Quentin and Ramirez visit a village that was victimized by a Hunters slave raid. They find an orphaned boy, Doogie, and decide to take him to his grandfather in Eagle Valley. Quentin trains him to fight, and Clyde becomes jealous. The grandfather's home is built on stone towers. It is abandoned and filled with inventions, which reminds Ramirez of DaVinci. Doogie sends a message to Moganda to reveal Quentin's position in exchange for the release of his grandfather. The grandfather arrives and saves Clyde and Gaul from the Hunters, sending them into the woods for protection. Ramirez and Quentin wake up and cut the rope to the lift just as Kortan is nearly ascended to the top, but Kortan begins to climb up the side of the tower. Doogie runs to escape, and he is stopped by his grandfather. Quentin and Kortan fight as the others construct a glider. The grandfather calls birds to assault Kortan and Quentin escapes on the glider with Doogie.

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