Ramirez and Quentin journey through a desert that was at one time a garden before it was destroyed by atomic weapons. A group of blue-skinned, web-fingered guardians take them to the Sandman, aka Promethus, the Jettator with knowledge of nuclear power. He has been mutated by radiation and suffers great pain, wanting only to relinquish his immortality and be allowed to die. Meanwhile, one of the guardians has told the Hunters the location of the former military base, and Kortan arrives. Arak kills the traitor, lest he betray anyone else. Quentin refuses to take the horrible knowledge until Kortan seeks to take it himself. Quentin takes the Quickening as Kortan fires off the nuclear missile from a silo, and Quentin uses his new knowledge to program a counter-missile. Promethus destroys the base as they leave, and Quentin swears to never pass on this knowledge. This episode has a flashback to the bombing of Japan in WWII.

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