• Highlander book
    Garry Kilworth


"There Can Be Only One"

The battle rages across the centuries, from the wind-scoured Sahara to the wild Russian steppes to the rocky crags of Scotland. And only one Immortal can survive.

MacLeod is the Highlander. A Scottish clan warrior from the 16th century, he was taught the deadly arts by an ancient mentor, who then suffered the only wound that can end an Immortal's life: decapitation.

Now, seven lifetimes later, MacLeod faces the final test. The Kurgan, his ancient adversary, has tracked him all the way to the streets of New York City.

The fight will be the same: blade to blade. Only the outcome is in doubt. Will the Highlander win? Or will the Kurgan's scimitar stop him with a blow that will plunge the earth itself into an era of darkness and chaos?

Based on the cult film classic.

The book follows the plot of the original film, although it was possibly based on the original script rather than the final theatrical version. It includes a few additional scenes, including the story of how Connor met Kastagir and a scene depicting how Connor met and came to marry Heather after he was driven from his clan. There are also additions to other scenes, such as a brief scene of the aftermath of Ramirez's death where Connor returns to the croft to find the aftermath. It also elaborates on the backstory of The Kurgan. Several of the ideas contradict later information from the series, probably due to the novel being written before the series began.

  • The immortals are said to grow to a certain point and then stop aging, rather than the violent death triggering of immortality.
  • The Kurgan is described as having been attacked by his father with a blow to the head that, had series canon been followed, might have left him a child immortal.
  • The Kurgan is said to be the oldest and strongest immortal, although we can retcon this quite easily given the fact that Methos was long believed a myth by the immortals.
  • Connor is surprised to learn of the possibility of two immortals from the same tribe, which could conflict with the existence of Duncan, although this is uncertain, given that no one is certain whether or not Connor was a foundling, and Duncan was definitely a foundling.
  • The novel includes the deleted WW2 scene of Connor rescuing Rachel from the Nazis, as well as the full version of the church scene, as opposed to the edited US version of that scene.


  • Paperback: 320 pages
  • Publisher: HarperEntertainment
  • Publish Date: (November 4, 1998)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0061058408
  • ISBN-13: 978-0061058400

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