Gabriel Piton
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season One episode "Eye of the Beholder"
Born 1670, France
First Death 1715, Robbing a chateau, caught and hanged
Teachers Denis Vachon
Origin French
Watchers Veronique Millet
Status Deceased, Beheaded by Duncan MacLeod 1993
Occupation Fashion Designer
Portrayed by  Nigel Terry

Gabriel Piton lived through the ages as a thief, one who admired beauty. Gabriel stole art, jewelry, or anything connected with the most beautiful women in history. He wasn't able to put aside his thieving ways, however, in favor of his friendships, and would even kill anyone who might cause him to lose part of his collection.

In the late 1790s, he met fellow Immortal Duncan MacLeod in Paris and befriended him. The two partied all over Paris in the early 1800s and, although Duncan was aware of Piton's thefts, he didn't mind the fact, just like he didn't for Amanda. They parted ways in England, in 1803, when Piton stole some jewels from a duchess, who was at the time Duncan's lover. He asked Piton to give back the jewels, but Piton was offended that Duncan had taken the side of a mere mortal over him and challenged him to a fight. Duncan won, but he let Piton go in return for the jewels.

They would meet again in Paris in 1993. Piton was a fashion designer, often using his collection as an inspiration, and Duncan, Tessa and Richie attended his fashion show. After centuries without seeing one another, Piton and MacLeod restarted their friendship. At the show, Richie befriended a model named Maya, and, after telling her she had stolen the show, she told him that her friend and the real star Cynthia Hampton had disappeared.

In reality, she had been Piton's lover and upon discovering a hidden room with his stolen objects at his house, he had killed her. Not long after, Cynthia's body was discovered with the particularity of one of her earrings being missing. Maya found the lost ring and confessed to Richie the possibility of Piton being the murderer. Trying to investigate Piton's apartment, he was confronted by Piton himself. Fearing for his life, Richie set Piton on fire and escaped. The following day, Piton and Duncan had a confrontation, with Piton assuring he wasn't the murderer and that he would do no harm to Richie. 

Richie, however, fearing for Maya's life, stole a gun and went to Piton's house, where Maya was. Piton trapped him by calling the police. Richie, tried to convince Maya to tell the police about the earring, but Maya, still unsure Piton was the killer did nothing. Realizing that Maya had tipped Richie about the earring, he tried to kill her, being stabbed by her in response. Meanwhile, Duncan, who had been alerted by Richie in prison, arrived at Piton's house. He sent Maya away and began to fight Piton. In the end, Duncan was victorious, and Piton had lost his head.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

Nigel Terry was asked about reprising his role in the season 4 episode"Till Death". But he, as well as Nadia Cameron (Rebecca Horne), were unavailable.


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