Gordon Byrne
Gordon Byrne (2)
Appeared in Highlander: The Dark Quickening
Name Gordon Byrne
First Death 1633,stabbed by Kintaro to trigger his Immortality
Teachers Kintaro
Pupils Sakura(mortal)
Origin American
Status Deceased, Beheaded by Connor MacLeod 1987
Occupation Ninja Clan leader

Gordon Byrne appeared in Highlander Volume 2: The Dark Quickening Issue's 6-9.


In 1633 Byrne had fought in several wars before he traveled to Japan, where he became part of the Kintaro Ninja clan lead by Master Kintaro an Immortal. Kintaro recognized a latent Immortal in Byrne and killed him to trigger his immortality. When Byrne awoke Kintaro told him what he was and taught him everything he knew so that Byrne could lead the clan.

Thereafter, Kintaro asked Byrne to take his head, he did so and took his Master's Quickening. This, however, was seen by another pupil of Kintaro, the Immortal Kameke Minota. She swore to take revenge on Byrne.

As his Master wanted, Byrne took over the clan, his personality however soon became evil and corrupted. Byrne also swore to never take an Immortal as his pupil.

The Dark QuickeningEdit

At 1987 Byrne searched for a manner to use a Dark Quickening for his own benefit. He found Connor MacLeod

Gordon Byrne

Byrne in 1987

and kidnapped him with the aid of his mortal pupil Sakura. Byrne let his man torture Connor to make him obey, it succeeded and when Duncan MacLeod and Kameke came to rescue him, he sent Connor to kill them. His plan, however, didn't work when Duncan managed to put Connor under sedation, and Kameke defeated his Ninja's. Byrne and Sakura fled.

Duncan brought Connor to the boat owned by Hugh Fitzcairn to help him fight his Dark Quickening. Byrne and Sakure got to Connor's place in order to kidnap Brenda and Rachel, but Duncan and Kameke soon arrived there to confront them. Duncan killed Sakura and left with Brenda and Rachel. Byrne and Kameke stayed behind and had their final fight.

Byrne 3

Byrne Defeats Kameke

Byrne stated that Kintaro's teaching was wasted on Kameke, and defeated her after a short but hard fight. Byrne beheaded her and took the Quickening. Shortly thereafter, the police showed up, and shot Byrne. After he revived he went on the search for Connor and the others.

He found them on Fitzcairn's boat, and much to his surprise, Connor had defeated the Dark Quickening. Connor made short work of Byrne and beheaded him.

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