A graduate from the University of Amsterdam, she was recruited by the Watchers in 1974, graduating from their Academy in 1975 with a class rank of 15 out of a class of 72. Her first year was spent in Research, but she transferred to Archivist in 1976.

In 1979, she was assigned as Assistant Area Librarian, Dallas, Texas, remaining there until 1984

From 1984 - 1988 she was the Area Librarian for Barcelona.

In 1988 she was promoted to Regional Librarian, Western Europe, under the cover of Archivist for the International Asset Corp.

Her skills included restoration of manuscripts, research, investigation and information systems, and rare and antique books.

She was seen only once, when she provided researcher, Adam Pierson, with the Luther file during his secret researches into the Methuselah Stone.

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