Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Four episode Promises
Name Hamad
Died 1995, killed by Duncan MacLeod
Nationality Arabic
Status Deceased
Occupation President of a Middle Eastern country
Portrayed by  Vernon Dobtcheff

Hamad was the leader of an un-named Middle Eastern country, and was known as a tyrant.

In 1995, he was in Paris, and one of a members of his staff, the immortal, Kassim, tried to have him assassinated. The attempt was foiled, however,  by another immortal, Duncan MacLeod.

Hamad was grateful to Duncan for saving his life, and told him if he needed a favor, he would grant it. Hamad then invited MacLeod to a reception at his embassy, it would be there that MacLeod would meet Kassim, whom he known some centuries before. 

Hamad, Nasir al Deneb, and MacLeod at a reception

He was also introduced to Nasir Al Deneb, the reason behind Kassim's plots. He told MacLeod he was owed a favor, and expected Mac to fulfill it by killing Hamad.

It was arranged that Hamad would have dinner and Duncan who would shoot Hamad, but he did not. Kassim then tried to shoot Hamad, but was shot by bodyguards. Duncan then visited Hamad to call in his favor, and have him to spare Nasir al Deneb's life, and hope he would honor his word, he said they would see each other again should harm come to al Deneb. Hamad had Nasir murdered without hesitation or qualm depite his promise.


Hamad falls to his death.

Hamad would then get another visit from MacLeod, as promised. He gave Hamad the same fate as Hamad gave Nasir.

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