Eli Jarmel
Eli Jarmel
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Two episode Warmonger
Name Eli Jarmel
Died 1994, killed by Arthur Drake
Nationality Romanian
Status Deceased
Portrayed by  Tom Watson

Eli Jarmel was a Romanian businessman, a shop owner, who had once had a wife and two children; until Arthur Drake came with his secret police.  Eli and his brothers formed a resistance, but Eli was captured. When he did not talk, Drake had his family murdered.

In 1994, Eli had tracked Drake to Paris where he tried to assassinate him outside the Ballet. Duncan MacLeod was there, and stopped Eli from shooting Drake.  MacLeod wanted to know what had motivated Eli, and the two talked about Drake and the murders he committed. Eli refused to give up his vengeance and continued to follow Drake.  He spotted his quarry speaking with MacLeod at one point, and realized they knew each other. He finally shot Drake, but was in turn shot by one of Drake's men.

Taken to the hospital, Eli lay dying when MacLeod arrived at the hospital to see him. Eli asked Mac to kill Drake for him, but a promise MacLeod once made to Drake forced him to refuse. Eli turned away from MacLeod telling him to go to hell.

Eventually, events sent Mac back to the hospital to see Eli again, bringing him picture of his familty he had collected from Eli's apartment. MacLeod admitted that Eli was justified, and that he would do as the old man asked. Satisfied, Eli died from his wounds moments later.

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