Gerard LeRoi
Appeared in Highlander: The Series season 6 episode "Sins of the Father"
Aliases Gerard LeBlanc
Born 1618 Amiens, France
First Death 1641 Duel of honor
Teachers Belva Silvestri
Origin French
Watchers Thomas Thibeault
Status Deceased, 1796 - Alex Raven
Occupation Gentleman
Portrayed by  Joe Searby
An Immortal born in Amiens, France, he suffered his first death in 1641, when challenged to a duel of honor. He cheated, but lost anyway. He was found by Belva Silvestri, who instructed him on the ways of Immortals. He met Alexis, an Immortal woman, and entered into an affair with her. When she left him, he was incensed. No woman had ever left him before. He pursued her, searching the countryside. When he finally found her, she was in the arms of another man. Furious, he killed the mortal lover, and when she wept for the fallen man with more emotion than she'd ever shown him, he tried for her head. She fought him, breaking his arm in the process of disarming him. When he ran, she chased him. Cornered, he begged for his life, but she took his head and quickening.
Gerard Le Roi 2

Duncan MacLeod who saw the incident, did not intervene when Alex beheaded Gerard, merely commented and rode away. LeRoi's final Watcher was Thomas Thibeault who filed the terminal report on his subject.

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