MacLeod and Co. are on the run from the Hunters, and they arrive on an island with a drawbridge. The bridge is pulled up to prevent Arak from pursuing, but he takes two hostages. The island is filled with women, since all the males were taken away as slaves. The islanders are experts in shipbuilding, and have constructed a sailing ship and ample supplies for a journey to a new world outside of Kortan's reign. Meanwhile, one of the women tries to betray MacLeod and Ramirez in exchange for the return of her family. Arak falsely promises this until he is shown the entry hatch into the city, and then imprisons her as well. Quentin saves the hostages as Ramirez seals the hatch. As the Hunters try to get over the rusted and only half-lifted bridge, Quentin strikes at the chains to make the bridge fully close and then hurries to the ship as it begins to sail away.

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