Franklin Waterman
Appeared in Reasonable Doubt
Name Franklin Waterman
Status Alive
Occupation Art Dealer
Portrayed by  Robert Cavanah

A high end gallery owner in Paris, he was a friend of Duncan MacLeod's, and occasionally consulted him regarding works of art.

A da Vinci sketch he had owned, "from the notebooks, the one with the slight damage in the right hand corner," was stolen on its way to the buyer. After ten years in the business, it was the first time anything like that had happened to him "Three million dollars down the drain," because he had not bought insurance for the transfer since the premium was outrageous. He thought he had come up with a creative and un-suspicious delivery system. He put the painting in an ambulance with a couple of guards. "Who robs an ambulance?"

But not only was he robbed, his guards were killed, and the thieves called him to sell the sketch back to him for 100,000 dollars. MacLeod offered to make the exchange for him. When Franklin objected, saying they had all ready killed, MacLeod asked him how many children he had. Franklin said, "Four." MacLeod wanted to know what happened to them if something happened to Franklin. Franklin conceded and told Mac to be careful.

Waterman and the Davinci sketch

Unfortunately, when MacLeod arrived to make the exchange, it was only to meet an Immortal thief he was all ready acquainted with, Lucas Kagan, the meet went badly, and the exchange was not made. MacLeod got shot at. Franklin felt guilty that MacLeod had put himself in harm's way for a mere sketch, "a piece of paper," and tried to take the money back. MacLeod told him to leave it, he would still take care of things.

He tracked one of the thieves, Simone, through her uncle Maurice, and through her, Kagan. Simone gave him the sketch in exchange for Kagan's safety. With it's return, Franklin told MacLeod he owed him "my house, my children's education, maybe my marriage, and my eternal gratitude."

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

Actor, Robert Cavanah, also appeared as a recurring character, an Immortal, Liam Riley, in Highlander: The Raven.

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