Giles Hopkins
Red me
Name Giles Hopkins
Born 1609, England
First Death 1630, while fighting a native uprising in the future Windsor, Connecticut
Origin English
Status Alive
Occupation Janitor

Giles Hopkins was a little-recorded Immortal. He was born circa 1590-91 in England, and was a foundling raised by his adoptive father Stephen Hopkins of Mayflower fame.

He died his First Death around the year 1630 while fighting a native uprising in the future Windsor, Connecticut. He wandered the forests until he apparently found an thus far-unidentified Immortal teacher, who some speculate may have been a Viking who arrived in the New World over 600 years earlier with Leif Erickson.

Giles reportedly took his teacher's head and Quickening by accident, as the mysterious Immortal had become weary of immortality. Giles was challenged once or twice during his time in The Game, but generally avoided duels. He disappeared into the Pacific Northwest after a Watcher recorded a challenge he was involved in in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the 18th century.

He was believed to have been beheaded by another Immortal when Seattle was still a budding trading community; possibly an Immortal within the French settlement in what is now British Columbia. By the 19th century, he had accidentally drawn Watcher attention to himself after "dying" when shot in an attempted robbery. He revived in the middle of a street in Oregon, drawing a lot of questions; questions which reached the ears of those "in the know" at Watcher headquarters.

By the 21st century, he had fallen to pieces, not ever notorious for his strength, and had been living as a homeless vagabond on the streets of Portland, Oregon.

Watcher Update

On October 31, 2013, Giles was again tagged by Watchers. He had begun to rebuild his life and even got a job at a local college as a janitor. There were large gaps in Giles's history which have just now begun to be pieced together.

Apparently the Hopkins connection is entirely false. The Immortal who found him, the old Viking among the native Massassoit, was actually Giles, himself. He had actually become Immortal at an earlier time than previously known -- sometime during the Danish-occupied Anglo Saxon England, and was killed when battling Erick Bloodaxe, a Danish Viking on the Northumbrian throne of the fragmented Briton of the 9th century.

He decided early on to keep a low profile and try to throw off anyone who may try and track him. The actual Giles Hopkins of historical fame was not a foundling, but Stephen Hopkins' real son. This Immortal calling himself Giles, took the name as a convenience, assuming the original died during the Connecticut Indian wars, and would be forgotten in time.



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