Eugene Carter
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Two episode Run for Your Life
Name Eugene Carter
Immortals Observed Andrew Ballin,1985-1991
Nationality American
Status Deceased, killed by his partner.
Occupation Watcher (former), Hunter/Policeman
Portrayed by  Geza Kovacs
Carter was a Watcher who was corrupted by James Horton, who convinced him that Immortals were abominations bent on subjugation of mortals, and must be destroyed. Like Horton, his vocation warped into that of a Hunter. He used his position as an officer of the Seacouver Police Department to this end when possible.

In 1993, he was on the hunt for Carl Robinson. First he accused him of a murder in Arizona, then he ran over him with his car. Carl was hurt badly, and while he was down,  Carter got an axe out of his trunk in order to behead him.  When some civilians came to rubberneck, however, he drove away.

Later he hunted Carl down, armed with his ax and a shotgun. He threatened Carl, when suddenly Duncan MacLeod and Carter's partner, Kenneth Dixon, showed themselves. Ordered to stand down, Carter tried to use his weapon, and was shot by Ken. He fell to his death in the harbour.


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