Elizabeth Vaughn
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Three episode Warmonger
Aliases Beth
Status Alive
Occupation Investigative Reporter
Portrayed by  Angeline Ball

A mortal woman, she worked as a journalist for the "European Observer" newspaper in Paris.  An investigative reporter, she tried to gain entry to the ballet she knew the diplomat Arthur Drakov was attending, denied entry, she was invited to join him by a bystander, Duncan MacLeod.  She refused when she spotted Drakov and rushed him to ask her questions.  Although he spoke briefly, he had his men manhandle her out of the theatre where she was rescued by MacLeod.  They parted ways, but by the next morning she had researched him and wanted to know about the curious confrontation with the law he'd had in both Paris and Seacouver, and that she would stop researching him if he told her what he knew of Drakov.

He informed her he didn't react well to blackmail, and she responded with, "I can be a real pain in the ass when I want to be," and an invitation to dinner with her and Drakov.  He refused. She took the dinner, but Mac arrived later after all. She was very aware of the obvious tension between the two men, and was frustrated at not having it explained. Drakov tried to tell what she should write, but she responded with, "I'll write the can count on that."

Within days, she found herself snatched off the street and taken at knife point to Drakov's embassy where he threatened her, and then told her she was to be his insurance, accompanying him to his own country. She was then drugged and taken to the airport.

MacLeod tracked Drakov, then challenged and killed him in the hanger. He then forced his way on to the plane and took Beth off. The two of them had a brief affair in the aftermath of events.

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