Everett Bellian
Bverett Bellian
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season One episode "Nowhere to Run"
Name Everett Bellian
Aliases Elliott Bell
Born 1850 in Bristol, England
First Death 1901 Boer War: leading troops into battle as Ladysmith
Teachers Simon Killian
Pupils Unknown
Origin English
Watchers Thomas Criton
Status Alive
Occupation Career soldier
Portrayed by  Peter Guiness
Immortal Everett Bellian went to the British military, where he soon earned a good reputation. Even before his first death, he was a tough but fair commander. Bellian died in 1901 in South Africa's Ladysmith during the Boer War.  He fought in many wars on three continents, and earned the rank of colonel, until in 1983 he officially, resigned and married Lydia Adams. It was his first marriage, and brought them to light all the wars again in his life.
Highlander the Series - Nowhere to Run 16

MacLeod and Bellian talk

Lydia died in 1989 andLydia's daughter, Lori Bellian, grew up on her own. They lived in France, and he loved her like his own daughter. As Bellian learned in May 1993 that she had been raped, he wanted revenge at any cost. Bellian went to the home country of the diplomat Allan Rothwood and met the Immortal Duncan MacLeod. He refused to extradite Mark Rothwood, Allan's son easily. Everett Bellian was not willing to rely on courts, he wanted revenge. So he gathered his old fighting force and laid siege to the country house. In the following battles some of Bellian's men died and Allan was seriously injured. Ultimately, MacLeod and Bellian faced off swords in hand. They fought and MacLeod won, but he didn't kill Bellian because he had done nothing to him. The matter came to an end, as Lori shot Mark as he was aiming a gun at Bellian. She seemed not to know that her adoptive father was Immortal.
Highlander the Series - Nowhere to Run 29

Bellian is spared by MacLeod

In June 1995 Bellian was still alive in France. He was observed by Thomas Citron, who suspected that Bellian, when Lori was an adult, would again join the military.

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