HIGHLANDER IMAGINE is a series of books based on Highlander characters. They take the story five seconds before the bullet hit Tessa in the episode The Darkness and explore the lives of this family from then on.


HE'S COMING FOR ME DUNCAN! Duncan threw his arms around Tessa - the woman he loved more than his own life - as if by this act and his force of will alone he could somehow halt the impending nightmare which was unfolding around them. She released him and, reaching up, threaded her fingers through her Highlander's hair which had fallen to his shoulders. "I finally understand what you have felt all these centuries - what it feels like to have another human being trailing you for your head. But now it's my fate that's coming to a head and I must act. You can't sense his presence, and there is nothing you can do to stop this."

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*This work was fully authorized by Davis-Panzer Productions and Studiocanal Films Ltd; however the content is wholly an RK Books original fan creation.


"Duncan! He's going to try and take your head on Holy Ground!"

Duncan Macleod of the Clan MacLeod is on a collision course with Kawill - an ancient Olmec Immortal who has a dark secret in his past.

Driven by the desire to become the only one before the Gathering, Kawill will stop at nothing to find the lost Olmec text to a secret ritual and the talismans needed to unlock its forbidden power.

Could Tessa's golden statue, Solo, be the ultimate key that opens a doorway to forever?

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Teasers from 'For Love's Sake'Edit

Fearfully, Tessa shook her head and quickly backed away from the dark, faceless humanoid mass reaching for Solo in her hands.Something dark - something wicked - something deadly is coming! I have to hide - but where? Her mind raced as the nightmare began crumbling around her.... - For Love's Sake -- Chapter 22

Angling his barrel out of his side window, he took aim at Richie then slowly squeezed the trigger – a heartbeat later he was nearly sideswiped by the Seacouver Action News van as it plowed pell-mell past him.

"Geese! I told you to slow down!" Randi McFarland shouted at her cameraman-driver.

"No you didn't! You told me to 'put my foot in it' or get out and push!"'

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