Fredrickson was a Jettator who appeared in Highlander: The Animated Series.

Background Edit

Fredrickson possessed intimate knowledge of genetics, and set up shop in an oil tanker, the Saragota, using the oil in the hold to power his lab. He tasked himself with recreating animals that had been wiped out by the Great Catastrophe. Also, fearing that Kortan would find him, and take his head, he cloned himself, but the clone turned out to be evil, and intent on winning The Game.

The clone attacked Quentin MacLeod, leading Ramirez to think Fredrickson had forsaken his oath. Quentin convinced him to listen to Fredrickson's explanation when the Jettator lacked a scar from the wound Quentin had managed to give the clone.

The clone attacked Quentin again, in the depths of the Saragota, but during their duel, the clone's sword struck a power cable. Wracked with electricity, the clone stumbled into a giant fan, and was sliced to pieces.

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