Evan Peyton
Evan Peyton
Appeared in Highlander: The Raven episode Dead On Arrival
Name Evan Peyton
Born 1580 Netherlands
First Death 1609 Accident in the Scottish Highlands.
Teachers Wilbert Halverson
Origin Dutch
Status Deceased, beheaded by Amanda in 1999
Occupation Hacker
Portrayed by  Thomas Lockyer

As an infant, Evan Peyton was adopted by a Dutch Count. In the year 1609, he traveled to the Highlands. There he had an incident, and his family thought that he was dead. Some weeks later, however, he suddenly came back home. Evan had indeed died, and became Immortal. Meanwhile, he had encountered an other Immortal, who taught him what he was. Since that time he became interested in alchemy and magic. Evan also believed that he deserved his father's inheritance, and not his brother Vincent, who was the biological son of the Count. In 1610 he started to poison his brother. Evan made the others believe that it was a fever. His plan would have worked, but the Immortal Amanda interfered. She told the Count about Evan's plans. Evan was banished by his father, and had to flee. Before he left he killed his father.

Dead on ArrivalEdit

In the present, Evan discovered a new field: he had become a computer expert and hacker. In 1999, he stole 100 million dollar from various banks. Not long thereafter, he killed his mortal rival, Tom Ross. With a CD they had found in Ross's house, Amanda and Nick Wolfe found Evan's trail. He warned both to stay out of his business. Evan let Wolfe inhale a gas that killed him slowly. He would give him the antidote if they would leave him alone for 12 hours.

Amanda knew that there was no antidote, and she stole 10 million from Evan. To get his money back he kidnapped Janet Ross, the sister of Tom. Evan wanted to exchange the girl for his money. In an old factory he fought with Amanda. Evan used computer generated doubles to defeat Amanda, she didn't knew which of the projections was the real Peyton. But when Nick Wolfe destroyed his generator, the fight evened out.  Amanda quickly defeated Evan, then she took his head.


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