Elaine Trent
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season One episode "Avenging Angel"
Name Elaine Trent
Born June 22, 1957 in New York City
Nationality American
Status Alive
Occupation former call girl
Portrayed by  Sandra Nelson

Elaine was a mortal woman living in Paris and working as a high end call girl.

When Tessa returned to Paris, she tried to reach her old school firend, and after days of trying, finally spoke to her and made a date to see her. She believed Elaine was working as an interior decorator in Paris. They had not seen each other since they were teenagers, and Tessa remembered her as beautiful and bright, that Elaine was crazy about art when they were in school, and assumed she must be doing well, when she found her address in a posh neighborhood.

A mad immortal, Alfred Cahill, however, had been hunting out the contacts taken from the prostitute who had murdered him days before, and Elaine was his next target. His first attempt on Elaine's life was interrupted when her client emerged from her flat, and Cahill pursued and killed him instead, the body was later discovered by MacLeod and Tessa on their way to meet Elaine.

Elaine claimed not to know the victim, and told Tessa she would go to her house in the country. MacLeod, however, learned that the victim visited Elaine once a week like clockwork, that he'd been 'a regular,' and that calling herself an interior decorator was a good enough cover for what she actually did. Tessa was shocked and disbelieving when he told her his suspicions.

After only a day or so, Elaine returned to town, however, at the behest of her pimp, who was losing money every day she was away. Tessa then arrived on her doorstep, and MacLeod left them to talk. Elaine explained to Tessa that when she heard from her, she had planned an elaborate lie, about how successful a designer she'd become. Then she suddenly saw herself, a failed decorater, who grew tired of being poor, grew tired of working as a waitress, and living in a converted maid's quarters.

MacLeod and Tessa took Elaine to the barge and informed her of the danger she was in. She was reluctant, but agreed to leave town, and MacLeod took her to her apartment so she could pack a bag. While there, Dominique Battini, her pimp, showed up, she told him "I'm through with the game." He laughed, and told her to take a vacation. He then got angry, thinking she was defecting to the competition, and tried to pull a gun on MacLeod. MacLeod put him on the ground, and told him Elaine was retired.

MacLeod told Elaine that people reinvented themselves all the time, that she could be who she wished, that it was a big world. Elaine left town leaving no message, not even a forwarding address, a clean break.


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