Enrique Grimaldo
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Five episode "Little Tin God"
Name Enrique Grimaldo
Born 1973, in Callao, Peru
First Death 1993, shot by Gavriel Larca
Teachers Gavriel Larca
Origin Peruvian
Watchers Luis Palomo
Status Alive
Occupation Drifter
Portrayed by  Christopher Racasa (credited as Christopher J.P. Racasa)

One of three young men initially murdered by Gavriel Larca in order to trigger their Immortality, and turn them into his foot soldiers in order to hunt down and kill Duncan MacLeod

He was never told the rules of The Game, but only a perversion that included Larca as God, and MacLeod as the "demon" that must be destroyed.

Since he survived his mishandling by Larca, it may be assumed that he, like his fellow surviving "disciple," Derek Worth, was provided with a teacher, and given the tools and skills an Immortal actually needs to survive.

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