Eddie Doyle
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season One episode Mountain Men
Name Eddie Doyle
Status Deceased
Occupation Mountain man
Portrayed by  Brent Stait

Eddie Doyle was the third member of the survivalist trio, also consisting of Caleb Cole and his son, Joshua. The trio began to called the forest their own and often killed any trespassers, particular targets were authority figures. In 1992, a pair of deputies sent to serve a warrant for poaching deer, never returned from their camp. The three were then posted as being wanted for murder from that point.

A year later, Tessa was in the mountains, and was taken captive by them. Eddie introduced himself as, "...a boon companion along for the pure hell of it." Joshua, blamed her for the fact that men were following them again. When Doyle attacked Tessa, Joshua came to her rescue, threatening Doyle with a knife until he retreated.

When later, Joshua was heard to scream in the woods, Caleb assumed their pursuer, MacLeod, had killed his son, until Tessa suggested; "What if someone else killed your son....Someone he trusted. Someone who could have walked up to him, smiled, and killed him. Eddie and Joshua were fighting over me. Eddie told me he wanted me all for himself.Where was Eddie when Joshua screamed, Caleb?"

When next Caleb and Eddie confronted one another, Caleb accused him of killing Joshua, and drove the butt of his rifle into Eddie's face, knocking him down. Eddie tried to appease the furious Immortal, "Caleb, I swear I never touched Josh. I don't know what happened to him...Don't listen to her, Caleb. She's talking trash. Look, I'll just take one of those canoes. I'll go away, I'll vanish. Caleb, you'll never see me again."

Caleb shot him to death.

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