Gary Correll
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season One episode The Road Not Taken
Name Gary Correll
Died 1992
Nationality American
Status Deceased, died from side effects of drug exposure

Gary Correll grew up in the same neighborhood as Richie Ryan and Angie Burke. Richie said he grew up clean in a "neighborhood where you get a dime bag with a fill up of gas." It was, therefore, completely out of character for him to show up at the Diamond Mart completely unresponsive to all around him. He then seemed to go berserk, beating people out out of the way, then ripping the security window out with almost superhuman strength.

As security guards arrived on the scene, Correll grabbed the clerk, holding her hostage, and dragging her out of the building. Seacouver police arrived outside, and trained their weapons on Correll. Suddenly he dropped the hostage, grabbed his head and screamed in pain, begging for someone to help him. He fell to the ground, and was then transported to the local hospital where he died. Mysterious bruises on his temple were evident.

As Richie, Angie, and MacLeod pursued the cause of Gary's death, it was discovered he was a victim of an ancient drug that had been a pet project of the immortal, Kiem Sun for over 300 years.  His henchman Chu Lin stole the potion and had fed it to Gary to see how far he could push a test subject before the side effects killed him.


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