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Original Film Tie-inEdit

Highlander by Garry KilworthEdit

TV Series Tie-InsEdit

Highlander The Captive Soul Josepha ShermanEdit

Highlander White Silence by Ginjer BuchananEdit

Highlander The Path by Rebecca NeasonEdit

Highlander Measure of a Man by Nancy HolderEdit

Highlander: Zealot by Donna LettowEdit

Highlander Shadow of Obsession by Rebecca NeasonEdit

Highlander Scotland the Brave by Jennifer RobersonEdit

Highlander Scimitar by Asley McConnelEdit

Highlander The Element of Fire by Jason HendersonEdit

It appears that the 9 TV series tie-ins are considered series canon, if their appearance in the Watcher Chronicles CD-Rom is taken as evidence. At least one further novel, entitled Barricades, had been planned, but was never released, possibly due to expiration of the publishing license and a lack of interest in renewal.[citation needed]


Highlander: The Complete Watcher's Guide by Maureen RussellEdit

Highlander: An Evening at Joe's by various authorsEdit

The Best of Highlander: The SeriesEdit

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