Gavriel Larca
Larca 002
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Five episode Little Tin God
Name Gavriel Larca
Born 1438, Lisbon, Portugal
First Death 1476, killed by an unsatisfied legal client
Teachers José María Monarrez
Pupils Enrique Grimaldo, Luke Sarsfield, Derek Worth
Origin Portuguese
Watchers Joe Dawson pro tem
Status Deceased, Beheaded by Duncan MacLeod 1996
Occupation "Little Tin God"
Portrayed by  Andrew Divoff
Gavriel Larca was a Portuguese Immortal with delusions of grandeur. Once seen as a god by a primitive people, it was a power he did not want to give up, and he would bill himself as a god again.


Larca was born in the year 1438 in Portugal, he became a lawyer. In 1476, he was killed by an dissatisfied client, and revived as an Immortal. He was found by the Immortal, José Maria Monarrez, who would become his mentor.

By the year 1510, Larca was a pirate. In later years, he became a conquistador. Larca eventually would travel to Peru, where he discovered a Moche tribe. They happened to worship a god that was called "The Decapitator" who was depicted with a sword in one hand and a head in the other. For 300 years he played god to the Moche people, killing all outsiders who stumbled across them.

Encounter with MacLeodEdit

In 1830, Duncan MacLeod and his guide, Paco, found the Moche, and were captured. 
Larca 1830

Larca in 1830

Duncan was taken to Larca who told him of the protection he gave the tribe, while Duncan accused him of using the people as his slaves, but Larca countered that they had chosen him themselves. Duncan spotted the image of the "Decapitator" behind Larca's throne, the man wore a similar smaller one as an amulet, which led Duncan to the conclusion that the Moche encountered another Immortal before.

Larca told Duncan that he could leave in the morning, his guide Paco, however, had to be killed since he could not be trusted to keep the secret of the Moche. Drugged by Larca, Duncan collapsed, unable to save Paco. Larca told MacLeod that as he was now an enemy, he planned to use the Quickening from Duncan to ensure his status as a god at the Festival of the Moon the following week.

Larca's plans, however, were foiled when the Moche began to die from a mysterious sickness, probably carried to them by Paco. Larca was murdered by his own people, and Duncan escaped. Larca was entombed by the Moche, and was trapped for over 150 years.

Little Tin GodEdit

In 1980, he finally escaped his tomb. Larca encountered Angus Cromarty, a former pirate like himself. He shot Angus, took his blade, and beheaded him with it.

In 1996, Larca tried again to be seen as a god, he searched for young latent Immortals with a deeply religious background, and killed them to trigger their Immortality.
Gavriel Larca 3

Larca in 1996

Recruits such as Luke Sarsfield, Derek Worth and Enrique Grimaldo were taken into his fold. Larca told them that he was God, and that he had revived them to kill his enemy Satan, also known as Duncan MacLeod.

The three armed themselves with swords and attacked MacLeod as a group in a blatant infraction of the rules. During their fight the four entered Holy Ground. Duncan tried to reason with them, but they prepared to attack him again. Al last, Larca appeared and stopped his followers, agreeing that even Satan could claim Holy Ground as a refuge. Duncan tried to convince the three that Larca wasn't a god, but they left, and Larca told to Duncan that his followers would fight for him. He would simply have to kill the one who had taken Duncan's head. Duncan challenged Larca, but he refused, and walked away.

A doubtful Derek went back to his church, and met Reverend Thomas Bell, and had a long conversation with him. Larca noticed that Derek was missing, so told his plan to Luke and Enrique: one of them had to be beheaded by MacLeod, the other could then take Duncan's head while he received the Quickening. They asked him who had to offer his life, Larca chose Derek.

Lacra Quickening

Larca takes the Quickening from Luke Sarsfield

Derek returned to Larca's sanctuary, and Larca asked him if he was ready for his sacrifice. Derek answered that he was.  Reverend Bell, however, entered the room, armed with a gun and a sword. After a short conversation, Bell tried to shoot Larca, but Enrique leaped in front and took the bullet and died. Larca ordered Luke to attack Bell, but he didn't.  Larca took his gun, then he let Derek take the body of Enrique, and together they left the church in order to leave holy ground. There Larca pretended to revive Enrique.

Then beheaded Luke for his cowardice. Duncan who was searching for Larca saw the Quickening, he ran into the woods. After the Quickening, Larca wanted to shoot Reverend Bell, but Derek stepped in front of him. Larca pushed Derek away and pointed the gun at Bell, as Duncan appeared to fight Larca.

Larca ordered Derek and Enrique to attack Duncan, but Derek knocked Enrique out. Larca grabbed a sword, and started to fight with Duncan. While they fought, Larca tried to get back to his church, but Duncan was faster and stabbed him, and took his head. The following Quickening was one of the most bizarre of the series: day turned into night, lightning flashed, a Moche symbol appeared above Duncan's head and another one was also drawn in fire on the ground around him, while Duncan saw also the image of the "Decapitator". The cross on top of the church glowed.

Fighting StyleEdit

Larca knew how to handle a sword but he was more interested in being a god, and not really into The Game. He was no match for an experienced fighter like Duncan MacLeod, especially after being entombed for 150 years.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

Andrew Divoff, who portrayed Larca, also appeared in the season one episode Bad Day In Building A as the villain Bryan Slade.