Frank Wells
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season One episode The Beast Below
Name Frank Wells
Died 1993 in Paris, killed by Ursa
Nationality English
Status Deceased
Occupation Talent Manager
Portrayed by  Joe Sheridan

Frank was a mortal man and talented manager.

He found former star, Carolyn Lamb, on her way down, and repackaged her, giving her a real shot at a comeback. She and her entourage were in Paris for a benefit concert that was to be the start of that big comeback. Carolyn had developed a massive prima dona persona, however, and her manager Frank called her out on it, "When I rediscovered you, your career was history...but there was decency in you, but now, you're just another ego laden bitch with an attitude. Whatever was special about you, you murdered it."

Simple minded Immortal, Ursa, witnessed the argument between the two. He had had been drawn to Carolyn for the beauty of her voice, and he saw her try and slap Frank, then storm off.

He then ambushed the manager, and threw him from the theatre catwalk as a perceived threat to Carolyn. With Frank's body, a shower of wildflower petals fell to the stage, leaving the cops to wonder "What the hell are those about?"

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