Helene Piper
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Two episode "The Vampire"
Status Alive
Portrayed by  Nathalie Presles

A friend of Duncan MacLeod's, she was secretly engaged to Nicholas Ward, who made his money, according to MacLeod, “the old fashioned way; he married it." Her father was a successful record producer, whom Ward drowned in his pool. Days later, he murdered Piper's partner, so that Helene would inherit the entire business. He then intended to marry and eventually kill her. “They're mortals...who gives a damn about them?” MacLeod, however, arrived moments before the wedding, and quietly challenged Ward. Ward told Helene to wait for him at home, and then left with MacLeod. He never returned. MacLeod told Helene that Ward had left, that he had a past, “...another life somewhere else. That he had responsibilities that he had to deal with that were more important than his own happiness.”

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