Father Morton
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Two episode Turnabout
Died 1992, killed by Quentin Barnes
Nationality American
Status Deceased
Occupation Priest
Portrayed by  John Tierney (Old Father Morton)
Ian Alden (Young Father Morton)

Father Morton was a Roman Catholic priest. In 1962, he was at the execution of convicted killer, Quentin Barnes.

When Quentin Barnes was about to be sent to the electric chair, Barnes grabbed Father's Morton's crucifix and said "Something to remember you by."

Father Morton then said "Pray, my son. Consider where you will spend eternity."

Father Morton at Quentin Barnes' execution in 1962

Barnes was then executed, but did not stay dead. He was an immortal, and in 1992, Father Morton would get a visitor. Quentin Barnes had returned from the dead, and he was bent on killing all those who witnessed his exectution.  The Priest died by his hand.

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