Edward Banner
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Six episode Diplomatic Immunity
Name Edward Banner
Died 1998 in Paris, France
Nationality American
Status Deceased, killed by Willie Kingsley
Occupation Diplomat
Portrayed by  Ed Bishop

Edward Banner was a mortal, an American diplomat in Paris, and a casual friend of Duncan MacLeod.

His jaded, drug addicted son, Steve, stole his father's consulate issue car and became the target of Willie Kingsley's con job, a mention of police by Willie's wife, Molly, did not encourage him to pay hush money as was the plan, but instead he instantly looked for a way out with the least inconvenience to himself. His solution was to pick up a paving stone from a nearby construction site, and batter Molly to death.

Willie, bent on revenge, asked MacLeod to help find Molly's killer. When approached, Edward admitted the car was his but he had nothing to do with Molly's death. Willie didn't believe him and he attempted to kill Edward but was summarily shot by one of the security staff.

Willie made a second, more planned attempt to kill Edward with a rifle from a sniping position. Edward was having a conversation with Duncan on the grounds of the consulate about who was truly to blame for Molly's murder. Unfortunately, Willie was then successful in killing the wrong man.


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