George Belcher
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Two episode The Fighter
Name George Belcher
Died 1994, killed by Tommy Sullivan
Nationality American
Status Deceased
Occupation Boxer
Portrayed by  Wren Roberts

George was a mortal, a young boxer brought up and trained by Tommy Sullivan who attracted the notice of a more criminal element, Frank Coleman,  who wanted to take him over, "Who cares how he moves, he's white and he can punch like hell."

Sully valued loyalty above all, and pulled George away from competitors more than once before George took it upon himself to explore his options.  As a result, he was set up with Iris, the woman Tommy was known to have a crush on. Sully discovered the two together and broke, beating George. When he went the next day to apologize, George also apologized, realizing they had been set up, "Tommy, if I knew you liked her...I'd never have done nothing like that...." The two men shook hands and went back to training.

Within days, however, MacLeod received a letter that said Belcher was changing management, and that he offered to buy Mac's 10%. Worried about Sully's reaction, MacLeod went to George's apartment only to find him dead. He told Sully that he had crossed a line, Sully responded that they killed people all the time it's what they do.

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