Genevieve Hill
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Five episode Haunted
Name Genevieve Hill
Born June 28, 1863 in New York City
Died July 3, 1886
Status Deceased, murdered by Gerard Kragen
Occupation former prostitute, wife
Portrayed by  Lisa Stadnykova (credited as Lisa Butler)

Genevieve Hill was born in 1863 in New York City, the only daughter of immigrant parents, and lived in a tenement with her family. When she was 13, she was discovered by Gerard Kragen, who claimed to run an agency for models, and paid Genevieve's parent $100 dollars for her. Kragen remade her into a high class prostitute. At a party in late 1882, she met Alec Hill, who became the love of her life.  She escaped Kragen, then she and Hill eloped some four months later.  They married in 1883.

In 1886, San Francisco, Genevieve and Alec were building their new house with the help of Duncan MacLeod, a good friend of Alec's. Genevieve had never been happier in her life, she felt safe. Gerard Kragen, however, had tracked her down and arrived at the building site. He tried to force Genevieve to accompany him to the port where he insisted they would take a ship to China.

Alec and Duncan tried to stop him, but Kragen threatened Genevieve with a knife to her throat. Backed into a corner, Kragen threw himself and Genevieve over a cliff, her death was permanent.

Alec became little more than a hermit, after completing his house he lived there alone with Genevieve's memory, laying out her clothes daily for 100 years. He made MacLeod promise that if he died before he could kill Kragen himself, MacLeod would do it for him.


Although Lisa Butler was not the only actor on Highlander to have played more than one character, she is one of the only actors to have played five separate characters:  Jillian O'Hara in Not to Be; Genevieve Hill in Haunted; Melissa Berkowitz in The Colonel; Kenny's mother in Reunion; and a passing woman in The Innocent.

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