Georges Dalou
First appearance Highlander: The Series season 1 episode "For Tomorrow We Die"
Last appearance Highlander: The Series season 4 episode "Mortal Sins"
Born March 9, 1927 in Paris, France
Nationality French
Status Deceased, murdered by Ernst Daimler, May 5, 1995
Occupation black marketeer
Portrayed by  Laurent Deutsch and Jean-Claude Deret
Georges was a Resistance fighter with MacLeod during the German occupation of France in the second World War.  His young cousin Bernard and he  pushed the bodies of dead German soldiers into the river, including that of the Immortal Ernst Daimler.

Georges as a Resistance fighter

He was first introduced in For Tomorrow We Die when MacLeod traveled to his secluded chateau. He asked Georges if he didn't recognize him, he did, but decided he must in fact be MacLeod's son.  MacLeod asked if there was anything in Paris that he didn't know about, and Georges admitted with false modesty the he was "somewhat connected."  

He said that murder was bad for business, and that Parisians didn't mind a little larceny now and then so long as no one got hurt.  He gave MacLeod the name of the dead thief involved in one of Xavier St. Cloud's crimes, a young man who had worked for him from time to time. 

In the episode, Mortal Sins, when the Immortal Daimler reappeared, Bernard told Georges the secret he had been keeping for fifty years, that MacLeod was an Immortal, and Daimler was as well.  Georges laughed, "Immortal? Next you'll be telling me he can fly."  Bernard insisted they were not safe until Daimler was dead; that he'd come for them.

Georges eventually had to find out if Father Bernard was telling the truth, and invited MacLeod for a drink where he asked if Bernard's wild stories were true or not.  When MacLeod hesitated, Georges said, "I think the man I fought with knows me, he knows that anything he tells me I take to my grave."   MacLeod then confessed that he was the man who had fought with Georges during the war, they embraced, and Georges told him "Good to see you again."

Because Georges had a thriving business on the shady side of legality, he was well protected by a bodyguard, but despite that,  Daimler killed Georges' man, and then proceeded to beat Georges to death with the chains he had been wrapped in at the bottom of the Seine for 40 years.

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