquarters. The contents read that the war was over. Despite this, Killian gave orders to continue, while Duncan and the sergeant tried to stop him. Killian shot the sergeant and had all his healthy soldiers directly charge the battlefield. Duncan tried to stop the attack, only to be shot down by Killian.

In London, Killian was court-marshaled and charged with the deaths of 300 British and German soldiers. He was stripped of all rank and privileges, and sentenced to death by firing squad. Duncan, knowing Killian would just revive and flee, pleaded to the courts to instead declare him insane and lock him up in an insane asylum. A place Killian would stay for the next 70 years.[48]

Duncan later travels to the Soviet Union where he encounters Arthur Drake and promises not to fight him in return for not killing a mortal whom Duncan is protecting.

In 1919, Duncan travels to Ireland which was at war with the British an encounters Immortal Terrorist Annie Devlin while at her hideout, she tries to convince the Highlander to stay in Ireland and fight with her in the cause for independence, But Duncan turns her down knowing that it will change nothing at all. Though upset, Annie pours him a drink as a jester that she hold no grudge but they are ambushed by the British and escape although her husband is killed.

In 1920, Duncan is in Paris where he is attending an opera with Maria Campolo a close friend of his, It is at the opera that Mac encounters Kalas who is a star tenor known as Antonio Neri. Kalas tells the Highlander that he holds no grudge against him for having him thrown out of the monastery. Duncan becomes concerned when Maria shows interest in Kalas who promises her fame. Duncan later arrives at Kalas' place where he interrupts Kalas’ attempt to kill Maria, and as she flees, the two fight. Kalas eventually gets the upper hand, bearing Duncan back through a glass door and pinning him down, pressing his blade towards Duncan's neck. Duncan gropes for a piece of the glass, and slashes desperately at Kalas's neck. He slices his throat, and Kalas runs off, choking horribly. Duncan goes to Maria, and tells her everything is all right.

Mac later leaves Europe for America where he meets Michael Moore whose wife has been killed by a serial killer. And Marcus Korolus who MacLeod kills after discovering that he is a serial killer known as the sculptor. Later in 1926, Duncan encounters Amanda and the two become Circus performers in Missouri but later leave their job due to a pay dispute. and while on the road meet smooth-talking Immortal Cory Raines as he robs an armored car. Raines then gives a part of the money to a poor family. Cory asks Amanda to join him, and they go on a five-state crime spree, robbing, faking death to get away, then having Mac, under protest, dig up Cory.. Duncan eventually leaves Amanda and heads to the south where he comes across a KKK lynch mob about to hang three black men among them is an Immortal Carl Robinson, Duncan drives straight for the mob and destroys a make shift podium where the men are to be hanged and rescues Carl and his friends and ends up getting shot by one of the Racist men. Carl and Duncan soon become fast friends. Later in New York city in 1929, Duncan comes across pre-Immortal Johnny Kelly who is later killed by a mobster, Duncan tries to teach Kelly about his Immortality but Kelly walks away.

In 1930, while opening up an old bank account in Paris, Duncan encountered Immortals Richard Tarsis and his pupil Lucas Kagan, who were trying to rob the same bank. In order to keep people from getting hurt, Duncan let them go. However, after Tarsis killed an innocent woman with his gun, Duncan pursued the duo. After finding the duo, he challenged Tarsis to a fight. It didn't take long for Duncan to take Tarsis's head. Duncan allowed Kagan to live, because it was only Tarsis that had taken a life.[49]

Later in 1935, Duncan becomes a secret agent for the British. While in Berlin with Ingrid Henning discussing Hitler and his growing influence, two brownshirts beat their young Jewish friend David, Mac fights them, but Ingrid reminds Mac that he has accomplished nothing; there are always more. A year later, Duncan He is approached by Amanda to help her escape. At first, Duncan refuses as he is smuggling a scientist out of the country, but Amanda won't take no for an answer, flying off with the scientist and the plates and leaving Duncan to hold off the German Army.


Duncan during the Spanish Civil War.

In 1937, Duncan was a journalist for the Spanish Civil War, along with Immortal John Kage and mortal Timothy. One day, Kage took pictures of Duncan and other journalists helping out the resistance fighters. Much to Duncan's fear, Kage betrayed the Republican Movement for money. Duncan and Timothy were soon captured. Instead of going to a P.O.W. camp, they were intended to be shot. Duncan and Tim were able to escape, with Duncan carry him. However, Duncan soon discovered that his friend had already died after being shot.[50]

Later in Russia, Duncan tries to smuggle out Jewish refugees but is betrayed by Alexei Voshin. Duncan then travels back to America this time in Seacouver where he meets petty gangster Immortal Benny Carbassa and falls under the spell of singer Peggy McCall at the Coconut Lounge. Benny tries to warn Mac that Joey Lankovsky and Sid Lankovsky own the club and that Peggy is Joey’s girl. But Peggy dances with Mac to make Joey jealous. Sid wants Peggy, so he shoots and kills MacLeod and his own brother. He then tells Peggy that the two men shot each other. Later on Duncan meets photographer Linda Plager with whom he has an affair with.

During the second World War, Mac is with the French Resistance when the boy Bernard sees Mac die and then revive. Mac swears him to secrecy. Duncan is later involved in the plot to kill Hitler called operation Valkarye but it fails. After the war ended, Duncan encountered Liam O'Rourke who along with his girlfriend and love of his life, Tara Fitzgerald, plant a bomb in an English pub that kills innocents. Mac stops them from escaping, and they are arrested, convicted and sentenced to life. Later, Mac finally discovers Fitz’s chicanery in 1720. Mac, Amanda and Fitz break into Westminster Abbey and steal the Stone of Scone. Amanda is arrested by Scotland Yard for treason and makes a deal, turning over Fitz. Mac manages to finagle a pardon from Sir Winston Churchill, and returns a fake stone to the abbey while hiding the real stone at the Royal Highlands Golf Club. After a while, Duncan returns to the US this time spending time in the South where he meets Carl Robinson again. The two go to a diner to have something to eat but the owner refuses to serve Carl because he is black Duncan tries to have the sheriff help but he is useless, Disgusted, Duncan and Carl leave, later that day, Duncan shows a visibly upset Carl a newspaper article showing that Segregation has been declared unconstitutional.

In 1940, Duncan headed to London where he began a relationship with American radio personality and reporter, Diane Terrin. Around this time, it was presumed that Duncan may have been working for the British Intelligence, but any conformation was denied. One evening during an attack on London by Nazi aircraft, Diane, rather than seeking shelter, insisted on going to the roof to broadcast what she saw. Fearful of what might happen Duncan accompanied her, Diane gave a riveting report until the all-clear was given.[51] After going to the theater, another alarm was sounded. Despite her protests in wanting to stay, Duncan persuaded Diane to go with him to shelter. As they were heading to the Underground, a bomb exploded, trapping them both. As the two talked, Diane told him she had hoped that they could have eventually gotten married and had children. Knowing he could do nothing but wait until suffocation, Duncan held her in his arms as she died. Sometime later, Duncan was rescued, cradling Diane's body.[51]

Mid-to-Late 20th CenturyEdit

In 1950, Fitz finally makes good on a 230-year old bet by helping Mac (with a little assistance from Amanda) steal the Stone of Scone and return it to Scotland[52]

In 1954, Visits Carl Robinson as segregation is finally declared unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court[53] --> In 1958, Duncan went into a hipster bar to challenge psychotic Immortal serial killer Bryce Korland in Greenwich Village, New York. As Bryce walked on ut to fight Duncan, he was instead killed by Coltec, who first showed signs of the evil consuming him. Duncan would later wonder whether or not his friend was experiencing a Dark Quickening.[54]


Duncan in Cambodia.

In 1975, Duncan was helping a group of refugee children during Communist Party of Kampuchea rule over Cambodia. He soon met up with Kage, who was exporting goods, for a second time. After Duncan tried to convince him to get the children to safety, Kage denied him and quickly took off. The children were soon killed by the Khmer Rouge.[50]


Duncan faces Kuyler in Paris.

While in Paris in 1980, Duncan encountered Kuyler again. But this time, Duncan didn't have his sword with him. After trying to defend himself with a pipe, to no avail, Duncan was forced him to run for his life. As he was running, Duncan managed to jump on board a tourboat where met Tessa Noël. The two hit it off well, and eventually fell in love.[40] In 1983, Duncan revealed his Immortality to Tessa, as well as telling her that they could never have children.[55] However, Duncan didn't tell her about the Game and did his best not to take part, hoping to retire from the Game altogether.[56]

Duncan and Tessa eventually moved in together at Duncan's shop, Macleod Antiques, in Seacouver.[56]

On New Year's Eve of 1988, he had a confrontation with Walter Reinhardt. Reinhardt escaped by jumping off a rooftop, allowing Duncan to take his sword. Just seconds later, Duncan was able to join with Tessa to celebrate the beginning of 1989.[57]

Season One (1992–1993)Edit

Return to The GameEdit

Highlanders1 0

Duncan faces Slan

One night, Duncan celebrated Tessa's birthday and the two talked about what may occur as time goes by, with Duncan being Immortal and Tessa only being mortal. Late that night, while making love to Tessa, MacLeod sensed another Immortal in his shop. He soon saw a young man, pre-immortal Richie Ryan, trying to steal his antiques. As he confronted the boy, he sensed another Immortal, Slan Quince, who came crashing from the window. Connor soon arrived to the scene as well and faced off against Slan. However, their fight was interrupted when police sirens were heard, forcing Slan to run away.[56]

The next day, Duncan went to the police to identify Richie, only for Duncan to not press charges and instead asked to speak with him. After telling Richie to not say a word about the previous night, Richie agreed and was sent home. Sometime later, Duncan sensed Connor. After giving a proper introduction to Tessa, the two went into a friendly spar. As the two talked, Connor told Duncan that he couldn't escape the Game no matter how hard he tried. After returning from an errand, Duncan faced Slan, who had taken Tessa hostage. After defending himself, Slan ran away once more. The event forced Duncan and Tessa to decide whether or not to run and stay away from the Game, or to stay and fight. In the end, Duncan chose to stay.[56]

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Duncan receives Slan's quickening.

After another training session with Connor, Tessa told them that Slan had called to challenge Duncan. After a talk, Connor punched Duncan out, trying to take his kinsman place in fighting Slan. After awaking, Duncan left to fight Slan, telling Tessa that, for her own safety, he would not return. Arriving at the bridge, Duncan saw his cousin being defeated by Slan because of dirty play. In a rage, Duncan went after him. After some sword play, Duncan was able to cut Slan's stomach, allowing him to take his head. After receiving Slan's quickening, Duncan saw that Richie had been witnessed to the events. Afterwards, Duncan jumped into the river below, where Connor had fallen during his fight. Sensing his pre-Immortal status, Duncan promised to Connor that he would watch over Richie. Duncan then went to his island retreat, where he soon met up with Connor and Tessa, who still wanted to stay with him despite the dangers. Connor soon walked off, letting the couple be alone. Connor presumably returned to Marakesh, Morocco.[56]

The Search for Jack RyanEdit


Duncan stops Clinch, saving Richie and John.

After bailing Richie out of jail, Duncan confronted him, asking why he would steal a file from his old orphanage. After talking some more with Richie, Duncan and Tessa agreed to help him search for Jack Ryan, Richie's supposed father. While preparing a meal, Duncan told Tessa and Richie about his past with his own father, including his First Death and his abandonment. Richie then told them about what little of his childhood he could remember, including seeing his mother die before his eyes. Later, Richie was able to come across a man who claimed to be his father. Duncan soon began questioning Jack's identity and went to Jack's apartment building where he met a man, Clinch, who claimed to be Jack's financial advisor. Duncan soon met Richie and Jack, Duncan making it clear that he didn't trust Jack's identity. He then went to confront Clinch and his boss, Mrs. Gustavson told him that Jack, real name Joe Scanlon, had owed them a large amount of money.[1]

The next day, Richie told Duncan that Jack had stolen a golden mask from their shop, confirming Duncan's suspicions on being a conman. Duncan then told Richie, who was angry at the situation, about the day his father told him he was adopted. Later, Duncan confronted Gustavson and Clinch, who were holding Richie ransom to force John to pay their debts. Duncan easily defeated them and John returned the golden mask. Richie soon learned that his mother had actually been his foster mother. Duncan told Richie that, despite not knowing his real parents, he could now decide for himself who he was.[1]

Felicia Martins, ApprenticeEdit

Later on a young woman named Felicia Martins walks into the antiques store covered in blood. It turns out that she had committed suicide and had revived . Duncan tells Richie and Tessa to leave so that he could explain to her about her Immortality and starts to train her, thinking she is a new Immortal. In fact, her real name is Felice Martens and she is at least 300 years old. She is running from an Immortal lover whose mortal wife and stepchild she murdered and she uses the training she gets from Duncan to defeat him and take his head. Macleod discovers who she is and confronts her, before she can leave with Richie, who is besotted with her, Duncan manages to find them and fights with Felice and defeats her but decides to let her live and warns her to stay away from his friends.

Rescue TessaEdit

He later finds that Tessa who had gone to the hills to copy some old stone carvings had not returned he then goes to look for her and discovers that she has been kidnapped by survivalists. Duncangoes after her and tracks Caleb and the others. Caught by Caleb's son and the other man, Duncan jumps off a cliff, to certain death. Stunned they leave taking Duncan’s katana with them. Mac pursues them and, having caught Caleb's (step) son, fights with Caleb, who has killed the third man in a fit of rage for trying to rape Tessa. Duncan using an ax fights with Caleb who is using his katana and in the end Duncan beheads Caleb

Darius, Grayson, and a Return to ParisEdit


Duncan talks to Grayson on Holy Ground.

Tessa received a call from the Bureau of Arts and Monuments in France offering her a job in Paris. Before they could talk any further, Duncan received a parcel from Darius, which contained a warning message written in an ancient language. It told him of the arrival of Grayson, Darius's former pupils, in Seacouver and he was planning on killing Victor Paulus, one of Darius's Mortal pupils, as well as take Duncan's head. In preparation, Duncan took Richie to his cabin on Holy Ground, where Duncan began training to fight Grayson. While resting, Duncan told Richie of Darius's origins, as well as his own. Returning home later that night, Duncan found a decapitated toy soldier, a warning from Grayson.[44]

The next day, Duncan went to the arrival of Victor Paulus and stopped an assassination attempt on him. Duncan was then confronted by Randi, who Duncan was able to quickly brush off. Returning to the shop, Duncan told Tessa to take the job in Paris, hoping she'll be safe as he prepares to face Grayson. The following day, Duncan encountered Grayson at a cemetery, where Paulus was making a speech. Grayson offered Duncan a deal that, if Duncan stayed out of his way, he would leave Duncan and his loved ones alone. Duncan refused, unwilling to let Paulus be killed. Duncan went home and gave Richie a ticket to Paris, making sure that Tessa would not be alone. Duncan told Tessa of his challenge to Grayson and said his goodbyes to her.

Duncan takes Grayson's head.

With Tessa and Richie safe, Duncan went to the cemetery again to talk to Grayson. Grayson offered him another deal, ally himself with Grayson for a century or two and then they'd never see one another again until they were the last two. Duncan once again refused.[44]

The next day, Duncan was able to stop another assassination attempt on Paulus. Duncan then sent a note of challenge to Grayson, which Grayson soon accepted. The two met at a sulphur mine and the two fought throughout the mines. With 1400 years more experience, Grayson was able to overpower Duncan. Before Grayson could behead him, the two fell. Duncan composed himself and was able to fight Grayson back. They fought back multiples times until Duncan was able to disarm Grayson and take his head. Duncan went to Paris and talked to Darius, who had been housing Tessa and Richie for safety. With everyone safe, they decided to stay in Paris, living in Duncan's newly-bought barge.[44]

Kuyler the Immortal MimeEdit

Duncan does the shopping, but as he is returning to the barge one morning, he sees a clown dressed as a mime kill an elderly man, ("For Evil's Sake"). Helping the police, he tells them that he could identify the man. The police inspector, Raymond LeBrun, is convinced he has seen Duncan before. Later, mysterious men with guns stake out the barge and, when Duncan fells one, he finds that he is a policeman. LeBrun has remembered Duncan - when he was a young gendarme, they were chasing the assassin Kuyler and he saw Duncan then. LeBrun's assistant is in Kuyler's pay, but Duncan silences the mime forever and LeBrun arrests his assistant.

Encounter with XavierEdit

Days later Duncan is with Darius playing chess and notices that he seems to be thinking about something troubling. Then they are disturbed by Inspector LeBrun, who is investigating a robbery in a nearby jewelery store the previous evening. Surprised to find MacLeod in the company of a priest, he tells the two Immortals that the thief gassed everyone in the store, then got up and walked out. He was seen entering the church. Darius confirms that he knows who it is, but as the man made his confession, he cannot help LeBrun. Outraged, LeBrun lets slip that the thief didn't even use a gasmask, then leaves. Duncan stares at Darius, then asks him if it is Xavier St Cloud. Darius' rueful nod is his answer. Duncan then goes in search of Georges Dalou on information about Xavier. Convincing Dalou that he is the son of the MacLeod that Dalou knew in the war, he finds out about Xavier's accomplice, Francois, who was killed in the robbery. The following morning, Francois is buried, with a service in Darius' church paid for by MacLeod. Dalou is gratified at Duncan's gesture and introduces him to the dead man's mother, who tells him where her son met Xavier. Duncan then goes to a café where he finds Xavier who upon sensing him runs as fast as he can with Duncan in hot pursuit. But he stops when Xavier throws a gas grenade behind him as he runs, rightly guessing that Duncan will stop to deal with it. Duncan throws the grenade into a cement mixer, where the gas is neutralised. Frustrated, Duncan stops by the barge, then goes back to see Darius. Darius tells him that Xavier was sentenced to life imprisonment for theft, but escaped and fled to India and West Africa, where he lived like a king. As they talk, Xavier appears and goads them, but produces another grenade when Duncan threatens him, then leaves. Duncan returns to the Barge where he lets it slip that the woman he is dating is married which upsets Richie. Later during an exhibition hosted by Tessa, LeBrun arrives and asks Duncan to come downtown to explain how come he threw a gas grenade into the cement mixer, the same gas that was used in the robbery store. As they travel in the back of LeBrun's car, the policeman tells Macleod that the prime suspect is called Xavier St Cloud, who is wanted in West Africa for the murder of a drug lord and the theft of millions in cash and a priceless collection of 17th century West African sculpture. Duncan makes the inescapable connection and, with time running out, leaps from the car and races back to the gallery on foot. With only seconds to go before the bomb gasses everyone, leaving Xavier to walk in and harvest a fortune in jewellery worn by the guests, Duncan arrives just in time to disarms the device, telling a startled Tessa that her mysterious benefactor is Xavier St Cloud. Later, the frustrated Xavier arrives at the barge, where MacLeod is waiting for him. The two clash, the fight taking them out onto the Quai. Xavier tries to distract Duncan with a grenade, but his extended arm is a ready target and the Highlander cuts off Xavier's hand. Screaming, Xavier dives into the Seine, pursued by Duncan. Next morning, Duncan returns to the barge, having scoured the riverbanks. Xavier is nowhere to be found, but Duncan knows he'll be back. But never in his wildest dreams could Duncan imagine the ally he will bring.

Ursa's LoveEdit

Saving GraceEdit

Days later, MacLeod is at Darius’s Church playing a war game. But their game comes to an unexpected end as dawn breaks with the arrival of Grace Chandel, dishevelled and tired. Grace, an Immortal known to both Duncan and Darius, tells them that her mortal lover has been murdered and their laboratory burnt. Duncan decides to let her stay in his Barge. Grace asks if Tessa will mind. He tells her that it will be alright. Duncan then goes to Grace’s apartment to get some of her things when he gets there, he walks into Inspector LeBrun coming out. The police have found the gun used to kill Paul Warren, Grace’s lover, in her apartment, after an anonymous tip-off. Duncan goes back to the barge to warn Grace that Leburn is on his way. Duncan distracts LeBurn while Tessa helps Grace escape. Duncan then goes to Darius’s church where Grace and Tessa are only to find Tessa and Darius outside. When he enters the church, he sees Carlo Sendaro who is so consumed with jealousy that he wants to fight MacLeod on Holy Ground. Carlo admits that he murdered Paul Warren, planted the gun and tipped off the police. Duncan then arranges to have falsified documents for Grace so that she can leave soon. When he returns, Tessa informs him that Grace is with Sendaro. Duncan goes to Sendaro’s home and the two fight, until they are stopped by Grace, who leaves with Duncan. Duncan offers to take her to the airport but she refuses and later goes to say her final goodbyes to Darius. Darius rings Duncan to tell him that Grace is again with Sendaro and MacLeod heads straight for Sendaro’s home, followed by the police. Sendaro flees on foot with Grace, pursued by Duncan. They run into a Métro station and into the tunnels. Duncan catches them up and fights with Sendaro, who traps Duncan’s foot in the points. As Duncan struggles to free himself, Sendaro comes for the kill. Desperate, MacLeod throws his jacket, which Sendaro shrugs aside. As he does, his sword touches the power line and he is electrocuted. Duncan frees himself, but Sendaro is not so lucky. Before he can recover from the electrocution, a train decapitates him. After the Quickening, Duncan and Grace make their escape from the tunnels and, later, say their goodbyes on the Quai before she leaves.


Duncan receives tickets to a circus from non other than Amanda. After a performance, they meet with her but she is not happy that they know that she is Immortal. Plus Tessa seems to be jealous of her Sensing the ice beneath his feet thinning, Duncan makes his goodbyes and leaves, ready to make his peace with Tessa. Amanda shows up the following day at the barge, where she and Tessa would have picked up where they left off, if Tessa hadn’t been going out. Duncan had been out and returned to find Amanda waiting for him. She tells him that there is another Immortal hanging around the circus, one who doesn’t have her health in mind. She has to work hard to get him to agree to go with her, as he knows her of old and is reluctant to get drawn into her schemes again. They go to the circus, but they sense no one else there. Duncan is convinced there never was any mysterious Immortal and that this is a ploy by Amanda. She is offended and, as Duncan leaves, he is challenged by an Immortal who doesn’t give his name, but clearly wants Duncan’s head. The fight is interrupted by the circus hands and, now that the man’s face is known, Duncan tells Amanda that she’ll have no problem, as the carnies can keep an eye out for him. Back at the barge, Duncan tries to find out more about his attacker and, remembering something on the news, finds that the man is Zachary Blaine, recently escaped from a maximum security prison. Riche later tells Duncan that he found Amanda with Zachary. Duncan decides to confront Amanda with what they have learnt, but has to deal with Tessa before he can leave the barge when she tells him how insecure Amanda makes her feel. Reassuring her that the thief is no competition, he goes to the circus, where Amanda gives in and tells him the truth. In which she agreed to offer Duncan’s head and 10 million dollors for a job. Amanda asks Duncan to go with her, but he’ll have none of it. To prevent him interfering, Amanda has Duncan overpowered by the carnies, who are to hold him until the morning. Macleod has other plans and persuades them to let him prove his circus heritage. In the middle of his equestrian act, Duncan throws a knife into the junction box supplying the power to the big top. As the lights go out, Duncan makes his getaway. He then follows them to the museum knowing their background, it doesn’t take him long to find the wire they’ve used to walk in. He follows, in time to see Amanda suspended above the book in its cabinet, about to disarm the alarm. He turns on the lights and, under the pretext of tossing a coin to see if he’ll let them get away with it, drops the coin on the floor, triggering the alarm. Their plan in tatters, Amanda and Zachary grab the book and flee, followed by Duncan. He catches up with them in a closed brasserie, where Zachary is about to shoot Amanda until Duncan disarms him. But Zachary would rather have Duncan’s head anyway and they start to fight, crashing out of the door into the street. Zachary fights a good fight, but Duncan manages to separate him from his sword. Turning, Zachary all but walks into the swing of Amanda’s sword, as she takes his head and his Quickening. After the fury subsides, Amanda makes one last attempt to get Duncan to leave with her but he is committed to Tessa. Amanda makes to leave, but is heartened when Duncan calls her back. But it's only to leave the book that she stole.

Season Two (1993–1994)Edit

Meeting the WatchersEdit

In the first story, "The Watchers", a bitter MacLeod returns to Seacouver, determined to find Darius' killers, but with only the Chronicle left by Darius to guide him. He follows a clue to a bookstore, where the owner, Dawson, denies knowing about the book. When MacLeod chases down two men watching from across the street, Dawson follows and tells Duncan that he is his Watcher, one of a secret society of mortals who observe and record the history of the Immortals, but never interfere. He refuses to believe MacLeod's assertion that Darius was murdered by mortals, but is forced to when the leader of the killers is revealed to be his own brother-in-law, James Horton. MacLeod confronts Horton, who shoots him, but not before MacLeod extracts his vengeance for Darius and runs Horton through with his sword.

Regaining Gregor Powers' HumanityEdit

Believing Horton dead, but now aware of the Watchers, MacLeod carries on with his life and tries to help two old friends, but with differing results. Gregor Powers has become a photographer but has lost touch with his humanity, pushing his feelings for others away to avoid the recurring pain of loss, ("Studies In Light"). Duncan helps him to learn to value his life and the gift of his Immortality, whilst watching his own former lover, Linda Plager, who is mortal, die of old age and infirmity.

Quentin BarnesEdit

Soon after, another Immortal friend, Michael Moore, appears, looking for Mac's help in hunting down Quenten Barnes, Michael's long time enemy, who has reappeared after a long absence, ("Turnabout"). Also reappearing is Joe Dawson, who tries to enlist Duncan's help, as Barnes is hunting down and killing the men who tried and executed him years before. Barnes was buried and has only recently been disinterred. An uneasy peace is struck between Watcher and Immortal, as the terrible truth dawns - Michael is Quenten Barnes, the two sides of his personality fragmented into a schizophrenic existence. As Quenten slowly takes permanent control, Michael pleads with Duncan to end it and MacLeod kills his friend. During this episode, Mac takes Richie to a martial arts gym, or "dojo", run by Charlie DeSalvo, where they intend to train.

The Death of TessaEdit

All thoughts of extra-curricular activities are put aside as the reopening of the shop gets nearer. After a spooky encounter with a palm reader reminds Mac of the gypsies' warning that he will never marry, he tempts fate by asking Tessa to marry him. Overjoyed, she accepts and, as they plan the wedding, Mac is lured from the shop by a group of Watchers, whose leader, Pallin Wolf, stuns Richie and kidnaps Tessa. Using her as a lure, he entices MacLeod to his home, where he has a lightless room in which he hunts and kills Immortals, using a nightscope to see his prey, a la "Silence Of The Lambs". Fate smiles on Mac by allowing him to defeat Wolf and rescue Tessa despite "The Darkness", but he makes a decision that will haunt him. Sending Tessa with Richie, he stays to rifle the man's files, but as they leave, they are mugged and shot. MacLeod runs out to find them dead in the street. As he holds Tessa in his arms, Richie revives, a newborn Immortal. Grief-stricken, MacLeod sells the store.

Training RichieEdit

Duncan buys Charlie’s Dojo when it goes up for sale and has Charlie as the manager. Moving into the loft on the floor above it, but the peace does not last long. Richie and Mac halt up an attempt to kill the British Ambassador, but one of the IRA terrorists is killed in the process. His wife, Immortal Annie Devlin, swears revenge on Richie and ignores Duncan's plea to let the matter go, even though she is an old friend of his. Realising Annie is serious, Duncan puts Richie through a crash course in swordsmanship and martial arts, but advises him to get out of town. Richie elects to face Annie and defeats her, but cannot bring himself to take her head. Annie accepts her life back, in lieu of taking Richie's, and leaves. Later, Mac gives Richie a Toledo Sword Rapier as his own sword.

The Mystery of Tommy

One morning, when out for a run at an abandoned funfair, MacLeod is attacked by Immortal Anthony Gallen. Before they can finish their fight, Galen flees but not before running down and killing a young man who has just arrived named Tommy Bannon. MacLeod goes to the funeral and finds out from Tommy's mother Betty Bannon that the young man was an investigative reporter for a local newspaper magnate called Honniger, but when he and Richie investigate further, no one at the paper knew Tommy, but he was receiving three paychecks from Honniger. It turns out that Honniger's daughter has hired Gallen to kill her father and Tommy, who was too close to the truth. She foolishly double crosses Galen, who kills her after he kills Honniger, Duncan later confronts Gallen at the same amusement park and kills the evil Immortal.

Tommy Sullivan: The FighterEdit

Days later, In "The Fighter", Immortal Tommy Sullivan is in town, trying to get support for the next Great White Hope. Sullivan has been on the fringes of boxing and bareknuckle fighting for years, but as the dead bodies begin to mount, Macleod is forced to realise that his old friend cannot distinguish between fighting Immortals and murdering mortals who cross him. Reluctantly, Duncan confronts Sully, who refuses to back down and loses his head over it.

Richie vs. MakoEdit

Richie arrives at the loft one night with a girl he has rescued named Laura Daniels, who was being pursued by an Immortal, ("Under Color Of Authority"). From the description, Duncan recognises that the hunter is Mako, an eternal lawman. The girl is evasive, but it transpires that she is on the run for murdering her husband, who abused her, but she fears that she will be killed if she goes back, as her husband's father runs the town. Mako doesn't care - he has a warrant and will take her back to stand trial. Richie refuses to stand by and helps her to flee, but when Mako accidentally kills the girl, Richie is enraged and challenges Mako, who he kills, despite Duncan pleading with him not to. For the first time, Richie feels the power of a Quickening, but it is tinged with sadness as Mac tells him that he is now on his own and must leave to take his own path of Immortality.

Horton and Xavier: The Unholy Alliance

The past comes back to haunt both Dawson and MacLeod in the two part "Unholy Alliance", when Xavier St Cloud walks into the dojo, accompanied by two mortal gunmen who try to kill Mac and Charlie. Xavier, sporting a mechanical hand to replace the one Duncan cut off in "For Tomorrow We Die", has a new way of surviving in the Game, and an unexpected friend. Duncan discovers that they are not the only ones interested in Xavier, as Army Intelligence are after the mercenaries and he finds an unlikely ally in Special Agent Renee Delaney. Tracking the mercenaries to a warehouse, Duncan confronts Xavier, but the tables are turned when James Horton appears and shoots both Duncan and Charlie. Xavier is unable to kill MacLeod, who escapes as Delaney and the police arrive. At the hospital, Duncan sees Dawson and confronts him about Horton. Dawson denies that Horton is alive, but Duncan breaks open Horton's tomb, to find it empty. Horton is waiting at the tomb, safe on Holy Ground, and taunts Duncan that he is the man MacLeod cannot kill. Mac follows Dawson to a waterfront rendezvous, where he sees him meet Horton. When Dawson gets home, he finds MacLeod waiting for him and Duncan promises him that the next time they meet, it will be the last. A critically injured Charlie cannot understand how MacLeod, who he saw shot through the heart, is alive and walking around and Mac promises to tell Charlie the truth before he dies. Whilst MacLeod and Delaney try to work out their next move, and whether it's to go to bed together, Dawson surprises everyone by turning up at the dojo with the address of Horton's hideout, a waterfront warehouse. He swears that he didn't know what Horton was up to and tells MacLeod that, after Duncan gutted him in "The Watchers", Horton was thrown out of the Watchers and sent abroad to recuperate and live quietly. Duncan goes to the warehouse and, when Xavier feels him approach, he escapes with Horton in a helicopter, but Duncan tracks them to Paris. Leaving Charlie to recover, MacLeod goes after them.

<p style="text-align:justify">Arriving in France, Duncan is amazed to find Renee Delaney waiting for him at the airport. She used the US Airforce to race him across the Atlantic and threatens to have his passport revoked if he doesn't help her. She drops Mac at the barge, which has been moved by the police when the Seine flooded. Haunted by memories of Tessa, Mac reluctantly goes on board, only to find a middle aged Frenchman in residence. Maurice Lalonde, from the boat next door, is the inveterate scrounger, but will become a friend and innocent ally for MacLeod. After evicting Maurice, Duncan meets Delaney to plan their next move, only to find it planned for them. A mercenary hired by Horton tries to kill them, but is shot by Delaney. As she tries to explain her actions to the Sûrete, Duncan uses a cufflink dropped by the getaway driver to identify him as a disgraced cavalry officer. Learning that the dead man was a member of a rich family, Delaney is at a loss how to proceed, but they learn that the family had a stables. They call at the stables, interrupting Horton and Xavier, who are planning a raid on the barge. Xavier escapes, but Horton is shot by the mysteriously well-informed Joe Dawson, who appears in the nick of time. Using his contacts from his days as a chef, Maurice helps Macleod to locate Xavier, by tracking the source of his favourite golden caviar. Mac makes a special delivery and fights his long time Enemy and ends up taking Xavier”s head.

The VampireEdit

Duncan would then encounter Immortal Nicholas Ward whom he would kill.

The WarmongerEdit

Duncan would then encounter Immortal Arthur Drake whom he would kill.

Nefertiri: The Ancient EgyptianEdit

In the Pharaoh's Daughter,Duncan is walking in the streets when he sences an Immortal close by only to see a truck passing by he follows the truck to a warehouse where he finds a sarcophagus when he opens it he finds an attractive naked young woman inside it her name is Nefertiri, an Egyptian handmaiden to Cleopatra,. Duncan tries to help Nefertiri to come to terms with nearly 2,000 years of change. While showing her the past histories of the world at a museum, they sence an Immortal Marcus Constantine who Nefertiri seems to know and she tells Duncan that she wants to leave. But as Duncan tries to talk with Marcus, he stops when Angela(Marcus’s wife) arrives. Duncan loses Nefetiri who is wondering the city till Duncan finally finds her. She tells Duncan who Marcus was to her. Duncan, has dinner with Marcus and his wife along with Nefertiri but things get ugly when Neferitri kills Angela. Disgusted and furious, Duncan decides to throw her out of his home, Nefertiri takes this as a betrayal thinking that Duncan never loved her. Days later, Duncan goes to see Marcus at the cemetery where he blames himself for what happened, but Marcus tells him that it is not knowing that it was he who brought Nefertiti to Paris hoping that he could help her. As the two men leave, Nefertiti arrives demanding that Marcus fights her, but he refuses and as he turns to walk away, she tries for his head but Duncan blocks her and the two end up fight. Nefertiri manages to stab Duncan but when she swings, he ducks and takes her head and her quickening.

Rebecca's LegacyEdit

Duncan received a visit from Amanda, who told him of Rebecca's death, her killer unknown. Duncan accompanied Amanda to the funeral, where they met John Bowers, Rebecca's mortal husband. As they mourned their friend, Duncan sensed another Immortal close by, only for Amanda to deny sensing anyone. To distract Amanda from her grief, Duncan took her to a jewelry exhibition that evening. A robbery quickly took place at the exhibition, with the thieves stealing Amanda's crystal, that Rebecca gave her, from around her neck. Duncan and Amanda met with John, who told Duncan that Rebecca had been killed by Luther, a former student of hers. He also told them that only one student, other than Amanda and Luther, was around named Henri Valjean.[21]

They went to his house, only to find that he had vanished and had given his crystal to his housekeeper. After learning that the housekeeper had given it to her son, they went to him only to be lured outside by the presence of an Immortal. They then saw two thugs stealing the crystal, gave chase, and successfully recovered the crystal. Unbeknownst to Amanda, Duncan arranged a meeting with Luther. Duncan confronted Luther, who believed that all the crystals could form a talisman that would give him ten times the power of an "ordinary" Immortal. Learning that Duncan didn't have the crystal, Luther quickly vanished.[21]

Knowing he had the better advantage, Duncan decided to face Luther, much to Amanda's disapproval. The following morning, Amanda confronted Luther. In order for Duncan to not interfere, he was confronted by Luther's thugs, who he quickly defeated. Able to guess the location of Amanda's whereabouts, Duncan was able to stop Luther before he could behead Amanda. Duncan and Luther fought, with Valjean's crystal being given to the winner. After a battle on top of a haystack, Duncan was able to take Luther's head. Amanda was furious about Duncan being the one to avenge Rebecca but quickly forgave him when he gave her Valjean's crystal as a permanent keepsake of Rebecca.[21]

Richie is FramedEdit

Days later, Richie arrives at Duncan’s barge. Apparently he is wanted for a series of murders across Europe. Richie tells him that there has been an Immortal following him but doesn’t show himself. Duncan realizes that the Immortal is Martin Hyde who has a long established technique of harassing young Immortals, to make them run back to their teachers, who Hyde then kills, as there is nothing like the Quickening of a seasoned Immortal. Mac manages to track down Hyde at a hotel. He leaves a note for him telling him to meet him on the roof top of the hotel. Hyde arrives sword in hand and faces an unarmed Duncan soon the police arrive and gun down Hyde thus porving Richie’s innocence. Later Martin revives and faces Duncan who kills him. After he and Richie share a drink.

The Return of Tessa?Edit

Lisa is kidnapped and Duncan rescues her, but she takes him to Tessa's grave, only to find that Duncan is not the fool she took him for. Hearing a gunshot and believing that Lisa has shot Duncan, Horton comes to cut off his head, only to find MacLeod waiting for him. His plan turned back on himself, Horton flees, after killing Lisa, but Mac catches him off Holy Ground and proves that, unlike his taunt in "Unholy Alliance", Horton is not a man he cannot kill. Mac decides that he has mourned Tessa long enough and, after selling the barge, returns to Seacouver with Richie

Season Three (1994–1995)Edit

MacLeod & KotoEdit

Duncan prepares to recive Kent&#039;s quick

Duncan about to receive Kent's quickening.

Returning to Seacouver from Paris, MacLeod is surprised to find a beautiful Japanese woman waiting to see him at the dojo. He is powerfully reminded of a woman from his past, with good reason. She presents him with an old telescope, which is the symbol of a promise he made to her family over 200 years before, a promise made in tragedy. The woman is Midori Kent, a descendant of Hideo, and she is not sure that what had been a legend in her family for generations was true, but desperate times lead to desperate measures. Midori tells MacLeod that she killed her husband, Michael Kent, after she saw him murder her lover. Perturbed, MacLeod nonetheless agrees to honour his promise and help her. Returning to their apartment, Midori is stunned to see her husband walk out of the lift, alive and unharmed. MacLeod is also surprised, for he feels Kent coming - Midori's husband is an Immortal. They return to the dojo, where Midori says that she cannot ask Mac to help her further. She married Kent for his money, to prevent Hideo's shrine from being turned into a car park, as the family had fallen on hard times. Mac leaves Midori with Charlie whilst he goes to see Kent. Kent is obsessed with his wife, regarding her not as a person, but as a prized "possession". He has sent his bodyguards to Midori, having found the dojo. Mac warns him hat she is under his protection, but Kent is unimpressed. When Mac gets back to the dojo, he finds Charlie holding his own against Kent's men, who flee when Mac appears. But Midori has gone, leaving behind the telescope - she is releasing him from his promise.

MacLeod pursues Kent and Midori to Japan, where he tracks them to Hideo's shrine. He tells Midori that she cannot release him from the promise - it was made to Hideo. He challenges Kent and, as he does, Midori sees that Duncan has Hideo's sword. MacLeod and Kent face each other. In the fight, Duncan sticks his sword in between a rock leaving Kent to try and stab Duncan who grabs the blade of Kent’s katana pulling him off balance and stabs and slashes him with it. Duncan then throws Kent’s katana away and grabs his sword and beheads Kent. Duncan leaves Midori at the grave of her ancestor, to start her life anew, as he returns to Seacouver.

Revenge Against KernEdit


Duncan about to face Kern.

One day, Richie went to Duncan to tell him that he was a father. An old girlfriend of Richie's, Donna, had come to Seacouver with her son and claimed that Richie was the father. Despite the fact that Immortals are sterile, Richie was hoping to take the child in as his own, much to Duncan's disagreement. Duncan soon ran into Kern and began to immediately attack him. The two fought on the streets until running directly onto Holy Ground, allowing Kern to escape. Remembering all the pain he had gone through 120 years earlier, Duncan once more swore to take Kern's head.[58]

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Duncan after defeating Kern.

Duncan went to Joe Dawson's new bar, to ask him about Kern's whereabouts. While hesitant, Joe told Duncan Kern's location. After trashing Kern's hotel room, Duncan left him with one of his feathers as a sign of challenge. Later, Richie ran into Kern, who threatened Donna and her son, Jeremy. When they were safe, Duncan went to Kern, where proceeded to fight on a rooftop. Using the spear he had from his village, Duncan was able to overpower Kern and take his head. As he took Kern's Quickening, Duncan saw the spirits of Little Deer and Kahani holding out to him and finally giving him closure. Later, Duncan comforted Richie, who was forced to leave Donna and Jeremy so that they could be safe.[58]

Charlie the RevolutionaryEdit

When a peace negotiator, Father Stefan, is wounded in an assassination attempt that Duncan is able to only partially foil, our hero comes face to face with an old friend Paul Karros . also while at the hospital, At the hospital where Karros speaks to the press about Father Stefan's sacrifice, DM happens to meet an emergency room doctor who interests him greatly her name is Anne Lindsey. However Duncan learns that Karros is trying to stop the peace negations and is able to save his aide Mara and Kill Karros in battle at a dockyard.

Armand Thorne and the Cross of St. AntoineEdit

Days later, Duncan and Amanda go to see Joe who is very happy mainly because he has a new girlfriend Laura When Joe arrives at the home of Lauren Gale, he is just in time to watch helplessly outside while an intruder murders her and gets away. Duncan eventually took her killer, Armand Thorne's, head.

Facing Michael ChristianEdit


Duncan and Michael Christian use martial arts against one another.

Duncan received a visit from Joe who told him that May-Ling Shen had been killed by Michael Christian, a young Immortal who had only been active for twenty years. Joe then gave Duncan May-Ling's chronicle and he was reminded of his training with May-Ling over 200 years ago. Later, Joe told Duncan about the death of his friend, Watcher Ian Bancroft whom Duncan had met earlier, at the hands of Christian. After Joe left, Duncan left his katana with Richie and went to his island cabin to meditate over the death of May-Ling. Christian, having heard of Duncan's location from his Watcher Rita Luce, then attacked Duncan once he left the cabin. Without his katana, Duncan could only defend himself against Christian's onslaught but was able to disarm him. The two then used Martial Arts against one another, which soon resulted in the two falling down a small waterfall. Duncan was able to take Christian's sword and successfully behead him. After returning to Seacouver, Duncan went to Joe's bar, and thanked Joe for all he had done.[7]

Reencounter with KalasEdit

Duncan takes Anne to a recital by a choir of monks, one of whom, Paul, is an Immortal. Neither man realises that the song being sung is "The Song Of The Executioner", as the unseen impresario who organised the concert is Kalas, an Immortal with scores to settle with both Duncan and Paul. Kalas kills Paul and then sets about destroying MacLeod, first by framing Joe for dealing drugs, then by killing two of Anne's patients and fabricating hospital records to make it look like she is responsible. Duncan realises that Kalas is behind this and, having cleared Joe and Anne, confronts his enemy. As they fight, Anne sees Duncan fall to his death, but Richie gets her away before Duncan revives. Duncan then leaves for Paris.

The Deaths of Rachel & FitzcairnEdit


Connor and Duncan talking in New York.

Some time after leaving Seacouver, Duncan relocates to Paris (presumably in a motel/hotel, considering he hadn't had the Barge by then), before being contacted by Connor, who urges him to meet him in New York. After arriving in NYC, Connor excuses himself to a business that he doesn't want to involve Duncan. They arrange to meet at a bar later that day - with Connor buying the drinks. After Connor delivers a tree in the nearby church, Rachel Ellenstein was killed when MacLeod-Ellestein Antiques (formerly Nash Antiques) was destroyed by an explosion (Connor and Duncan would learn, years later, that the explosion was caused by Connor's childhood friend Immortal Jacob Kell). Going into a deep despair caused by Rachel's death, Connor abandons his ties to the world and disappeared. Duncan, thinking his kinsman is out for revenge, and with himself in grief for the loss of his "niece", returns to Paris.[2]

Arriving in Paris, he is received by Hugh Fritzcairn, who is teaching cookery at the Cordon Bleu, and has a new girlfriend, Naomi. However, the vengeful Kalas is back, and frames Fitzcairn to take the fall for the murder of his Naomi's jealous ex-boyfriend. Fitz furiously engages Kalas in combat, but ultimately Kalas defeats and kills him.

Meeting MethosEdit

With Fitz dead, Duncan searches Paris for Kalas. He receives a call from Dawson who he informs about Fritz's death, Dawson tells him that that Kalas was last seen coming out of a jazz club in St Germaine, "Nosferatu", but that his Watcher has vanished. Duncan goes to the club, but gets no joy from the bartender, who denies having seen anyone matching Kalas' description. As he turns to leave, Duncan sees the band practicing and the singer, Danielle, is singing an old torch song, one that Duncan hasn't heard in a long time. When he asks her about it, she tells him the owner has a thing about it. Duncan is not surprised and knows who the owner is. Kalas when the barman tries to throw him out, Duncan holds his head under a beer tap until he tells him where Kalas has gone: Shakespeare and Co. Duncan goes there and finds the bookstore door open and the shop seemingly empty. A noise from the back leads him to a dying Watcher, who traces the letters M E in his blood before he dies. Duncan rings Joe to say their watcher is dead, and Joe tells him that Roger's body was fished from the river. The man at the bookstore is Don Salzer, an historian working on the Methos Chronicle. Duncan is incredulous; having always believed Methos to be a myth, but Joe tells him that he's real. He sends Duncan to meet their top Methos scholar, Adam Pierson, but there is a surprise waiting for MacLeod. The Watchers' expert on Methos is Methos.

Methos & Macleod first meet

Methos and Duncan go for a walk and Methos is seemingly unconcerned about Kalas, even though he hasn't faced another Immortal for 200 years. He refuses to let Duncan fight his battles for him and leaves the Highlander in pensive mood. That night, returning to the barge, Duncan is surprised by a disheveled Methos, who tries for his head, but is defeated - by his own design or MacLeod's skill is unclear. Methos tells Duncan that Kalas was waiting for him, it appears that Methos is trying to offer his head to Duncan so that he will be powerful enough to defeat Kalas. But Duncan refuses. The following day, Duncan goes to Methos' apartment, where he finds Kalas waiting. Kalas readily jumps to the conclusion that MacLeod was after Methos as well and has taken his head already. The two Immortals fight, but the police arrive and arrest Kalas for murder.

Methos tells MacLeod that he wasn't prepared to take the chance on Kalas winning. When MacLeod goes to his apartment, he finds that Methos has vanished, taking the Chronicles with him. He rings an understandably frustrated Dawson, who can't believe that Methos fooled him. Duncan tells Joe that Kalas is in jail, but he can wait.

Stopping Ceirdwyn's RageEdit

Days later Duncan encounters Ceirdwyn who is looking for revenge against a gang of thugs who killed her and her lover. Duncan persuades her that vengeance is not the solution, a lesson she once taught him. The gang are arrested when they try to kill Ceirdwyn, afraid that she will not stop with just the one she has already killed. Ceirdwyn shows Duncan that he should not make Anne's choice for her. Later that night he gives Anne a call and tells her about his Immortality.

Daimler: 55 Years Later

Days later Duncan receives a visit from a mortal priest whom he knew during world war 2 named Father Bernard knows Duncan's secret, but has kept it all these years. Now, he needs Duncan's help - the Nazi Major who Bernard and the resistance killed is back, not one day older. MacLeod speaks to Daimler now a white supremacist leader, who says he just wants peace. Later Duncan learns that Anne is pregnant and tries to deal with the prospect of becoming a foster father. However, he learns that Daimler has started killing the Resistance group who buried him at the bottom of the Seine for forty years. Anne sees Duncan kill Daimler and witnesses the terrifying power of the Quickening. Knowing what life with him will be like and unable to accept that she must want people to die for him to survive, Anne leaves him and goes back to the States. With Anne gone, Duncan tries to move on.

Final Battle with KalasEdit

With all thoughts about the secrets of Immortals coming out, Duncan and Amanda share a moment together on top of the Eiffel Tower. Where they dance and finishing the dance with a kiss, while the crowd below looks on, cheering. Duncan puts Amanda down, and they bow to the crowd, laughing. Amanda puts her arms around Duncan again, and he looks at her, suddenly serious. They both return to the barge and see Methos and informs Duncan and Amanda that Christine is dead and the disk is gone. Duncan goes to the watcher’s headquarters where he sees Kalas who ahs killed the head of the watchers in Europe Vemas. Kalas threatens to expose the secret of Immortality unless the Highlander agrees to offer his head to him. But Duncan finally decides to rid the world of Kalas and arranges to fight him at the Eiffel Tower Before the fight, Amanda gives him her crystal as a good luck charm. They fight. Down below, Methos, Joe and Amanda watch from the ground, seeing the faint sparks from the swords flashing at the top of the tower. Above, Kalas and Duncan continue to fight, and Duncan wounds Kalas in the arm. Kalas recovers, and they keep on while the others watch, worried. But finally, Duncan runs Kalas through.

Duncan: "Hear that, Kalas? That's the fat lady singing.

He pulls out the blade, and Kalas parries a couple more blows, until Duncan finally strikes his blade in two. Kalas looks up slowly as Duncan raises his katana to strike. Kalas reminds him that if he dies, the secret is out. Duncan hesitates, still uncertain. Then he looks up as lighting begins to form from the storm overhead. He looks at it, then back down at Kalas, his face taking on an expression of determination. Duncan hesitates, still uncertain. Then he looks up as lighting begins to form from the storm overhead. He looks at it, then back down at Kalas, his face taking on an expression of determination. Duncan: "The Eiffel Tower. The world's biggest lightning rod." Duncan says and takes Kalas’s head. The quickening is exceptionally powerful, shorting out televisions, overloading appliances, all over the area, one strike overloads the system in Kalas's hideout, and his computer goes up in a shower of sparks. When the Quickening is over, the lights on the Tower go out. Amanda runs to meet Duncan, throwing her arms around him and kissing him. Amanda takes Duncan's arm and they all walk off together, Duncan saying, "That was a big one, wasn't it?". Duncan Joe, Amanda and Methos share a drink in celebration. Duncan then offers a toast to Fitz and Paul, to old friends and new ones.

Season Four (1995–1996)Edit

Returning HomeEdit

The Death of Charlie DeSalvoEdit

Returning to Seacouver with Joe, Duncan senses an Immortal Andrew Cord at the airport, but before both men can talk, Cord is shot by a sniper, catches and unmasks the sniper to find Charlie De Salvo. Charlie claims that Cord is a murdering S.O.B. and had to be stopped. He has no regrets about killing him as he explains to DM just that Cord is a murderer, a gunrunner, a liar, who killed Mara after she realized that Cord sold her bad weapons. Duncan asks Joe to set up a meeting with Cord. But joe doesn’t want Duncan to kill Cord mainly because Cord was Joe's platoon leader and savior in Vietnam. He was the reason Joe learned of the Watchers and has dedicated his life to watching immortals. He owes this man everything. Even his life. He then agrees and Cord shows up at Duncan’s dojo where the two men fight. Duncan defeats Cord and tells him to leave Charlie. He agrees, But he later confronts Charlie and mortally wounds him, Duncan finds Charlie and finally reveals his Immortality to him before he dies. Angry, Duncan demands to know where Cord is. He locates Cord and kills him in a fight. Duncan then turns his back on Joe.


Richie returns to the dojo with an Immortal in tow, Mikey Bellow is retarded, a child in the body of an adult, and is alone in the world after the Immortal looking after him has been killed by another Immortal, Tyler King. Duncan and Richie try to look after him, but eventually decide that he has to be taken to sanctuary on Holy Ground. Before they can reach there, the police come to arrest Mikey, convinced that he is the killer. Whilst Duncan deals with Tyler, Richie is forced to stand by and watch the frightened Mikey kill the police officers. Faced with the prospect of Mikey being imprisoned, the two friends realise that one of them must kill him, but before Richie can take his head, Mikey beheads himself by laying his head on a train track and Richie receives his Quickening.

Kanis, and Tessa's KillerEdit

Later on Duncan gets a part-time job as a teacher at a local university. as well as renovating an old house he has bought. His first day as a teacher is spoilt by the arrival of Peter Kanis, who has a score to settle with Duncan after their previous meeting. Kanis sees himself as "Leader Of The Pack" and is infuriated anew by Duncan killing one of his dogs when they attack him. After Duncan frustrates his attempts to find a bitch to breed his next generation of killer dogs, Canis comes for Duncan at the old house. But Duncan has a distraction prepared for the dogs and, with them out of the way, teaches an old dog a new trick as he takes Kanis' head. In between this, Richie is arrested when he attacks a man named Mark Roszca who killed him and Tessa two years ago. Duncan is furius when he sees him and is helpless when the police refuse to press charges due to Mark not having a criminal record. He went to confront him at his flat but decides to let his anger go when he sees him with his pregnant girlfriend.

Amanda vs. KitEdit

Later on two Immortal come in to Duncan’s life Kit O'Brady comes to Seacouver looking to improve the run of bad luck he has had ever since he lost his saloon, the "Double Eagle", to Amanda in a card game. A one hundred year plus losing streak doesn't seem to have much chance of improving when Amanda hits town and Duncan is driven to distraction trying to keep the two of them apart. Only when he proves to Amanda that Kit didn't burn the saloon down in revenge are the two of them prepared to call it quits. In the process, Duncan buys and loses a race horse to Kit whom he manages to save from Amanda when he shows him a newspaper article showing Kit on board a ship the day the saloon burned down.

The Return of KennyEdit

And the other is the evil Kenny. When Anne Lindsay reappears in Duncan's life, it is to tell him that his cousin from Wisconsin is in her E.R. Who? It's Kenny, on the run from Terence Kincaid, who has his own reasons for wanting Duncan dead, but Duncan agrees to help Kenny. When he takes him back to the dojo, Kenny senses Amanda and accuses Duncan of double-crossing him, but they are both in for a surprise. When Amanda sees Kenny, she is overjoyed at their "Reunion", as it was her who found Kenny shortly after he was killed and taught him to survive as an Immortal. However, the pupil teaches the master some tricks as Kenny betrays her and joins forces with Kincaid in search of a double Quickening. Duncan is able to overcome Kincaid, but Kenny is only stopped from taking his head when he is down from Kincaid's Quickening by Amanda's promise that she will take his head if he takes Duncan's. Before the episode finishes, Amanda finds a new friend in Anne Lindsay.

Colonel Simon Killian: 70 Years LaterEdit

Shortly after his friendship with Dawson sundered, he was captured by his former WW1 commanding officer, Colonel Simon Killian, whom he had imprisoned 70 years ago after the colonel lead his troops into German territory that caused the unnecessary deaths of hundres of British and German soldiers. Killian wanted to return the favour for what Duncan did to him. Duncan's inprisonment was short-lived though as Amanda was able to free him with help from Dawson, whom the latter would break his oath of non-interference in doing so. There he challenged Killian and overpowered him and took the colonel's head.

Secret Battle with KinmanEdit

After leaving a cinema, Duncan and Richie witness a shooting at a small grocery and, as they sense an immortal is to blame, take off after him. They corner him and blades are drawn. DM knows this immortal, Paul Kinman and has been waiting for centuries to pay him back for killing a mortal friend of DM's at the court of Queen Anne of England. However, authorities arrive, and while Mac and Richie stay out of sight, Kinman is arrested for murder. are tracked down by the FBI to the old house that Duncan is renovating. The police do not understand why the two will not testify, nor does the store owner, who is wracked with guilt because his wife is dead instead of him. Kinman was sent to kill him because he refused to knuckle under to the local mob. When Kinman escapes from the FBI, MacLeod takes the opportunity to hunt him down and locates him at a warehouse where Kinman kills the crook who hired him to kill the storekeeper, Kinman at first draws a gun on Duncan and then throws it away and fights Duncan who wins and takes his head after telling him to smile and think of England. The next day, Duncan visits the store owner whom he assure that although Kinman vanished, he did not get away.

Kamir and the Wrath of KaliEdit

The University where Duncan is a guest lecturer has purchased a fine example of Indian statuary. The statue, of the goddess Kali, is on display at the University, but the Immortal Kamir, a priest of Kali and the Thugee cult, wants it back. He has murdered his way to Seacouver, bringing down "The Wrath Of Kali" on all in his path. Whilst Kamir entrances Richie with his mystique, Duncan persuades the University to let him recover the statue. But when Kamir judges the half-Indian head of the History Department a traitor to her heritage and goes to kill her, he and Macleod confront each other and, learning that Kamir murdered his lover long ago, Duncan defends his friend and avenges his lover by taking Kamir's head.

Richie and KristenEdit

Duncan receives a surprise visit from Methos who warns him that Kristin Gilles is in Seacouver to open a branch of her modeling agency. Whilst Methos urges Duncan to take Kristen's head and turns his hand to house painting, Duncan is more concerned about Richie. Richie does not listen to Duncan's warnings about his former lover, until Kristen tries to kill him. Knowing Kristin will be true to form, Methos and Duncan go to her home in time to stop her from murdering Richie's foster-sister, Maria, in revenge. Duncan fights Kristen, but cannot bring himself to kill her. The practical Methos then challenged her, assuring her he was a man born long before the age of chivalry, takes Kristen's head, "Someone had to."


Kristin and Duncan in modern day Seacouver

The First Death of Claudia JardineEdit

MacLeod knows that Claudia is a latent Immortal and when she comes to town he discovers that someone wants her dead, the would-be killer is immortal Walter Graham, who wants to preserve Claudia at the height of her talent. Walter has nurtured artists for centuries, but is horrified when he finally kills Claudia, only to find that her talent has deserted her. Distraught, she flees from him, but finds that her fear of dying restores a measure of her talent when Walter threatens to take her head if she will not stay with him. Duncan confront Walter whom he defeats but doesn’t kill when he promises to leave her alone and the two part still friends. Duncan tells Claudia that he will start training her but she refuses preferring to live in fear so as to draw inspiration to make music. Duncan asks Joe to find her a watcher and he assures Duncan that he will soon.

A Parting Gift to AnneEdit


Duncan helps deliver Anne's daughter, Mary.

While making their final arrangements to the house, Duncan and Richie heard on the radio of a subway explosion, causing many accidents. They then heard that Anne and a medical team she was leading had become trapped when a gas man exploded, causing the two to race to the scene. After being denied entry by the firemen, Duncan and Richie snuck inside, helping any civilians they could find. When Duncan found Anne, she was already going into labor, the shock of the events having triggered it. Duncan stayed with Anne, while Richie lead a fire crew to the trapped people. After some time, Anne successfully gave birth to a girl and Richie was able to find them. Anne then told Duncan that she was going to name her daughter Mary, having heard it was the name of Duncan's mother from Joe. Some time later, Duncan gave the house, fully furnished, to Anne and Mary.[51]

The Dark QuickeningEdit


Duncan is forced to defend himself against Coltec.

Duncan received a phone call from Jim Coltec, who told him he would be in Seacouver for a visit. Taking Richie with him to a retreat, Duncan soon met back up with Coltec who instead was trying to take their heads. Duncan stopped him and threw him into the river. Back at home, Duncan and Richie saw the news, which identified Coltec as having robbed a store and killing the owner earlier that day. It soon lead Duncan to suspect that Coltec had finally been taken over by a Dark Quickening. After going to Joe's for answers, Joe told them that Coltec had just taken the head of Harry Kant, a sadistic and evil Immortal who had killed many before. Duncan soon met up with Coltec in an alleyway and confronted him. Coltec began fighting him, forcing Duncan to knock him out. After taking him to Holy Ground outside the city, Duncan tried to force the evil outside of Coltec, just as Coltec had done for him over a century ago. It proved to be too difficult, and Coltec escaped, vowing to take Duncan's head. After returning to Joe's bar, he confirmed the Dark Quickening to Richie and Joe and vowed to stop Coltec.[54]

Duncan is taken over by the Dark Quickening.

After hearing of another immortal's death from Joe, Duncan noticed that Coltec had also been taken over by Bryce Korland because he killed using the modus operandi just like that of Korland (who had been known to burn and destroy). It became evident that it wasn't just Korland or Kant, but all evil Immortals whom Coltec had slain over the years that was now controlling him. Duncan tracked Coltec to a club and pursued to fight him outside. Duncan defeated him, but hesitated to take his head. After seeing Coltec's eyes grow red, Duncan was forced to take his friend's head. The Dark Quickening forced all of Coltec's evil into Duncan.[54]

After going back to Joe's bar, Duncan got drunk and started hitting on a nearby woman. When she wouldn't take his advances and slapped him, Duncan punched her as well as Joe. Returning to the dojo, Duncan quickly pursued Richie. Due to his inexperience, Richie didn't stand a chance against Duncan. Before he could take Richie's head, Duncan was shot and temporarily killed by Joe. After Richie left, at the behest of Joe, Joe tied up Duncan and took his sword. After Duncan revived, Joe tried to reach the decent core in Duncan. When it didn't work, Joe threatened to take his head, but instead let him loose. After trying and failing to attack Joe, Duncan left the dojo. Duncan later boarded a freighter sailing out of Seacouver, its destination unknown.[54]

Arriving at LeHavre, France, Duncan got into a fight with the freighter's crew and captain, Robert Davis, for docking his pay because of the damage he had done over the journey. In town, Duncan phoned his old friend Sean Burns, but before he could say much ended up beating up Davis, knocking him out and rifling through his wallet. After going to Davis's house, Duncan used his charms to seduce Davis's wife, Dominique Davis, and lied that Davis had been seeing another woman. The two had sex, only for Dominique to regret her infidelity. When Davis arrived home, he threatened Duncan with a knife. Dominique then threw boiling water on Duncan's face as Davis attacked him. Not being able to match Duncan's martial skills, Davis was easily defeated, but Dominique was able to grab Davis's gun and shoot him. After running out of the house, Duncan met back by Methos, who was waiting for him in his car. Methos quickly got him and the two drove off, Duncan temporarily dying from the wounds.[47]


Duncan talks to Sean.


The darkness threatens Methos

After reviving in a church, Duncan was confronted by Methos who tried to reach out for whatever good that was left inside Duncan. Duncan soon pulled a sword on Methos, but because they were on Holy Ground, Duncan could do nothing but walk out. Duncan then stole a car and tried to run over Methos, who successfully dodge. Duncan met with Sean Burns outside Sean's house, admitting to Sean about his Dark Quickening. Duncan tries to take Sean's head, Sean retaliating simply by offering his hand in friendship. Duncan takes his hand, but only to pull forward and take his head. Methos, watching in dismay from close by, takes Duncan's katana and threatens to take his head. Duncan charged at Methos, threw him to the ground below, and drove off in the stolen car.[47]


Duncan fights his evil side.

Duncan returned to his barge in Paris, but only found it lifeless, empty, and meaningless. After trashing the barge, he went to Darius's chapel, and was finally able to admit his pain and cry out for help. Methos arrived, and told him that, even if others like Bryce Korland were inside of him, Sean Burns was now with him to. Taking Duncan's katana as a precaution, Methos drove him to an ancient well which was said to have magical properties. Duncan then struck Methos, but Methos reacted by giving Duncan his father's sword. The two traveled to the well and Duncan immersed himself inside the pool. Inside his mind, Duncan fights his evil side, armed with only Ian MacLeod's sword to defend himself. Dark Duncan proved to be stronger, but Duncan pulled the inner goodness and forgiveness of Sean Burns and was able to destroy the evil inside, taking the head of his dark twin. Methos, a sword at the ready if things had gone badly, helped him out of the well, Duncan relieved it was finally over. At the barge, Duncan was surprised to find Rachel MacLeod tidying up, learning that it was Rachel who had given Methos the sword. Methos quickly said his farewells, with Duncan giving his thanks.[47]

Rachel, Methos, & Duncan on the barge in the aftermath

The Promise to KassimEdit

Two weeks later, while walking the streets of Paris with Rachel, Duncan was able to stop the assassination of Hamad, a tyrannical president from the Middle East. He met back up with Kassim, serving Hamad, who invited him to an embassy dinner party. That night, with Rachel accompanying him, Duncan went to the dinner party where he met Nasir Al Deneb. Kassim, while speaking privately, told Duncan that he was planning to kill Hamad in order for Nasir to become president and said that the assassin from earlier that day had been hired by him. Kassim insisted that Duncan kill Hamad and that, due to the agreement they had made several centuries ago, Duncan could not decline.[36]

Later, Duncan secretly entered a restaurant to assassinate Hamad, but found himself unable to do it. The events quickly lead to Kassim's "death", forcing him to no longer serve Nasir. Near his barge, Duncan was approached by Kassim, who challenged him. Duncan declined, not wanting to take Kassim's head. Duncan then met with Nasir and told him about Hamad's planned assassination on him. He also met with Hamad and asked him to not assassinate Nasir, hoping he would honor his debt.[36]

Duncan went home only to find his barge on fire and Rachel having been kidnapped by Kassim. The next day, after going to the police, Duncan was called by Kassim who told him of Nasir's death at the hands of Hamad. Kassim threatened to kill Rachel if he did not give him his head. Duncan fought Kassim and was able to defeat him. Rather than take his head, Duncan let Kassim live. Kassim swore vengeance upon Duncan and then left, allowing Duncan to rescue Rachel. Rachel, knowing she was a liability to Duncan, decided to return to Glenfinnan. Despite this, the two left on good terms, with Rachel saying that if he ever wanted to return to Scotland, she would be there. That night, Duncan confronted Hamad and threw him out of the building in the same manner that Nasir had died.[36]

The Methuselah StoneEdit

While repairing the barge, Duncan was approached by Amanda who had been on the run after a couple of Mortals had tried to kill her. Duncan spoke with Joe, who doubted it to be the work of Renegade Watchers. They quickly caught a man who had spying on Amanda. He identified himself as Daniel Geiger, Amanda's Watcher. After hearing a noise, Duncan and Amanda went into an apartment to find it’s owner dying. Amanda quickly identified him as one of the Mortals that tried to kill her. As the man died, he indicated that the Mortals were hunting Amanda for Valjean's crystal, which Amanda was still carrying.[59]


Methos, Amanda, and Duncan after the loss of the Methuselah Stone.

After finding the Methuselah Stone, Amanda told Duncan that she had seen Methos try to steal it. Duncan doubted Methos was behind the attempted beheading. In order to solidify Methos's innocence, Duncan met with him. Methos told him that Alexa didn't have long, and she was in hospital in Geneva. After some discussion, Amanda chose to meet with Methos and talk, and after an angry fight, she began to understand Methos was not to blame. Unbeknownst to Duncan, Methos and Amanda snuck into the Watchers' European Headquarters, and successfully stole the Stone, however, Methos was killed by Nathan Stern, head of the European Watchers, having taken a bullet for Amanda. He and Daniel Geiger witnessed his rapid rivival outing him as an immortal. Stern contacted Duncan and Amanda and negotiated a trade, the stone for Methos's life. Before the transaction was complete, Daniel killed Stern, revealing himself to be the leader of the Renegade Watchers and wanting to gain immortality from the Stone. Duncan handed Daniel the last piece of the stone. But before the Stone's effect could be used, Daniel was killed by Amanda and the stone broke apart once more and fell into the river. With nothing left, Methos returned to Alexa, hoping to spend what little time was left with her.[59]

The Immortal CimoliEdit


Duncan trains Danny Cimoli.

Visiting the same circus that Amanda once performed in, Duncan and Amanda saw a new headline act "The Immortal Cimoli". The newly Immortal magician Danny Cimoli used his Immortal powers in death-defying stunts that would normally kill any normal man. After Duncan and Amanda confronted him about his newfound Immortality, Duncan took him in as his student. But just like Jean-Philippe before him, Danny didn't take his training seriously, preferring to use his immortality for shows. One night, Danny approached Duncan and Amanda and told them about being challenged by Damon Case.[10]


Duncan faces Damon Case.

Duncan met with Case asked him to leave Danny alone, at least while he's still new. Case refused and the two began to fight each other, only for them to stop and leave when police arrived. Later, Duncan talked to Danny and suggested he not go to Las Vegas, where he was schedule to take his show. Duncan asked Case again to stop his challenge to Danny. Case refused and the two dueled once more, with Duncan defeating him. For one final time, Duncan asked him and if agreed he would let Case live. When Case refused one final time, Duncan took his head.[10]

With Case dead, Duncan approached Danny to tell him. Danny tried to kill Duncan, hoping to take his power with his head. After easily stopping him, Duncan told him about Case's death and said to take the job in Las Vegas. In Vegas, Danny became popular but was quickly approached and killed by Immortal Vrej Ratavoussian. In Moscow, Duncan and Amanda became the new headliner for the circus, performing the wheel of death stunt.[10]

Recovering Cochrane's MemoriesEdit

Back in Paris, Duncan received news of Alexa's death and went to her grave to comfort Methos. As they left the cemetery, the two felt another Immortal close by, who Duncan quickly saw to be Warren Cochrane. Duncan learned that Cochrane had lost his memory and had thought Duncan was out to kill him. After calming him down, Duncan learned from Cochrane's wife that he had left a few days ago to do research in Normandy. After getting some information from Methos, Duncan talked to Cochrane and showed his Immortality. Soon, he was able to have Cochrane remember more events in his life. However, he incorrectly remembered Prince Charlie as being noble in his exile, when he was nothing more than a drunk.[32]

Methos told Duncan about Andrew Donnelly, Cochrane's student who had gone to Normandy with him some days ago. Duncan soon learned that Andrew had recently been found in Normandy with his head cut off. He confronted Cochrane about it, who soon remembered that he had killed Andrew in a fit of rage. Taken over by the guilt, Cochrane's mind forced him to forget his life and his Immortality. With his memories back, Cochrane asked Duncan to kill him. Duncan refused, only for Cochrane to start fighting him. Duncan defeated him but could not find it in him to take Cochrane's head. Cochrane was forced to live with the death of Andrew and fled, marked as a fugitive. Duncan talked to Methos about whether or not his decision to help Cochrane was right. Methos then said that, if it was him, he would never want to lose his memories because then who would remember Alexa.[32]

Morgan: Xavier's PupilEdit

Duncan was brought in by the police, who required his help. At the station, he met back up with Renee Delaney, who said that the illegal activities of Xavier St. Cloud had restarted. Duncan then told Delaney of Xavier's death, but still didn't trust her after the events from two years ago. Returning to the barge, Duncan soon chased after Morgan D'Estaing and the two began to fight, Morgan hoping to avenge Xavier's death. Duncan was forced to retreat when Morgan used the same gas that Xavier had used before.[42]

Some hours later, Duncan met back with Morgan on a boat that he was meeting Delaney and Inspector Dufay on. As they spoke, Duncan soon saw Dufay die after being poisoned by wine, the same tactic Xavier had used on Morgan's family 190 years earlier. After being given a hint from Morgan's wine bottle, Duncan returned to the D'Estaing estate and encountered Morgan once more. The two had another fight, which was quickly interrupted when Delaney and the police arrived and arrested Morgan. However, Morgan committed suicide in prison, allowing for him to escape in the morgue. With Morgan "dead", Delaney was off the case. Duncan, sensing Morgan nearby, met with Delaney in her apartment, giving the excuse to give final goodbyes to one another. Duncan met with Morgan on the rooftop and the two dueled. After Duncan disarmed him, Morgan threw a poison knife into Duncan, trying to behead him as Duncan grew weaker. Despite his weakness, Duncan sliced Morgan stomach and was able to take his head. The next day, at the barge, Duncan said his last goodbye to Delaney, wishing her the best on her upcoming marriage.[42]

The Valincourt's 300th AnniversaryEdit


Methos and Gina turn the tables on Duncan

With the place he was renting being sold, Methos temporarily hung out at Duncan's barge. Duncan then received an invitation to Angelina and Robert de Valincourt's 300th anniversary. Duncan met back up with the couple, who were having wedding troubles. Duncan talked to Robert and invigorated his spirit in his marriage, only for Angelina to ask for a divorce. Robert quickly asked Duncan for help, with Duncan trying to talk to Angelina but to no avail. As a last resort, Duncan asked Methos to pretend to fight Robert and try to take his head. In doing so, Angelina would see Robert about to die and rush into save him. Methos agreed, but only if Duncan gave him the barge. With no other options, Duncan agreed as well. The act went off without a hitch, only for Gina to swear to take Methos's head. Methos, angered by the outcome, demanded the keys to the barge and forced Duncan out. Duncan went to Robert who told him that Angelina had gone to the barge. Fortunately, Angelina found out it was a joke and stop from taking Methos's head. With the mess cleared up, Duncan was able to give Angelina away at the renewal. Afterwards, Methos gave Duncan back the barge, saying that he hated the water.[30]

The Immortal-Watcher WarEdit


Duncan and Methos discuss Joe's kidnapping.

One morning, after coming home from a jog, Duncan saw Joe kidnapped right in front of him. Later that night, Duncan told Methos about Joe's kidnapping, who in turn told him that the Watchers security had recently gotten tighter. The two started meeting in secret as Methos gained more information. After learning from Methos that the Watcher Tribunal had put Joe on trial for treason, Duncan went to the Watchers European Headquarters, only to find out that it had been sold. After doing some research, Duncan and Methos found out the new location of the headquarters and snuck in. However, Duncan was captured once he found out that he was being videotaped. At Joe's trial, lead by Joe's friend Jack Shapiro, Joe was being blamed for the deaths of 80 Watchers in the past three years. Duncan defended Joe,[60] citing that Duncan had forced Joe to reveal his true nature[61] and that it was thanks to Joe that Horton was stopped.[23] However, the Watchers cited other events, such as when Joe helped Duncan stop Killian, that interfered with the code.[48] Duncan pulled a gun and continued to cite other instances where, thanks to Joe's interference evil Immortals who would have taken the lives of ordinary Mortals were stopped.[60] He cited examples such as Quentin Barnes[62] and Nicholas Ward.[63] After calming down, Duncan then suggested that Joe have a jury of his peers. The Tribunal agreed, on the condition that if Joe is found guilty and executed, Duncan will face the same charges. Duncan agreed.


Duncan defends Joe at his trial.

At Joe and Duncan's official trial, the jury consisted of regional coordinators throughout the world.[60] Joe was spotted as having helped Duncan stop Armand Thorne because of a personal grudge, but Duncan defended that he would have killed Thorne eventually.[64] Methos, still under the name of Adam Pierson, came in with the journal of a Methos Watcher in order to defend that friendship between a Watcher and Immortal was not a crime, also citing that personally knowing an Immortal would allow for more history to be known. Duncan continued the defense of Joe,[60] citing the previous years events with Kalas would have turned out worse had no one interfered.[65] Jack Shapiro was then given word that his son and Joe's replacement, David, had just died at an Immortal's hands. The jury immediately found Duncan and Joe guilty and their punishment was death. While being escorted back to their room, Duncan beat up the two guards. He tried to take Joe with him, but Joe refused because he knew the risks when he signed on. After fleeing, Duncan talked to Methos and knew there was nothing either of them could do. However, the next day, Duncan went to Joe's execution grounds and found many of Watchers shot to death, with Joe the only survivor.[60]


Duncan tries to tell Jacob to stop the killings.

The entire Watcher Organization, blaming the deceased Watchers' deaths on Duncan and Joe, made the two primary targets. That night, Duncan was attacked by a group of Watchers but was able to escape. Duncan and Joe went into hiding at Methos's bookstore, Methos being Joe's doctor as he was recovering. Methos then told them of the death of another Watcher. Duncan then went to Shapiro's location and was attack by a Watcher. Before the Watcher could kill Duncan, Jacob Galati saved Duncan by shooting the Watcher.[45]


Duncan prepares to shoot Jack Shapiro.

Resurrecting in Jacob's home, Jacob told Duncan about Irena's death at the hands of James Horton and his Watchers in 1992. Despite Duncan telling Jacob that the Watchers he encountered were actually renegade, Jacob was still convinced to kill all Watchers. In order for an agreement to be made, Duncan set up a meeting between Joe and Jacob in order to convince Jacob to stop the killings. Joe was against it and instead set up a plan with Methos to stop Shapiro. On Holy Ground, Duncan talked to Jacob and still tried to stop him. Jacob, now truly convinced that all Immortals were evil, told Duncan that any Watcher in his way would die, including Joe. Later, Methos said to Duncan that he told the Watchers about Jacob Galati's identity as the real killer. Angered, Duncan went to Shapiro in hopes of saving Jacob's life. However, Shapiro took Jacob's head and Duncan, being the closest Immortal, received his Quickening. Duncan was angered at Joe and Methos for both of them telling the Watchers about Jacob and then quickly pursued Shapiro. Duncan threatened Shapiro with a gun, only for Joe to pull out a gun as well. Thanks to Joe's quick reasoning, Duncan did not shoot Shapiro but swore he would if more people, Mortals or Immortals, died.[45]

The next day, Joe told Duncan that he had been reinstated into the Watchers, Shapiro was out of the Organization, and that the Watchers were going to survive. He also told him that Methos had left without word or trace. With events still heavy on his mind, Duncan retreated to his barge and, despite everything, Joe hoped to continue his friendship with Duncan.[45]

Season Five (1996–1997)Edit

Duncan returns to Seacouver there, he finds the Immortal Cassandra waiting for him. She is being hunted by Roland Kantos, one of her students, and she tells Duncan of a prophecy that says that he will he will defeat a great evil in the form of Kantos.. Kantos relies on the hypnotic power of his voice to defeat his opponents, but Duncan, after nearly losing his head to Kantos' tricks, defeats the mesmerist by plugging his ears.

Days later, Jennifer Hill arrives in Seacouver with some bad news for Duncan, Alec Hill has been killed by his enemy Gerard Kragen whom Hill managed to locate in San Francisco. Plus she tells him that she thinks that Alec’s spirit is haunting her and she believes that he wants Kragen dead. Duncan who promised Alec that if he found Kragen and fell to his enemy, Duncan would kill him. Duncan heads to San Francisco where he locates Kragen at a movie studio he works at as a director. Duncan and Kregan fight and Duncan takes his head and his quickening. Duncan returns to Seacouver and heads for his loft and finds Richie who has to tell him something important.

Richie: "Uh, you see. Kragen didn't kill Alec Hill."

Duncan: "Then who did?"

Richie: "I did."

Duncan is not pleased by this but forgives Ritchie who confesses to Jennifer who is less than forgiving feeling that Richie whom she slept with him feels disgusted. Later, Jennifer confronts Duncan and wants him to kill Richie but Duncan refuses saying that he promised to kill Kregan. Jennifer leaves angry. Duncan decides to see Richie who is about to leave Seacouver when he hears gunshots coming from Richie’s. He runs upstairs to find Jennifer standing over Richie, holding his sword at his neck. Jennifer wants to kill Richie while Duncan tries to convince her that it will not bring her piece at all. She decides to let him live hoping that Richie will regret killing Alec. When Richie revives later on, Duncan tells him that Jennifer is gone. He tells him he understands that Richie is sorry for what he did and will always worry about him. With Richie gone, Duncan continues on. But things again get complicated when he is attacked by three Immortals but what is troubling is that they attacked him on holy ground. Macleod is shocked, but his shock turns to anger when he discovers that their teacher is Gavriel Larca, who has set himself up as a god. With the help of the newest Immortal's friend and Preacher, Reverend Bell, Duncan lures Larca off holy ground and takes his head, but not before Larca has killed one of his own students and another has fled, terrified and unsure of what he is. Duncan sends the young Immortal Derek Worth to Carl Robinson, to be taught the rules properly and Joe recruits Reverend Bell to work with the Watchers.

Days later, Duncan is at the marina looking to buy a boat. But as he is negotiating with the owner, he senses an immortal and finds that it is William Culbraith. Duncan challenges him and fights him viciously pursuing Culbraith relentlessly until he finally delivers a crippling blow. He raises his sword over Culbraith's head, just as Richie shows up. He runs towards them, yelling, "Mac! Don't do it!" Mac turns, and Culbraith uses his moment of inattention to drag himself over the edge of the dock and into the water. Duncan turns, unbelieving, as Richie walks up. Duncan is cold and furious at Richie who tells him that their must be another way than fighting and brings up the subject of peace. Later at the loft, Richie tells him that he talked to Methos who convinced him to lay down his sword and take up a rejection of the game. After having an argument with Richie who leaves, Duncan finds Methos in his loft and confronts him about Richie and he soon learns that Richie had met an Immortal possing as Methos who travels around preaching a message of peace known as the messenger. The next day, Duncan goes back to the docks and finds Culbraith with the fake Methos. Methos steps between them, telling Duncan that Culbraith acted "out of pain, because of what others had done to him. But it can end here. You can end it." Duncan is not interested and wants to fight him. But he becomes more agitated when the fake Methos mentions Darius. Eventually Duncan leaves. Days later, Duncan is at Joe’s with Methos who had confronted the fake Methos and thinks that the guy is a nut. Joe also tells them that he found out that some of the Immortals who have heard his message of peace have died. Duncan later talks to Richie about his decisions. Later on Duncan goes to the fake Methos’s place where he finds Richie being attacked by Culbraith who Killed the fake Methos. Duncan Takes out Richie's sword and throws it to him. Richie doesn't catch it, but he rolls for it and gets it just as Culbraith lunges for him. He stabs him and takes his head.


"Ingrid killed and you judged her."

Later Ingrid Henning arrives in Seacouver, Duncan is happy to see her but soon learns that she in the city to assassinate a white supremacist leader who is gaining ground. Duncan manages to stop her from carrying out her plan by beheading her. Duncan is devastated and asks Methos for clarity. Methos' answer is rather less comforting than he would have hoped. While leaving a TV studio in which Methos was a participant, Both men sense an Immortal, As Methos leaves, Duncan goes to investigate. He only sees a glimpse of the Immortal, but it's enough to recognise Melvin Koren, who Macleod hunted with the Texas Rangers over a hundred years before. Going after Koren, he blocks a sword swinging out at him, only to recognise that it isn't Koren wielding it, but Cassandra. With Koren gone, they return to the loft, where Cassandra tells him that she knew Koren by another name – Kronos. Duncan returns to the dojo. Methos arrives, looking a little flustered, but before he can speak, Duncan asks him if he's ever heard of Kronos. Methos is taken aback, but before he can answer, Cassandra comes down from the loft and challenges him. He swears that she doesn't know him and flees. Cassandra is livid, especially as Duncan stops her following him, and tells the Highlander that his friend rode with Kronos - he was one of the Horsemen and it was Methos, not Kronos, who captured her and took her prisoner. She storms out, leaving Duncan stunned at the revelation. He goes to see Joe, who is not convinced that Methos would be like that. It is so unlike the man they know that he can't see it. Duncan is not so sure and goes to see Methos, who is packing to leave. In what is The Scene Of Scenes for Highlander, he confronts Methos, who won't talk about it until he realises that Duncan is not going to let it go. Then, Methos tells him that it's true. He rode with Kronos, and they killed thousands. He asks Duncan if that's what he wanted to hear, because the answer is yes. MacLeod stares at him and tells him that their friendship is over. He walks away, appalled at what Methos has told him.
Blow off

Duncan reacts to Methos' confession

At the loft, Duncan and Joe try to make sense of it, until a phone call tips off Joe as to Kronos' location. Duncan is surprised - Kronos doesn't have a Watcher - but Joe points out that Cassandra does. As Duncan races to Kronos' hideout, Cassandra confronts the Horseman, but he is immune to her mesmerism and she is no match for his swordsmanship. Disarmed, she flees through the building, only to run into Methos, who poleaxes her and drops her off a bridge into the river. Inside, Duncan finds Kronos and the two of them start to fight, when suddenly the building is on fire, thanks to an unexpected display of pyromania from Methos. Kronos escapes and Duncan goes back to the loft, where Cassandra is waiting. They vow to hunt down the Horsemen, but they don't realise how many they are hunting. To prevent a frustrated Kronos from killing him, Methos has offered him a dream. Methos knows where the other two Horsemen are and it is an offer too alluring for Kronos to resist. The Horsemen ride again.

Duncan and Cassandra go to Joe for help in looking for the rest of the horseman. Joe searches the database first by pulling up all the white male immortals with no first death information, then narrows the search looking for names that resemble their real ones. Eventually they find Evan Caspari, who Cassandra recognizes as Caspian. According the records, he's in Romania, in an asylum for the criminally insane. Cassandra and Duncan leave to find him. Duncan and Cassandra arrive in Romania but are too late: Caspian is gone. While looking around Caspian’s cell, Duncan finds a book of matches with the name of a hotel in Boudreaux, France. Duncan believes this is a clue left by Methos. They go to the hotel where they check in. Cassandra thinks it’s a waste of time But Duncan thinks Methos will get in touch with him. A telephone call for Duncan turns out to be Methos, who wants him to meet him at a church, alone. Telling Cassandra that there is a problem with his credit card, Duncan goes to meet his former friend. He asks Methos why he never told him about his past and Methos points out that he knew how MacLeod would react. What he did is beyond MacLeod's ability to forgive. Besides, he doesn't know the whole story.

As Duncan listens, Methos tells him how they made the world. They raided by day and, at night, shared their plunder. But one prize that Methos was less than willing to share was Cassandra. After her village was burned and she became Immortal, Methos took her as his slave and kept her for his own. They seemed to show the beginnings of an attachment, but Kronos saw her as a growing threat to his relationship with Methos, and decided that it was time to share. He took Cassandra and Methos let him. Cassandra was stunned at his betrayal, but refused to submit to Kronos, instead seizing a knife and stabbing him. As Kronos lay dying, she fled across the desert watched by Methos, who did nothing to stop her, believing that the wilderness was a better fate than life with the Horsemen. Methos tells Duncan that he has to get Cassandra away from Kronos, as none of them can stop him. Kronos intends to destroy the world and has been experimenting on monkeys to develop a virus with which he will blackmail countries into submission. Now, he has succeeded and his first test will be tonight - a bomb in a fountain, to get the world's attention. Methos tells Duncan where the bomb is and how to disarm it, but refuses to go with him. Crossing Kronos openly is not yet on his agenda. Duncan races to the Place des Quinconces and arrives just in time to disarm it.

Duncan is walking down the street, and stops as he senses someone. He turns to see Silas waiting, axe in hand. as Duncan walks to meet him he senses someone else, and turns to see Caspian behind him. He wavers between them, and they both close on him fast. Duncan chooses to face Caspian, and they exchange only a couple of blows before Caspian pulls a dagger and slashes Duncan's cheek. Duncan backs away, then runs with both of them in pursuit. They split up to catch him, and Caspian confronts him alone as he flees to a bridge. Duncan and Caspian trade a flurry of blows, both of them using sword and dagger, but after a long engagement the final exchange ends with Duncan taking Caspian's head. He stares at Silas as he realizes what he's done, and makes for the edge of the bridge as the Quickening overtakes him. Duncan staggers at the brink, overcome by the first shocks, but as Silas swings he manages to fall over the edge into the water, the lightning still lashing around him, and striking up between the bridge and water as he sinks. Silas watches until the last of the Quickening is gone, then picks up Caspian's sword and stalks away. Duncan goes to a pet store to ask about a shipment of monkeys. Duncan finds the horsemen’s hideout and confronts Kronos and Methos. Kronos offers Duncan a choice, If he doesn't fight, Cassandra lives, but if he fights, win or lose, she'll die. "I think she'd rather be dead." Duncan tells Kronos who then orders Methos to tell Silas to kill her. As Methos runs off, Duncan and Kronos fight.

Eventually, Duncan sees that Methos is also fighting Silas. The four of them continue to fight, and Duncan gets his blade at Kronos throat just as Silas makes a wild swing at Methos, falling to his knees behind him. Duncan takes Kronos's head, and Methos takes Silas'. Then the Quickening begins for both of them. A rare Double Quickening evidenced by the unique spiral lightning that briefly connected the victors. A shadow runs down the ramp behind Methos as he falls forward devastated by both what he has done and experienced. When Cassandra comes for Methos’s head with Silas’s axe, Duncan orders her to let him live. Angry, she hesitated then she drops the blade and walks away leaving an exhausted Highlander and a shattered Methos.

Spiral lightning unique to a double quickening

Days later, Duncan is with Methos on holy ground, and Duncan asks him about Kronos and why he didn’t kill him, knowing that he would come for him one day, Methos simply tells him that he couldn’t for they were brothers of blood and battle. Duncan also realized that Methos manipulated events in hopes he could kill Kronos for him. They walk out of the cemetery, and Duncan stops Methos just outside, and asks him about Cassandra. "One of a thousand regrets MacLeod. One of a thousand regrets." He replies and the two men part ways, uncertain about their friendship.

Duncan is surprised to find that Richie is back in France, using the pseudonym of Richard Redstone. He is even more surprised to find that he has to pay "The Ransom Of Richard Redstone" to free Richie from the clutches of Marina Lemartin, the glamorous granddaughter of an old friend of Duncan's. Marina is desperate to prevent her family chateau from falling into the hands of her grandfather's former associate, Carlo Capodimonte and has kidnapped Richie, believing him to be an American millionaire. Having failed, she prepares to marry Carlo, but Duncan realises that it was Carlo who robbed him at gunpoint in the seventies and he and Richie set the thief up for Duncan's "murder". As Carlo flees, Richie blackmails him into signing the Chateau over to Marina. Later, Duncan and the grandfather discover a fortune in vintage wine hidden in the cellar, assuring the family of the wealth they need to restore their ancestral home.

Later Duncan goes to Darius’s church when He senses another immortal just as he goes inside. He walks slowly down the aisle, but there doesn't seem to be anyone there. He thinks it is Amanda and he calls her out only for her to emerge along with another Immortal named Steven Keane. He introduces himself and tries to remind Duncan of who he is. Keane tells him to meet him at 6 AM at a garden for a battle and warns that if he runs he will find him. Amanda, fearing that Duncan will lose his head because of this, enlists the help of Methos, who shoots Macleod to stop his meeting with Keane and challenges the stranger himself, but is prevented from killing Keane by MacLeod.

MacLeod and Methos disagree on dealing with hostiles

When Keane reveives Duncan talks with him. And informs him that he wants him not only pay for the bloodshed he committed back in England but also for killing his mentor and Duncan’s best friend Sean Burns. But as Duncan leaves, he is arrested by the police who are sent by Amanda who was looking to find away to prevent him from facing Keane. Eventually, they are unable to talk either man out of the fight, which ends with MacLeod winning, but not taking Keane's head, unwilling to compound one mistake with another.

While walking towards his barge, Duncan is confronted by a man named Jason Landry who has come to warn him about a prophesy that says that he has been chosen to face an ancient evil but before they can speak to him, Duncan sees a familiar figure watching them - James Horton. Horton vanishes and the Immortals find the old man dead on the Quai. The next day, they find Horton's grave opened he is then told by the cemetery official that Joe Dawson had the body exhumed. Duncan tracks down Joe at the airport where Joe tells him that he was transferring the body to Chicago. Duncan then opens the casket forcefully only to find a decayed body of his old enemy inside dead. This results in the airport security having MacLeod arrested only to be bailed out by Joe. Later Duncan goes to a morgue to see Landry’s body only to be told that his body had been cremated on the instructions of his granddaughter. They discover Duncan is named in Landry's papers as the champion who will fight and vanquish the demon Ahriman, who walks the Earth every thousand years. Unwilling to be cast in the role of the Champion who must face the "Archangel", MacLeod is taunted by Ahriman, who appears as Kronos and Allison Landry, who the demon kills.

Duncan later sees an illusion of Allison who tries to seduce him only for the illusion to taunt Joe and Methos go and see Duncan concerned about him feeling that he is probably going insane him But Duncan insists that he is not insane to Methos but are interrupted by a phone call from Richie who tells Duncan that he has seen Horton and he has Joe as a hostage. Duncan looks at Joe, standing not five feet away: "That's impossible." Richie tells him that he thinks they are headed for the old racetrack and will follow them but Duncan tries to convince him to come back to no reply. He runs out to find Richie. Duncan arrives at the racetrack. Once inside, Duncan looks around. He hears the sound of an escalator running, and we see it, moving down to the floor where Duncan is, the red light glowing at the top. Duncan walks up to the bottom, and sees Richie coming down, sitting on the steps, his head bowed to his hands. "Richie?" He waits, but Richie doesn't respond. "You all right?" He hesitates. "Richie, it's me." He then sees Richie’s eyes glow red and realizes that it is Ahriman.

He attacks Duncan, and they fight. Soon, Duncan gets an opening. But he freezes, sword raised. But Ahriman cuts him down. But Duncan gains an advantage and slashes at Richie’s stomach. Richie straightens up, only now he's Kronos. They fight, and Duncan wounds Kronos, but the fight keeps going. Duncan finally slashes at Kronos's head, but Kronos is suddenly gone and Duncan loses his balance, falling to one knee. He looks around, breathing hard, and turns to the escalator again to find Horton descending. As soon as he turns, Horton raises a gun and shoots him, and Duncan falls heavily. Soon, Duncan, kneeling in the center, looks around and all he can see are their faces of Richie, Kronos and Horton, all of them laughing at him. He lashes out, and he's suddenly alone, sparring with empty air. He whirls, crouching, and limps aside, searching. Duncan, still limping, slashes at Kronos as he dashes by, then at Richie, then Kronos again. They run past him, too fast for him to do any more than swing wildly at them. He turns again, and sees only their faces, surrounding him, laughing. Duncan keeps fighting, slashing at them as they continue to harry him, running circles around him. Then he turns, and sees Richie standing there. He rushes him, and takes his head in one blow. After the quickening, Duncan soon realizes that he has killed Richie. Behind him, Joe and Methos walk around the corner. Realizing what he has done,


Duncan kneels over Richie's body

Duncan reaches over and picks up his sword, and holds it over his hands, offering it up to Methos. So that he can take his head. He tries to say something, but can only choke out one syllable before Methos turns away. "Absolutely not." Methos responds. Duncan leans forward and takes off one of Richie's gloves. He stands, choking something in a native American language, waving the glove at the body. He walks off, leaving Joe and Methos there, and leaving his katana by Richie's body. Duncan leaves France and heads for a monastery outside Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Season Six (1998)Edit

Highlander ep601 (17)

Duncan in season six with a new hair cut

A year passes after the death of Richie Ryan before Duncan MacLeod is ready to face the evil that has come in the form of James Horton. Isolated in a monastery for that time in Malaysia. Soon he deems himself ready to face Ahriman(and cuts his hair), he returns to Paris to seek Joe Dawson's help, but must face the anger that Joe feels, left alone to bury Richie. Joe eventually agrees to help, but is still not certain that the demon exists and is worried when Duncan won't take back his sword. He tells Duncan that Jason Landry had an assistant, Sophie Baines. But Duncan and Sophie met within hours of his return to Paris, when he rescued her from the river. Ahriman has a simple temptation for the "Avatar" - if Duncan surrenders to him, he will bring back anyone from the dead, just like Sophie - even Tessa. When Duncan refuses, the demon tells Sophie she must kill Duncan to maintain her resurrected life, but she recognises Duncan as the Champion and kills herself to protect him. Duncan and Joe find an ancient symbol common to all cultures and start to explore it as a possible key to defeating Ahriman.

Searching for the symbol, Duncan goes to Robert Beaufort, the archivist of Darius' order, who is grieving for his brother, Jackie Beaufort, who committed suicide. Robert is the next target for Ahriman, who finally appears to Joe Dawson as James Horton, determined to separate Duncan from all those who care for him. Despite tempting Joe with by offering to give him legs, Joe refuses to abandon Duncan and the stage is set for "Armageddon". Joe gives Duncan a Tibetan Singing Bowl that the Watchers found, which has the mysterious symbol on it, and Duncan uses it to embark on a vision quest. He confronts Ahriman as a dwarf and as Kronos before Joe brings him back to reality. He realises that Ahriman is trying to get Robert to commit suicide and confronts the demon in Darius' church. With Robert safe, Duncan faces Ahriman in his dream world and refuses to fight him, instead accepting his evil as a part of himself, a part most of us are afraid to face. With no power over Duncan, the demon is defeated and banished. Joe decides to leave Paris, but persuades Duncan to take back his sword before he goes.

With the battle for humanity won, Duncan returns to a more normal existence and renews his friendship with several mortals and Immortals from his past.


Duncan battles Devon Marek.

Sometime later, Duncan began to date a mortal woman named Margo. However one night while preparing dinner, Margo is kidnapped from the barge by gunmen. The only clue is a toy left on the Quai, which leads Duncan to the of Keram Industries. There, he confront his first student, Devon Marek, who refuses to face Duncan, but sets a group of bounty hunters to chase him through the building. As Duncan races against time to find Margo, the hunters close in, only to be eliminated one by one. When Duncan confronts Marek, Margo shoots him, a fifth bounty hunter, but Duncan turns the tables on Marek with the aid of a terrified computer programmer. Marek kills Margo and Duncan teaches him what he could not years before - that the Rules of the Game apply to all Immortals.

Leaving a fencing club after sparing with a mortal friend of his named Baptiste, Duncan feels the presence of an Immortal and spots a sniper on a rooftop. Investigating, he finds a woman aiming a crossbow at the man that Duncan has just been sparring with and who he's due to meet for lunch. The woman, Katya, shoots Duncan and leaves, warning him to stay out of her way. Later, at the man's house, he senses the woman again and confronts her. The man is the husband of the child she adopted thirty years ago, but he killed his wife when he found her in bed with his most trusted aide. Duncan is disgusted when his friend confesses about what he did. Duncan sets out to show her how her hate is destroying her, but it is the husband's love for his own daughter that makes Katya realise that it is not justice she wants, but vengeance on the cuckolded husband for the loss of her own child, and she walks away.

Later on Duncan leaves Paris for London where he is helping Claudia Jardine.

A flying visit from Amanda ends in her being kidnapped from the Quai by Immortal Liam O'Rourke, who wants to settle his old score with MacLeod. O'Rourke also seizes Joe and offers Duncan their lives in exchange for the Highlander laying down his sword. Duncan is willing to surrender his life for his friends, but Methos is not so ready to see him killed. In the ensuing gunfight, MacLeod is shot and dies. He wakes to find Hugh Fitzcairn with him. Fitz tells him that he's come to give MacLeod a gift and shows him an alternate world where he was never born. He shows him Amanda, who has graduated from theft to murder, and Duncan watches as she kills her husband, but is then killed herself by the Watchers. Fitz takes him to a broken Joe Dawson, who was unable to prevent James Horton from perverting the Watchers and declaring war on the Immortals. In the midst of the murders, a familiar figure walks untroubled by the world she never knew - Tessa is alive.

Duncan goes to Tessa's gallery, where the attraction between them is as immediate as it ever was. Tessa's husband invites her "old friend" to dinner, but when he leaves, the emptiness in Tessa's life overwhelms her and she and Duncan share one night of passion. Distraught, Duncan asks Fitz why he let him see her like this and Fitz tells him that it is her fate in a world without the Highlander. As it was his fate to die 280 years ago when Duncan wasn't there to rescue him from the headsman's axe. Their conversation is interrupted by a sullen Methos. Fitz shows him the nightmare of this world - The Horsemen ride, Kronos having rescued Methos from Horton's killers. They recruited a young Immortal called Richie Ryan, but when he couldn't bring himself to kill Joe Dawson, Methos took his head. Now, Methos and Kronos are about to kill Joe unless he betrays Horton to them. Faced with the world that was "Not To Be" because he lived, Duncan revives in his own reality and faces O'Rourke, rather than give up his life, Duncan fights him ending with Duncan becoming victorious. With O'Rourke dead, Macleod reflects on his life with his friends and all that has brought them together.



Duncan in England.

At the beginning of the 21st Century, Duncan settled in England with Methos. One day while meditating in a garden, Duncan began to have visions of a massacre. While walking the streets, Duncan answered a nearby payphone. On the other end, he could hear a woman's voice, who warned him about Connor's safety until quickly hanging end. Duncan went to Methos to ask him about his dreams and asked about Connor's disappearance. Methos told him about the Sanctuary, a place set up by the Watchers for Immortals who wanted to leave the Game and said that Connor had been there since his disappearance. He then told Duncan that the Sanctuary had been attacked the previous night and its Immortals beheaded.[2]

Endgame (13)

Duncan and Jin use weapons.

Duncan left London for New York, where he went to Nash Antiques, still in rubble after the explosion a decade earlier. While looking around, Duncan sensed an Immortal and saw that it was Kate, now going by the name of Faith. Four other Immortals, Carlos Dash, Winston Eruhero, Cracker Bob, and Manny Rieta began to fight Duncan, disregarding the one-on-one rule. Despite his disadvantage, Duncan was able to fight them all off. The four stopped their attack to allow Immortal Jin Ke to fight Duncan. They began with weapons, Duncan using his katana and Jin using a spear, and then used martial arts. They stopped their fight, when their leader arrived. Carlos shot Duncan, who fell onto spikes below.[2]

Duncan revived to find himself strapped to a gurney by Watcher Matthew Hale, who had hoped to restart the Sanctuary with Duncan as his first patient. Duncan was given powerful drugs by Hale and he soon began to relive his first meeting with Connor. He was later rescued by Joe and Methos, who then showed him the Watcher file entries on the number of kills he and Connor had taken, 262 and 174 respectfully. They then showed Duncan the number of heads taken by Jacob Kell, the leader of the Immortals that Duncan was fighting earlier, which was 661.[2]

Duncan demanded to be taken to where Conner was buried. After arriving there, Duncan asked Joe and Methos to leave him at the cemetery. Alone, Duncan searched through the tombstones and soon found Connor alive. The two were then approached by Jacob Kell and Faith. Kell taunted Connor about the deaths of his mother and Rachel, hoping to make Connor angrier. The two left Holy Ground and began to fight one another, Kell being able to easily wound Connor. He let Connor live, wanting to make him suffer until they were the only two remaining Immortals. After exchanging a few words with Duncan, Connor departed.[2]

Endgame (33)

Duncan tells Kate that he wont give up on her forgiving him.

Days later, Duncan went to see Kate, who was still angry with him after nearly three hundred years. She told Duncan that the reason she joined Kell was because she had never met a man who had more hate than him. After being told this, Duncan left. Later, Kate came to Duncan's hotel room and the two made love. Kate then said she could never forgive him and only made love to him to see if she could feel anything more. Before she left, Duncan confronted her and told her that that, even if it took years or centuries, he hoped that Kate could eventually forgive him. Afterwards, Duncan received another vision of a massacre, which was Kell killing his followers, including Kate.[2]


Duncan is forced to fight Connor.

Duncan went to the hotel's roof with his katana, only to see Connor. The two began talking about life and Connor's loss of hope. Connor then began fighting Duncan, telling him that neither of them could defeat Kell alone. Connor wanted to give Duncan his head so that Duncan could be strong enough to kill Kell. Duncan refused but Connor continued to strike, forcing Duncan to defend. Duncan took the upperhand but told Connor he would not kill him. Duncan tried to leave but Connor charged at him and forced Duncan into the unstoppable move that he taught him in Italy over 370 years ago. Knowing he could not stop it, Duncan said his goodbyes and then took Connor's head, receiving his Quickening.[2]


Duncan faces Kell.

Duncan met Kell in an abandoned power plant and taunted Kell that Connor's head could now never be his. Duncan charged at Kell and the two men began a long battle. They fought throughout the plant, each of them taking the upper hand at one point or another. After a long fight, Kell pushed Duncan over the limit, even being able to defeat Connor's unstoppable move. Before Kell could take Duncan's head, Connor's spirit was able to help Duncan compose himself. With this, Duncan was able to finally take Kell's head and victoriously receive his Quickening.[2]


Duncan buries Connor in Scotland.

With Kell dead, Duncan flew Connor's body to Scotland, where he buried him next to Heather. Looking at Connor's grave, he hoped Connor had finally found peace. Later in a building somewhere, Duncan sensed an Immortal and saw Kate, who Kell had allowed to live. Kate told Duncan that she had finally forgiven him. While Kate was not prepared to remarry Duncan, she hoped to give their relationship another chance.[2]

The SourceEdit

Duncan later has a dream about a group of Immortals quest to locate the mysterious "Source" of immortal power in the near future. One member of the group, Zai Jie, breaks into a communications tower in Eastern Europe and contacts his associates to give them the location of the Source. The Guardian of the Source, who has supernatural speed, confronts and decapitates him. Reggie Weller, another group member, discovers that the planets are moving from their orbits into a cosmic alignment.

Former Watcher Joe Dawson is called by group member Methos to find their mutual friend Duncan MacLeod. Joe finds MacLeod in a fight with the Guardian, shoots Duncan, hauls him into a truck, and drives off. They rendezvous with the others at a monastery in order to meet with an ancient being known as the Elder so they can locate the Source.

At the monastery, they meet Anna Teshemka Duncan's mortal wife, who is having visions. The Elder meets them all as a group and tells of how, in ancient history, another group of Immortals sought the Source. Upon slaying the Guardian, the two survivors were cursed with decay, with one of them becoming the new Guardian, and the other being the Elder. The Elder tells them all to follow Anna who knows the way. She, in turn, receives a vision from the Elder. Meanwhile, the Guardian arrives and attacks Reggie and Joe Dawson on holy ground. In an effort to save Dawson, Duncan throws his katana at the Guardian, temporarily wounding him. The Guardian removes the sword from his neck and breaks it before killing Joe with the broken blade and escaping. After burying Joe, they leave to find the Source, which they have determined to be on an island in a lake in Eastern Europe.

Approaching the island, the boat's captain tells them that the "maniacs", gangs of cannibals, rule the island. After fighting locals who were poised to immolate a man to death, they obtain a van and drive to a deserted house a short distance away from where they believe the Source to be. That night, the Guardian kills Reggie by slashing him to death — the Elder had warned them that the closer they get to the Source, the weaker they would become, meaning that they would lose their immortality. Duncan has replaced his broken katana with a pair of butterfly swords. The group takes Reggie's body with them until they ultimately discover that he will not revive.

After burying Reggie, they continue on their way. They find the road blocked, and are captured by cannibals. While the cannibals are distracted by their drunken carousing, the Guardian frees Anna and forces her to accompany him to the Source. Later, Giovanni escapes and takes a sword, hoping to be "The One". Duncan frees himself and Methos, and sets off to rescue Anna. Giovanni gets recaptured, and Duncan goes in to save him. Methos arrives to assist Duncan at the last moment, and tells him he believes Duncan is "The One" due to his incorruptible nature. He rides off on a horse to distract the cannibals, allowing Duncan to chase after Anna. Giovanni, who had run off when Duncan came to his rescue, is decapitated by the Guardian.

Duncan finds Anna in a clearing by a sandy pit illuminated by starlight. The cosmic convergence is happening directly over them. The Guardian appears and challenges Duncan. Macleod finds that he now has the same speed and power as the Guardian, and manages to get past the foe to reach Anna. However, an energy barrier appears to bar his way. After continued fighting, the Guardian ends up buried chest deep in the dirt. Bound and defeated, the Guardian demands that MacLeod behead him. Duncan refuses, and the Guardian vanishes in a blast of light. Before he goes, the Guardian screams that he is "cursed forever". Duncan enters the Source, qualified to do so by his pure heart. In the Source, Anna reveals that she is pregnant with their child. Duncan, presumably a mortal after entering the Source, declares that "he is the one", meaning the child.

Note: The Source is so outside the accepted Highlander universe it is not regarded as canon even by the actors in it.

Key Life EventsEdit

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Duncan MacLeod in The GameEdit

With the deaths of Jacob Kell, Pieter Gatlin and, more importantly, his mentor and kinsman Connor MacLeod, Duncan had taken in a confirmed number of 178 heads. Here's the list of all of Duncan's known Quickenings:

Personality and traitsEdit

Duncan is portrayed as being tall and brown-haired. Like all Immortals, his aging process stopped at the moment of his First Death when he was 3 months away from his 30th birthday. Thus he's been looking like a man in his early thirties for four hundred years and will do so until, if ever, he is beheaded. His injuries heal very quickly and when he is killed by any means other than beheading, he revives some time later fully healthy again.

Duncan was raised to be the next chieftain of his clan and this fact influenced his personality. He has a strong moral conscience and a sense of nobility; he protects the weak and innocent and punishes the evildoers. He is known to be very loyal. He is referred to by more than one character as a Boy Scout and tends to see things in terms of black and white, being often criticized - sometimes in jest, sometimes not - for his rigid sense of honor and his determination to intervene in events that often place him in danger. He feels responsible for others and when he thinks people died because of him, he feels he has to avenge them. He mentors new Immortals even when he has doubts about them.[13] Like all Immortals, he is unable to have children but he likes them and takes care of those he meets. He is very respected by both mortals and Immortals and considered by some to be one of the prime contenders for The Prize.[Citation needed]

Duncan enjoys life. As Connor said, he has "all the fun and most of the good women".[56] Although he is a womanizer, he shares his life with a few women he grows to love. Those who are mortal, he remains loyal to their memories and cherishes the moments he had with them. He is a perfectionist and keen to learn new things, be it reading, playing Shakespeare or fighting skills (see below). He is cunning and very difficult to catch because he has experienced most of everything life has to offer. He has a very good memory and can remember things that happened centuries ago.

As an Immortal, Duncan takes The Game with a grain of salt. He fulfills his duty and defends his head when he is challenged but he is not bloodthirsty and occasionally spares his opponents, especially female Immortals. Indeed, he does not hunt other Immortals for their heads, but he fights evil ones if they attack people he cares about. As he tells Alexei Voshin, "if you harm people I care about, I'll send you to hell the hard way".[66] Unlike Connor, for example, he does not consider The Game his primary purpose in life and sometimes retires from it.

Duncan is not prejudiced against mortals (Indeed, despising mortals is an attribute of most evil Immortals). Duncan is generally very generous to mortals, and almost always tries to avoid hurting them. Being four hundred years old, he has seen dozens of them age and die and thus actually, and sometimes bitterly knows how fragile they are. "I have mourned more friends than I can count. Death is part of my life."[23] For this reason, he protects them, especially from evil Immortals and from the dangerous consequences The Game can have for them. He feels they have nothing to do with it[56] and should not suffer from it. He doesn't usually tell them about his immortality except when he trusts them with his life.[57] He never gets used to death, especially the death of his lovers. As he tells Tessa : "No matter how many years go by. Or how many times you say goodbye to those you care most about, when they leave, you..." [Tessa: "Die..."] "...yes. When they die, you're naked and alone." But it never prevents him from involving himself in life again.

After becoming a mentor to Richie, he matures into something of a father-figure, with a stronger, more confident outlook on life. After Richie's death, he becomes a darker, brooding character actually aware of the fragility of life and his participation in The Game decreases.

Despite the fact that he was exiled from his own clan after his First Death in 1622, he remains proud of, and faithful to, his Scottish heritage. He usually introduces himself to other Immortals as "Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod" and fought for Scottish independence whenever he could, including the Battle of Culloden in 1746[33] and eventually trying to steal the Stone of Scone in 1950.[52]

Executive Producer Bill Panzer thinks, "once you've hurt him, he doesn't forget. And Immortals have a long time to remember, and sooner or later you will cross his path."

Fighting StyleEdit

Like many Immortals, Duncan has learned many styles of fighting, hunting and tracking. He is a master of both armed and unarmed combat, able to fight with any weapon or any object at any time. His skill is such that he can defeat an armed Immortal bare-handed if need be.

While he always was a very talented swordsman his abilities greatly improved from the nineties mostly due to the more frequent encounters with other immortals and more rigorous training. His unarmed style noticeably shifted from Japanese arts towards Chinese over these times favoring Kung Fu and Wing Chun over karate and jiu-jitsu.

Over the years he bested more then one adversaries stronger than him or fighting on better conditions. It is commonly believed that his true source of strength is his unbreakable will to fight for the needy, and it is his sense of just that pushes him further in dead-end situations. While this helped him to win many battles, when he is is burdened by gilt, or falls to depression he is easily overcome by even less capable foes. By the time he encountered Kell, his fighting abilities matched if not surpassed of Connors, and with Kells Quickening it is safe to say that he became the most powerful immortal alive.


Duncan used a variety of swords and weapons. He used a Claymore, Saber, Cutlass, Tomahawk, Spear, among many others. The sword he most commonly used was a Dragon’s head Katana which he received in 1778 from Hideo Koto. The sword was crafted by Masahiro a master swordmaster who lived years before Duncan’s birth.

here is a list of weapons he has used:

  • Japanese Style Dragon-Head Katana (current weapon)
  • Scottish Basket Hilt Claymore
  • Custom broadsword
  • Twin Wakizashi swords
  • Boarding sabre
  • Blue/Gold braid katana
  • Indian spear
  • El Cid Colada
  • Charles III Sword
  • Scottish Clan Claymore of his father Ian MacLeod
  • Spanish Rapier and Dagger

Behind the scenesEdit

Concept and CreationEdit

When the series was in development in 1991, Connor MacLeod was originally going to be the lead character in the series.

The producers auditioned over 400 actors for the role in both the US, Canada and Britian. Among the actors considered for the role included Alistair Duncan, Gay Daniels, Alexis Denisof, James Horan, and Geraint Wyn Davies. In the end Dutch actor Derek De Lint was eventually cast in the lead role. But for unknown reasons, he pulled out of the role. And eventually Adrian Paul was cast.

Paul however upon being cast asked the producers to create a new character so as not to be in the same league as Lambert. Surprisingly, the producers agreed and Duncan Macleod was created. The name Duncan was actually chosen as the new Macleod’s name at the last minute mainly because in Gaelic it means Dark warrior.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

Here's a list of all of Duncan's known Watchers:

Years Watcher
1634-1636 Andrew Murray
1636-1648 Giancarlo LoFrano
Jun 1659-Mar 1660 Giselle Dupin
1662-1675 William Raleigh
1712-1731 Alfred Rockingham
1741-Sep 1753 Robert McNeil
1754-1764 No Watcher assigned
1764-1766 Jagdish Bhailal
1778 Nathaniel Watt
1783-1784 Babette and Henri LaSalle
1784-1796 Clive Bertram
1802-1805 Barbara Matson
1805-1809 Patrick Finton
1814-1817 Rodney MacFergus
1818-1829 Ernest Sturdivant
1832-1837 Timothy Delaney
1837-Aug 1847 Henri Albert
Aug 1847-Jan 1848 Remi Vijayha
1853-1856 Marshall Bowen
1861-1866 Dr. Matthew Hopkins
1866-1867 Roberto Chávez
1867-1868 John L. Slocum
1882-1893 Samuel Bruckner
1896-1910 Donald Buchanan
1917-1919 Andrew Gaylor
1919-1929 Bill Lipscomb
1930-1934 Didier Cloque
??-1936-?? Hans Schultz
??-1937-?? Ernesto Ferdinand
1938-1940 Sarah Panzer
1940 George Bixby
1942-1944 Marjolaine LaMerc
1945-1952 Jane Owen
1957-1968 Renée Ginsburg
??-1975-?? Sister Mary Ignatius
1976-1979 Anthony Klasky
1979-May 1996 Joe Dawson
May 1996 David Shapiro
May 1996 – 2008 Joe Dawson


The TV Series (First appearance)
Appeared in all episodes, except for the following:



  • Highlander #5 - Highlander #12

Appeared in all of them.

The Audio Series


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