The HMS Rosemary was a trading ship, which was referenced in the film Highlander II: The Quickening and in the novel Highlander: The Element of Fire.

Vessel History Edit


Common style merchantman of the mid-19th century

While the construction and the majority of command history of the Rosemary are largely unknown, what is known is the vessel was at one time a trading ship under the command of Immortal Connor MacLeod, and that from 3 to 6 September, 1853, the ship was under imminent danger of attack by pirates while making a trade run from Asia to the United States.

In both the film Highlander II: The Quickening and the novel Highlander: The Element of Fire, the ship was attacked by pirates; however, various differences between the two incidents exist.

Movie Continuity Edit

In this continuity, the HMS Rosemary was sailing from Asia containing gold and opium in its holds; the attack left the entire crew dead, and Connor MacLeod adrift surrounded by the corpses of his crew. In the aftermath, Connor decided to permanently retire the "Captain MacLeod" persona, and committed his thoughts to paper in his private captain's log.

TV Series Continuity Edit

After taking on fellow Immortals Duncan MacLeod and his student Amber Lynn, the HMS Rosemary departed from Asia for America containing a cargo of guns and explosives. The vessel was attacked on the high seas by Immortals Khordas and Lauren. During the ensuing battle, the ship was engulfed in flame after its cargo was ignited, and Amber Lynn lot her head and Quickening to the enemy.

In the aftermath, Connor MacLeod lost his ship, and the entire crew was killed.

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